We're #1! Survey says U.S. workers are world's happiest

Researchers evaluated the levels of employee happiness among more than 23,000 working professionals in eight nations across Europe, North America and Australia.

Big presentation? Be ready to shift gears

When pressed for time, be ready to shift gears. In fact, it’s rare to get through an executive briefing without interruption. You’ll have to wing it.

Trump administration signals HR-related rulemaking priorities

The Trump administration issued its first semiannual regulatory agenda on July 20, listing hundreds of issues it would seek to address using the executive branch’s rulemaking authority.

3 things for HR to do amid health care reform turmoil

If it’s Monday, there must be a new plan afoot to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Snapshot: What makes 'the good life'?

Achieving career goals placed dead last in a Harris Poll that asked what characterizes “living the good life.”

Missing exec might have taken 'hundreds of thousands'

A retirement community for Univer-sity of Minnesota employees is abuzz with rumors after a senior executive vanished after he was fired in the wake of a criminal investigation.

CAIR sues UPS on behalf of Mendota Heights, Minn. Muslims

Former workers at the UPS facility in Mendota Heights, Minn., are suing the shipping giant and the staffing agency that placed them there, claiming supervisors fired Muslim employees who took prayer breaks.

St. Paul embezzler of $1.2 million heads to prison

A St. Paul man who once worked as the controller of an insurance company is headed to prison following his conviction for a 20-year scheme to embezzle more than $1.2 million from his former employer.

Employees can almost always wear union logos

The National Labor Relations Act provides powerful support for employees who want to join a labor union. It generally permits employees to wear a union logo on their clothing at work. Punishing employees for doing so will often result in the filing of unfair labor practices charges.

New trial denied in porn harassment case

A former employee who previously lost a sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer has now lost a bid for a new trial.

Minnesota state agencies and universities are now subject to USERRA claims

A Minnesota appeals court has reinstated a Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act claim against a state university.

Before firing for too much sick leave, ensure it wasn't FMLA-covered serious condition

The FMLA doesn’t cover minor illnesses, and employers are free to punish employees who miss work because of them. However, employers do have an obligation to investigate further if the employee reports she received medical treatment and followed call-off rules.

Take control of hourly abuse! Just banning off-the-clock work isn't enough

If you’re like most employers, you want to control who works overtime and when they do it. You no doubt have a sternly worded policy addressing the issue in your handbook. But a strong policy is only half the battle.

Sometimes you simply must fire whistleblower

Occasionally, it may become clear that a whistleblower needs to be fired for reasons entirely unrelated to his protected activity. That requires careful thought, because the employee may claim that his termination was retaliation.

Telecommuting: A search for equilibrium

Even as the overall numbers of telecommuting employees rises, some companies are reconsidering their telecommuting policies. The fluid situation suggests that there is no one-size-fits-all policy that covers the who, how and when of telecommuting.
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