DOL sues to wind down old 401(k) in Eagan

We’ve all seen those commercials asking if employees have left something behind at an old employer such as an old 401(k) plan. Well, if the U.S. Department of Labor allegations are true, Carr Freight Systems forgot about its plan as well.

A couple tips on unemployment


No do-overs on resignation reason ... Employer deserves chance to fix problem

2015 W-2s cast their last shadows

Groundhogs scurry back home after they see their shadows. You have no such luxury. Paper W-2s are due to the Social Security Administration by the end of the month; e-filed forms are due by March 31. This checklist applies to e-filers who are using the SSA’s EFW2 filing specs.

No pay for bathroom breaks costs Pa. firm $1.75M

A federal court last month ordered a Pennsylvania media company to pay more than $1.75 million to 6,000 employees who were docked pay for bathroom breaks and other types of short breaks.

In the mailbag this month ...


Payroll’s Super Bowl, also known as year-end, is done. Congratulations. Now it’s time to tackle what’s piled up during the last several months.

State workers' minimum wage increasing to $15

All New York state employees will make at least $15 per hour within six years, per the order of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. For workers in New York City, the rate will be in force by the end of 2018.

EEO-1 filings to require reporting employee pay

The Obama administration is stepping up federal efforts to make corporate pay practices more transparent and spotlight discriminatory pay disparities.

Of course you're late! Dead lizards slow you down

Getting to work on time isn’t always easy. You never know what will get in the way of your morning routine.

Payroll odds and ends: Uniforms and third-party signatures

The IRS is a prodigious publisher. Here are digests of two Legal Memoranda.

February 2016: Employer's business tax calendar

Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

Say it ain't snow! To pay or not when bad weather strikes

Late January’s Snowzilla storm that slammed the East Coast caused many employers to shut down for a day or more. Hundreds of thousands of employees couldn’t make it to work.

Court: Get tested or pay your own premiums

It costs so much to provide health insurance for your employees that you may be frustrated when you see some of them engaging in unhealthy behavior that ultimately drives up the premiums you pay.

Corpus Christi Citgo workers to be paid for briefing time

Workers at Citgo’s Corpus Christi plant will receive a little more pay following a U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division investigation of the oil company’s shift-change policy.

Taqueria shells out $33,000 for wage-and-hour violations

Taqueria La Herradura in Pharr, Texas, has paid more than $33,000 in damages to its kitchen staff following a U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation.
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