IRS lets employees drop cafeteria coverage, choose ACA plans

The IRS has expanded the conditions under which cafeteria plans may allow employees to revoke their participation in group health plans to account for individual coverage that’s available on the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges. That could save them money.

Court runs out of patience with tightwad insurer

Courts don’t like it when insurers try to use technicalities to limit benefits.

Guidance on making ACA employer-mandate decision

Employers on the fence about whether to offer health benefits to employees in 2015 have some important decisions to make this month. That’s because open enrollment on the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges begins Nov. 15.

Help staff make the most of open enrollment

As you prepare for the upcoming open enrollment season for health benefits, pass along these tips to help employees make smart choices.

How do I get workers comp coverage?

Q. How do I go about obtaining workers’ compensation coverage? Once I have this coverage, what related rights do I have?

What's not covered by workers' comp?

Q. As a Texas employer, what types of workplace injuries are excepted from my workers’ compensation insurance coverage?

Critical lawyer can't get unemployment benefits

A former lawyer in the Delaware County Public Defender’s Office who considered himself a zealous legal advocate has lost his appeal for unemployment compensation in Commonwealth Court.

Contesting unemployment benefits? Choose reason for denial and stick with it

If you are going to oppose a former employee’s unemployment compensation application, determine what reasons you will present and stick to them. If you offer alternative reasons during the appeal process, chances increase that the court will allow the benefits.

Large companies flock to high-deductible plans

Staff at 32% of large employers will have just one health insurance option in the coming year—a high-deductible plan.

Health care costs growing slower than expected

Spending on health care rose less than 0.3% this summer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a strong sign that the health-cost curve may be flattening over the long term.

Survey: 2015 health costs to grow 6.5% or less

Large employers’ health care benefit costs are expected to increase 6.5% in 2015, slightly lower than this year’s rate of increase. Most employers, however, say they’re planning changes to their benefits programs that should limit cost growth to 5% or less when all is said and done.

Benefits for terminally ill worker: How can we help?

Q. A 26-year-old employee has terminal cancer and can’t work any longer. Our company is small and doesn’t offer health insurance, and she is not covered on an individual policy. Is it a correct protocol to lay off this employee so she can receive unemployment and other benefits, such as Medicaid?

Can 'resign & rehire' trick bypass open enrollment?

Q. An employee failed to participate in open enrollment, thereby losing her insurance coverage. Can she resign and be immediately rehired to enroll in our medical plan as a new hire?

New COBRA notice could help workers--and you, too

You can finally make the Affordable Care Act work for you. The U.S. Depart­­ment of Labor has updated its model COBRA notice to emphasize that separated employees who qualify for COBRA continuation coverage may want to buy health insurance through the ACA’s exchanges instead.

40% of workers would quit if not for health benefits


Your benefits program might be an even bigger retention tool than you thought. A new survey says that 40% of employees appear to be experiencing “job lock” because of health benefits.

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