NACHA's same-day settlement rule benefits Payroll

NACHA—the electronic banking organization that makes direct deposit and other electronic transactions possible—has revised its operating rules to allow for the same-day settlement of electronic transactions, such as payroll.

Download this all-states chart on worker classification tests

This chart lists the states and the test that each uses to determine workers’ status.

Must we pay out unused PTO on termination?

Q. I know that California employers are required to pay out unused vacation time, but what about accrued but unused PTO or floating holidays?

New same-day settlement rules mean faster funds

NACHA—the electronic banking organization that makes direct deposit and other electronic transactions possible—has revised its rules to allow for same-day settlement of electronic transactions, including payroll.

Don't let do-it-yourself pay audit trip you up

If you perform a self-audit of your company’s pay policies, and an employee sues you for wage-and-hour violations, be aware that a court may compel you to provide your findings to the employees’ attorneys. However, there are steps you can take to minimize this possibility.

August 2015: Employer's business tax calendar

Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

Do you need to pay staff so often?

There is no button you can push to make a paycheck pop out, yet almost everyone in your company thinks payroll processing is automatic. That can lead to problems at every level of the organization if you’re thinking of switching pay frequencies, according to Lisa Poole, CPP, VP, HR Payroll Operations for Sun Trust Bank. Poole gave attendees at the American Payroll Association’s annual Congress some helpful suggestions for handling the change process.

IRS reps answer today's pressing payroll questions

Here are answers to questions put to representatives of the IRS who attended the American Payroll Association’s 33rd Annual Congress, held this year in Las Vegas.

New W-2, 1099 penalties for employers explained

Q. I heard that there have been increases in the IRS penalties that employers have to pay for failing to file (or filing incorrect) tax documents?

Here's your summer payroll checkup

The thermometer heating up means it’s the perfect time to perform some general Payroll maintenance tasks. It’s also the key to a successful year-end.

What are the payday rules in Texas?

Q. What payment and deduction requirements does the Texas Payday Law include?

What happens if we bounce a paycheck?

Q. What are the penalties for failing to make timely payments or for issuing a paycheck that bounces under the Texas Payday Law?

After Obergefell, employers must ask: What to do about domestic-partner benefits?

Domestic-partner benefits sprouted up in the 1990s because same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in most states. But following the Supreme Court’s landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision last month, there are no more legal barriers to same-sex marriages nationwide ...

Employer withheld child support equals $30 billion and counting

The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reports that during fiscal year 2013, the last year for which statistics are available, 74% of all child support payments were made via paycheck withholding. That’s $30 billion. The OCSE is beefing up its electronic income withholding orders, or eIWOs, in order to make the child support withholding process even more efficient.

Swindled payroll clients see a sliver of chance to recoup

The IRS may have to return to a bankruptcy estate a bankrupt payroll service bureau’s tax deposits that were collected from clients but were used to satisfy its own tax liabilities. A federal trial court has ruled that the bankruptcy trustee may be able to void transfers of the clients’ money to the IRS.
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