Is it legal to claw back maternity leave pay?

Q. Our maternity leave policy offers paid leave for female employees who plan to return to work after the birth of the child. If the employee quits before returning to work, she’s required to reimburse the company for the paid leave. Is this lawful?

Work-at-home abuse? Demand accountability

Are you sure employees are working when they are supposed to be? Or are they abusing your flexible rules about taking time off and working from home?

16 new state laws California employers need to know about

A list of the most significant laws affecting private sector employers in California.

Trump administration: 4 'what ifs' affecting HR

As we approach the twilight of the Obama era and the dawning of the Trump administration, HR professionals are grappling with exactly what kind of changes to expect.

Holidays when work will shut down in 2017

See how your office’s closing practices compare.

9 employment-related executive orders that could disappear Jan. 20

Here are some of the most significant employment-related executive orders that could be on the chopping block.

How much paid leave do new parents receive?

New moms on average receive twice as much paid leave as new dads before and after the birth of a child.

Tale of Twin Cities' dueling policies on paid leave

Less than four months after adopting a paid leave policy, Minneapolis has amended it to conform more closely with St. Paul’s paid leave statute.

Chobani takes lead on generous paid parental leave

Yogurt producer Chobani is now offering six weeks of paid parental leave to all of its employees.

Holiday scheduling for 2017: When do employers plan to close?


If your organization offers paid holidays off work, which days next year will you count as holidays ... President's Day? ... Veteran’s Day? ... the day after Thanksgiving? This new survey shows when other employers around the country are planning to close during various holidays next year ....

Paid sick leave laws linked to lower rates of illness

Cities and states that require employers to offer paid sick leave benefits experience less severe seasonal influenza outbreaks.

Ensure employees on leave understand termination rules

If you have a policy on terminating employees who are out on leave, be sure to issue reminders about the rule and the timeline.

St. Paul paid sick leave law takes effect next July

St. Paul’s city council has unanimously approved the Earned Safe and Sick Time ordinance granting more than a week of paid sick leave to all employees in the city. The ordinance takes effect on July 1, 2017.

Push for paid parental leave takes off

Prepare for the likelihood that soon, you may have to begin providing some form of paid leave.

Is use-it-or-lose-it vacation policy legal in Pa.?

Q. Our company’s vacation policy says that terminated employees are not paid for vacation days that they accrued during their employment. Is that legal?
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