What a payroll mess!

Sometimes you walk into a mess and other times you have a mess thrust upon you.

Beware suspicious garnishment orders

Payday lenders are increasingly sending aggressive garnishment orders to employers that mimic legitimate administrative orders from federal agencies.

Corporation loses on salary determinations

S corps aren’t the only businesses to run up against the IRS when it comes to determining whether salaries are reasonable. Regular tax-paying C corporations run into the problem, too.

5 steps to take when an employee passes away

Beyond its obvious emotional impact, an employee’s death almost always leaves unfinished business for HR and payroll to handle.

California contractors must submit payroll data electronically

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) announced in July that, starting Aug. 1, public works contractors and subcontractors once again must electronically submit certified payroll records.

Payroll year-end: It's never too late to start early

This coming year-end is going to be like no other, thanks to the accelerated, consolidated W-2/1099-MISC filing deadline of Jan. 31, 2017, and the fact that you no longer will be able to apply for an automatic extension of time to file your W-2s with the Social Security Administration. The earlier you start your year-end prep, the better off you’ll be.

NACHA's same-day settlement launches Sept. 23

Beginning Sept. 23, 2016, rule changes at NACHA—the electronic banking organization—will allow same-day settlements of payroll items.

HSAs: Everything you want to know (but were afraid to ask)

The IRS has announced the 2017 inflation adjustments for health savings accounts (HSAs) and high-deductible health plans. It’s also released a series of information letters that clarify HSAs.

Download this all-states chart on time-off-to-vote laws

Make sure you're giving the maximum time off required.

Same worker, different work: Can pay rate change?

Q. Is it legal to pay a nonexempt employee to work at a company event at a lower hourly rate than what we typically pay her? The event is a conference where staff would be answering questions and giving out information.

In New York, changes proposed for direct deposit and paycards

The New York State Department of Labor has proposed new regulations that would require employers to tell employees in detail how direct deposit and paycard payment options work.

Employees have been reclassified. Now what?


You’ve done your due diligence in response to the new regulations that substantially raise the weekly salary employees must earn to be exempt, now comes the hard part—training their managers in the finer points of the FLSA.

Partnerships and payroll taxes don't mix

If you administer payroll for a partnership, say, a law or accounting firm, you have problems. The IRS recently released temporary and proposed regulations that reiterate its position on partnerships.

APA Congress: Identity theft-proof your workplace

Shockingly (or maybe not), more than half the attendees at the APA’s identity theft workshop acknowledged that they were bait for the phishing expedition undertaken earlier this year to steal employees’ W-2 information by spoofing a company’s executives.

Company's delay = $9.6 million in taxes, penalties, interest

“I’ll get to it tomorrow” isn’t a winning legal strategy.
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