Health, retirement perks remain strong draws

Health insurance remains the employer-provided benefit employees value most, followed by retirement savings.

After AHCA, what next for health care reform?

Political analysts say there are three paths Republicans could follow.

Congress takes first legislative steps in replacing Obamacare


On March 9, Republican lawmakers in Congress took their first steps toward their promise of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Two House committees passed legislation to replace the ACA with a system of tax credits and a rollback of the Obama administration's Medicaid expansion. Here are highlights of the House bills for employers ...

ACA repeal threatens tax-free health benefits

The Affordable Care Act mainly affects the individual health insurance market, not the employer-provided coverage that is central to most employee benefits plans. That’s changing as President Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill set about repealing and replacing the ACA.

Texas Supreme Court to decide Houston same-sex benefits

In an about-face, the Texas Supreme Court has decided to hear a case challenging the city of Houston’s policy of providing benefits to same-sex spouses that are equal to those available to opposite-sex spouses.

ACA repeal would affect employer coverage

ACA rollbacks could affect the benefits employers can or must offer.

Trend watch: Could contractors get benefits?

The state of New York may be about to consider legislation that would create a system of “portable” benefits that would give independent contractors some of the advantages employees have.

HSA balances increasing

Balances in health savings accounts grew by more than a third in 2015.

Ensure wellness programs comply with new EEOC rules

Know the new rules regarding financial inducements in employer-sponsored wellness programs.

For some, need for benefits delays retirement

If demography is destiny, the American workforce is going to continue to get older as baby boomers age … and keep showing up for work.

Court defers to insurer on medical necessity

Courts considering an ERISA benefit claim may side with the insurer if the decision to deny a treatment was supported with evidence.

Extension for ACA reports

The IRS has granted 30 more days for employers to give Forms 1095-B (Health Coverage) and 1095-C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage) to employees.

Employer mandate is top health care reform concern

48% of employers said the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate was their primary health care concern going into the next administration.

Trump administration: 4 'what ifs' affecting HR

As we approach the twilight of the Obama era and the dawning of the Trump administration, HR professionals are grappling with exactly what kind of changes to expect.
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