Voluntary activities & workers' comp: It's all fun and games until ...

Many companies provide fun employee outings to boost morale or show gratitude to their workforce. But what if an employee gets hurt during one of these events?

COBRA coverage continues even if carrier changes

Employees who elect to continue their health insurance coverage after a work separation get to maintain that coverage even if the employer switches plans.

Alternative workers' comp takes a legal hit


Recent legislation in several states allows employers to opt out of their state workers’ comp system in favor of private, parallel systems.

Health benefits cost 7.6% of employers' annual budgets

The average cost of providing health care makes up 7.6% of a company’s annual operating budget and equates to an average of $8,669 per covered employee.

Financial security is millennials' benefits focus

Millennials are pessimistic about their financial futures, and they are looking to their employers for help when it comes to addressing financial matters.

Snapshot: What percentage of health insurance premiums do employers pay?

What percentage of health insurance premiums do employers pay?

Long-term care insurance by the numbers

As baby boomer workers grow older and employees of all ages worry about their economic security, it might be time to consider adding long-term care insurance to your organization’s benefits portfolio.

Health benefits declining among small employers

In the wake of the Affordable Care Act—and the financial hardship caused by the economic downturn—fewer small employers are offering health benefits to their workers, but big employers are holding steady, according to new findings by the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Ramp up benefits education before open enrollment

As open enrollment season for benefits approaches, employers have a significant opportunity to educate employees on traditional and voluntary benefits and how they can be used to address financial concerns.

ACA did not lead to cuts in job-based health coverage

The Affordable Care Act has had almost no effect on the number of employees who get their health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan, according to new research by the nonprofit Urban Institute.

Snapshot: Most common supplemental benefits

What benefits are being provided other than health insurance?

High Court rules: Class actions, contraceptives

The U.S. Supreme Court on May 16 struck a minor blow against class-action lawsuits and took a pass on a case that could have dealt a blow to the Affordable Care Act. Both cases could have had a substantial effect on some HR operations.

Discharged for gross misconduct? Then employee isn't entitled to COBRA coverage

Generally, employers that provide health benefits must offer continuing COBRA coverage whenever an employee resigns or is terminated. But that requirement doesn’t apply if the employee was discharged for gross misconduct.

Employee quit? Record of conversation can save you if he files for unemployment


Employees who quit aren’t eligible for unemployment compensation in Ohio. Yet the same employee who impetuously announces he’s had enough and won’t be back just might file for benefits anyway ...

CBO: Fewer employers to offer health benefits

For all the talk of the Affordable Care Act’s effect on the health insurance marketplace, employer-provided benefits remain the backbone of the American health insurance system, according to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office.
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