Ramp up benefits education before open enrollment

As open enrollment season for benefits approaches, employers have a significant opportunity to educate employees on traditional and voluntary benefits and how they can be used to address financial concerns.

ACA did not lead to cuts in job-based health coverage

The Affordable Care Act has had almost no effect on the number of employees who get their health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan, according to new research by the nonprofit Urban Institute.

Snapshot: Most common supplemental benefits

What benefits are being provided other than health insurance?

High Court rules: Class actions, contraceptives

The U.S. Supreme Court on May 16 struck a minor blow against class-action lawsuits and took a pass on a case that could have dealt a blow to the Affordable Care Act. Both cases could have had a substantial effect on some HR operations.

Discharged for gross misconduct? Then employee isn't entitled to COBRA coverage

Generally, employers that provide health benefits must offer continuing COBRA coverage whenever an employee resigns or is terminated. But that requirement doesn’t apply if the employee was discharged for gross misconduct.

Employee quit? Record of conversation can save you if he files for unemployment


Employees who quit aren’t eligible for unemployment compensation in Ohio. Yet the same employee who impetuously announces he’s had enough and won’t be back just might file for benefits anyway ...

CBO: Fewer employers to offer health benefits

For all the talk of the Affordable Care Act’s effect on the health insurance marketplace, employer-provided benefits remain the backbone of the American health insurance system, according to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office.

Suit advances alleging Dave & Buster's dodged ACA

A big class-action lawsuit against the Dave & Buster’s restaurant chain has cleared an initial hurdle in federal court.

Workers' comp opt-outs face legal challenge


Two states, Oklahoma and Texas, let employers opt-out of the traditional workers’ compensation system if they establish credible, alternative arrangements.

Administration proposes revised template for required ACA SBCs

Seeking to make it easier for employees to understand their health insurance benefits, the Obama administration has proposed a new  summary of  benefits and coverage (SBC) that employers could be required to begin using in 2017.

Smartphones transform the talent acquisition process

A new tool for recruiters.

SHRM: Surcharges work! Smoking at work reduced

Forty-five percent of employers that impose health care surcharges on their employees who use tobacco say smoking in the workplace decreased since the policy was implemented, according to a new Society for Human Resource Management survey.

Court: Get tested or pay your own premiums

It costs so much to provide health insurance for your employees that you may be frustrated when you see some of them engaging in unhealthy behavior that ultimately drives up the premiums you pay.

Employers tackle spiraling prescription benefit costs

Employers are working hard to rein in prescription drug spending, according to new research by Towers Watson.

Deadlines extended for health insurance forms


In an act of year-end kindness, the IRS announced in late December that it's extending the time you have to provide employees with Form 1095-C or 1095-B and the time you have to file those forms. The IRS stressed, however, that if you can furnish and file on time, you should still do so.

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