The 'Ghosts of W-2s Past' need haunt you no longer


It’s officially Payroll crunch time. The Social Security Administration is cracking down on employers that submit W-2/W-3 forms with errors ... but you already have everything organized and ready to go, right?

If employees are absent the day before or after a holiday, can we withhold their pay?

Q. Our employee handbook states that if employees are sick before and after a holiday and they do not get a doctor’s note, they will not get paid for those missed days. Is this legal?

Another chore? Early W-2s and verification of FICA taxes paid

Q: A terminating employee is requesting an early W-2. He’s also requesting that Payroll provide him with written verification that he hit the 2014 Social Security taxable wage base, even though his W-2 clearly shows this in Box 3. He insists that he doesn’t need to restart paying Social Security taxes with his new employer, since he maxed out for 2014. Is he correct?

DOL takes action on two minimum wage issues

The Department of Labor (DOL) is closing out the year with a bang. It’s issued final regulations increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour for employees who work on new or renewed federal contracts and has postponed enforcement action on its final regulations governing home care ­workers.

Slip sliding away: How to handle weather-related absences

Absences occasioned by bad weather can clash with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Here are the five key rules you need to know to make this winter (or any season) run smoothly.

State-by-state chart on 2014 W-2 mag media/e-filing requirements

States have their own W-2 e-filing thresholds and specifications. This chart summarizes those requirements.

Take credit for your health benefit contributions

If you’re shopping around for group health benefits on the SHOP, don’t forget to factor in the value of the small business health care credit when evaluating the cost of a group policy.

Payroll 2015: What you need to know now

Increases to the personal exemption amount, which doubles as the annual withholding allowance amount, are based on increases to the August Consumer Price Index. Here are the crucial payroll figures you need now.

If an employee wants to earn less, not more, what could possibly be the legal risk?

Q. Can we pay an employee minimum wage for a position that usually pays more? We have an applicant who doesn’t want to lose her pension benefits and can work for minimum wage yet still qualify to receive her pension. Should we have her make that request in writing?

Should we automatically make payroll deductions for employees' lunch breaks?

Q. Our payroll system automatically deducts 30 minutes per day from drivers for lunch since they are on the road and away from a computer. I have concerns about liability. Should we make this deduction?

Are loans from the company taxable to employees?

Q: HR’s latest benefit is a computer purchase program, which is an interest-free loan. The guidelines state its purpose is to encourage employees to purchase up-to-date equipment, increase their comfort level with technology and extend those educational and personal benefits to their families. Employees can borrow up to $1,500, payable over 24 months via payroll deductions. We’re concerned with two aspects of this program ...

IRS to Payroll: It's going to be a busy year

The IRS has pegged 317 projects in its annual Priority Guidance Plan, commonly called the business plan. While that’s down from last year’s 324 projects, many of them will have a substantial impact on your payroll operations.

Webinar Wisdom: Wage & Hour Law 2015 - Employee Classification Workshop & New Overtime Rules

A quick summary of a recent training webinar presented by Business Management Daily.

Let year-end payroll festivities begin!

Instead of stuffing all your year-end duties into December, you’ll lighten the load considerably by completing some of these key tasks now.

IRS: Value of 'free' parking may be taxable fringe benefit

A recent Information Letter issued by the IRS on the taxation of employer-provided parking, although noncontroversial, serves as a useful reminder that “free” parking for employees may result in taxes for both the employee and the employer.
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