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Personnel Records: What to Keep, What to Toss - Audio Conference


When: Thursday, June 5, 2008
1:00 – 2:15 p.m. ET
Cost: $197 

An insightful, interactive Audio Conference from the National Institute of Business Management and the law firm of Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall, and Furman

 Destroy the wrong document, and you could be destroying your career.  Keep everything, and you may be violating federal regulations on the “reasonable” disposal of sensitive documents.  Keep nothing, and you’re virtually guaranteed to lose in any legal battle.

Deciding how long (and where) to store employee records – once a minor logistical headache – has mushroomed into a giant and legal minefield for employers and HR pros.  And new federal rules on retaining e-mail records complicate things even more!

To help you develop a sound records-retention policy that keeps you in compliance (and out of trouble), we’ve brought back our popular event Personnel Records: What to Keep, What to Toss.  Nationally recognized employment law attorney Jonathan Landesman answers your tough questions on retaining and disposing of personnel records … a delicate balancing act with disciplinary documentation, performance evaluations, workplace investigations and medical data. 

In this 75-minute interactive Audio Conference Jonathan will give you definitive, practical answers on:

  • How long to retain job applications, resumes, job descriptions, disciplinary letters, attendance records, leave requests, medical-related data, employment agreements, payroll records, salary information, benefits information and more
  • Which documents you should maintain in separate files
  • Electronic storage requirements and how they differ from paper storage
  • What to do with medical records, and who should – and should not – have access to those files
  • Legally smart documentation for performance reviews, investigations and discipline
  • What to do when an employee (or lawyer) asks to review a personnel file
  • Best practices for safely destroying records

About the Speaker:

Jonathan Landesman, a partner with Philadelphia-based firm of Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall & Furman, has extensive experience representing employers in all aspects of labor and employment law, including the defense of employment discrimination and unfair labor practice charges. He regularly counsels employers on wage and hour compliance and other HR topics. Jonathan is an Advisory Board Member and contributing writer for HR Specialist: Employment Law, and is a frequent author and lecturer.

Who Should Attend:

Employees throughout your organization can benefit from this Audio Conference:

  • Executives
  • Attorneys
  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Business owners

And because this is an Audio Conference, you and your entire staff can attend in the comfort of your office or conference room for one low price! THERE IS NO LIMIT to the number of people who can benefit from this important event. 

Make sure you know what to keep – AND what to toss.

Cost: $197

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