Voluntary activities & workers' comp: It's all fun and games until ...

Many companies provide fun employee outings to boost morale or show gratitude to their workforce. But what if an employee gets hurt during one of these events?

COBRA coverage continues even if carrier changes

Employees who elect to continue their health insurance coverage after a work separation get to maintain that coverage even if the employer switches plans.

Alternative workers' comp takes a legal hit


Recent legislation in several states allows employers to opt out of their state workers’ comp system in favor of private, parallel systems.

2017 Social Security wage base coming soon

The Social Security Administration is days away from releasing the 2017 Social Security taxable wage base.

Proposed regs address opt-out payments for health benefits

Under proposed regulations, if you induce employees to opt out of your group health plan with additional cash compensation, those payments must be added into employees’ monthly premiums.

In the Payroll Mailbag ...

One employee, two jobs ... Fallout from new overtime regulations

Penalties increase for various labor violations


Tucked deep inside last year’s budget bill were provisions regarding the adjustment of civil penalties, inflation for those penalties, and catch-up adjustments.

Special analysis: Fringe benefits in 2017

Employees, especially millennials, have definite ideas about what they want in fringe benefits. But you can’t make everyone’s wishes for tax-free benefits come true.

Curacao and St. Lucia are now in North America

Employees who attend business conventions in North America need only establish the familiar elements of the accountable plan rules for their reimbursements to be tax-free.

IRS proposes regs for reporting health care information

It’s open enrollment season for health benefits, which means you have employees’ attention.

Health benefits cost 7.6% of employers' annual budgets

The average cost of providing health care makes up 7.6% of a company’s annual operating budget and equates to an average of $8,669 per covered employee.

Financial security is millennials' benefits focus

Millennials are pessimistic about their financial futures, and they are looking to their employers for help when it comes to addressing financial matters.

Set 'fall back' reminder: Standard time starts Nov. 6

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour, to standard time, at 2:00 a.m., Sunday, Nov. 6.

The 2017 Payroll Checklist


Year-end for planning for payroll and accounts payable is, really, a year-long process. Here’s a checklist to help guide you through each pay period, month and calendar quarter of 2017. It will help make your 2017 payroll process a snap.

Do you have to pay employees for their time spent voting?

No federal laws give employees the right to leave work to vote. But a majority of states do have such laws.
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