IRS, DOJ highlight payroll initiatives

Over 70% of the federal government’s ready cash is obtained through withholding. That puts you in the crosshairs for new compliance initiatives from the IRS and its in-house lawyers from the Tax Division at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

July 2016: Employer's business tax calendar

Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

Know when you can dock exempt employees' pay

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, exempt employees must be paid the same salary regardless of the quality or quantity of their work.

In the Payroll Mailbag ...

Late pay W-2c exception? Company liable for FICA withholding mistake?

DOL: Slow cash flow no excuse for missing payroll

Joined, Inc., has agreed to issue $439,000 in back pay to 58 workers following a U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation.

ACA roundup

The Department of Health and Human Services has released its final notice of benefit and payment parameters for the 2017 plan year and the Department of Labor has finalized changes to the summary of benefits and coverage template.

School's out, hire carefully

There’s a lot to know before you hire a teen for a summer job.

High Court OKs statistical analyses to figure unpaid time

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that employees at a meat processing plant may use statistical analyses to prove that they weren’t paid for their changing time in class action lawsuits brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Pay secrecy policies may no longer stand up

States and the federal government are cracking down on payroll confidentiality policies.

I'm getting married in the morning (tell the SSA, too)

June is wedding month, which means name changes for brides who take their husbands’ names and couples who hyphenate their new names.

When duty calls, Payroll answers

The National Guard and Reserves are key to the nation’s defense. Customarily, employees serve their two weeks during the summer, but others may be gone longer. Here’s what you need to do now.

You provide vacation. Why don't employees take it?

Memorial Day—the unofficial start to summer—just whizzed by, which means that employees will be scrambling to take vacation days, extending long weekends and otherwise causing havoc with scheduling. Or maybe not.

June 2016: Employer's business tax calendar

Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

Special analysis: Severance policies may be ERISA plans

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with withholding and reporting taxes, federal appellate courts have recently chimed in on whether and how ERISA, the federal benefits law, applies to severance pay policies.

ICE gives advice for internal Form I-9 audits

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE for short, has provided guidance for employers that want to conduct internal audits of their I-9 forms.
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