All-states chart on mandatory breaks

Your guide to rules on mandatory breaks in each state.

Can we refuse to pay out accrued vacation if employee suddenly quits?

Q. Our company policy is not to pay an employee for unused vacation time if the employee resigns without giving the required two weeks’ notice. A former employee has challenged this policy and is threatening to take the company to court. Is this policy lawful?

Do we have to keep job open for Minn. employee on extended jury duty?

Q. We are a small business and cannot afford to have employees out for extended leaves. One of our employees will be on jury duty for a trial that we’re told could continue for at least a month. Do we have to keep her job open to her when the trial is over?

Minnesota legal update: Minimum wage, leave ordinances

While much of the nation is focused on what changes may be coming to the Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board and the EEOC, employers would do well to also pay attention to changes at the state level.

Minn. statehouse mulls paid leave: Replace Twin Cities laws?

With paid sick leave ordinances set to take effect July 1 in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Minnesota state legislature is firing back.

In the Payroll Mailbag ...

On-call pay conundrums ... Tread carefully with executive pay

Standard mileage rule: SUVs up $100, cars unchanged

Employers that use the standard mileage rate to value employees’ personal use of company vehicles are restricted to supplying vehicles of modest value.

Cities get their own safe harbor for auto-enrollment IRAs

Final regulations allow cities, counties and other political subdivisions with populations equal to or greater than the population of the least populated state to require private employers without retirement plans to auto-enroll employees into IRAs without running into ERISA.

Get the math right for weekly and biweekly support payments

Some state child support agencies are still adding an amount due to account for anomalies created by pay periods other than monthly, in addition to the monthly amount due that’s ordered by a court.

Same-day ACH takes off with payroll

Rule changes at NACHA allow same-day settlements of payroll items.

For payroll, Form 941 makes April the cruelest month

April is the cruelest month not because it can be chilly and damp, but because your first quarter Form 941 is due May 1.

C corps' filing extensions now six months, up from five

The IRS has clarified that all C corporations are eligible for an automatic six-month extension of time to File Form 1120, not five months.

IRS gives Form W-2 a nip and a tuck

The 2017 W-2 incorporates changes that have been made over the last couple of tax seasons.

Stop identity refund fraud: Teach employees about proper withholding

Late 2016 filers may still be owed tax refunds, and that’s great news for identity thieves, whose favorite pastime is stolen identity refund fraud.

Is unlimited vacation actually an invisible collar?

An unlimited vacation policy can make ambitious high performers wary of appearing to be more absent than the person in the next cubicle.
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