Have contractors use official business name on invoices

Make sure independent contractors invoice your company in their official business entity’s name, not simply with their name.

New NYDOL regs address direct deposit, paycards

The New York Department of Labor has issued regulations covering how employers manage payroll direct deposit and debit cards.

February 2017: Employer's business tax calendar

Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

IRS warns against health plans' double dipping

Double dips are great for ice cream cones, but not group health benefits.

Time to chuck your old Forms I-9

It’s time to put I-9 forms with a 03/08/2013 expiration date in the recycling bin.

In the Payroll Mailbag ...

The wrong SSN ... Payments in January for December work

IRS goes all in on failure-to-file penalties

If you intentionally fail to e-file information returns when you’re required to do so, you will be socked with a failure-to-file penalty.

Forms 1095 must be provided to employees by March 2

The IRS has extended the time you have to provide employees with their copies of Forms 1095-C or 1095-B to March 2, 2017.

Advice for year-end: Fly the plane!

Here are the final 2016 tasks you must accomplish now.

Worksheet for 2016 Forms W-3/941

Use this worksheet to reconcile your four quarterly 941s and W-2s, so the amounts you report to the SSA and the IRS match.

Be a payroll hero to employees

A little goodwill now goes a long way toward burnishing your credibility.

Scammers target Payroll--here's what you should do

The opening of tax season is a bonanza for identity thieves. There are ways to protect against it.

2017 tax rates: It always pays to plan ahead

Employees can take a lot of the guesswork out of their 2017 income tax liability by ensuring that their W-4s are accurate.

White House pledge pushes gender pay equity

The movement toward equal pay for women seems to have picked up steam.

Year-over-year base pay grew 3.1% in November

Median annual base pay in the United States grew 3.1% year over year in November to $51,372.
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