Pennsylvania bill would allow paying staff via debit cards

A proposal by Pennsylvania State Sen. Don White, chairman of the Banking and Insurance Committee, would allow employers to pay employees with debit cards rather than paychecks. The legislation would require granting employees free access to all of their wages.

New California state law allows employers to fix wage statement errors

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law an amendment to the California Private Attorney General Act to allow employers the right to “cure” certain wage statement defects. Here are the details.

Defrauded payroll clients out $28 million

The U.S. Supreme Court has turned down an appeal brought by the trustee of a bankrupt payroll service bureau who sought the return of $28 million, which the service bureau collected from its clients as payroll deposits, but which its principals stole. These clients now have no recovery and may have to pay the IRS again for the taxes the service bureau should have deposited.

ACA transition relief ending for midsize employers

Employers with more than 50, but fewer than 100, full-time employees during 2014 didn’t have to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s play-or-pay provisions this year, although they must still file Forms 1095-C and 1094-C. This transition relief ends Dec. 31, 2015. Beginning with the 2016 plan year (next month for calendar year plans), these employers are fully covered under the law. Ensure that these critical actions have been taken before the end of the month. If you’re missing an action item, do it now.

Home health care workers covered under the FLSA

The D.C. Circuit has ruled that the Department of Labor had the authority to issue regulations that require staffing agencies and other third-party employers to pay minimum wages and overtime to home health care workers.

Take these 3 steps now to bulletproof your W-2s

In the hustle and bustle of year-end, even seasoned pros can overlook critical items. But you overlook W-2 formatting and filing errors at your peril.

Download this chart of W-2 e-filing thresholds and specifications

Each state has its own W-2 e-filing thresholds and specifications. This chart summarizes those requirements.

Do you hear what I hear? Sound of closing year-end books

Year-end Payroll duties can keep you from enjoying this holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you get through these year-end duties.

Bulletproof your W-2s; fines for mistakes nearly double

Beginning with forms filed next year, penalties for failing to file timely informational forms like W-2s and 1099s are nearly doubling in many instances.

Payroll 2016--Key figures you need to know now

Increases to the personal exemption amount, which doubles as the annual withholding allowance amount, are based on increases to the August Consumer Price Index. Even though the IRS has yet to release the official 2016 withholding allowance amounts, we’ve done the math for you.

Crashing through the snow in a two-ton SUV: The payroll headaches caused by winter weather

Winter presents unique challenges to the non-SUV-owning public, who become absolutely mortified when a glance in the rear view mirror reveals one of those behemoths staring down their bumpers. It’s equally challenging for Payroll to construct viable pay policies when employees leave early, arrive late or just bag it due to snow or other weather emergencies.

Get the scoop on holiday pay

It’s only natural that questions regarding overtime and holiday pay arise this time of year. Here are the eight key rules you need to know to make this holiday season run smoothly.

Holiday bonuses: Great for everyone's morale (but Payroll's)

Holiday bonuses are a tradition at many companies. Employees usually receive their bonuses in December. But Payroll must begin planning for them now. Here’s what you need to know.

Put these 1099-MISC(hief) makers to rest

The penalties for failing to file Forms 1099-MISC correctly and on time aren’t chump change anymore. Beginning with forms filed next year, the penalties jump to $50 from $30, and that’s only if you manage to file correct forms within 30 days of your mistake. Penalties leap further, the longer you wait to file correct forms, which puts a premium on good year-end prep. Here’s what you need to know for the upcoming 1099 filing season.

Roasted bird with a side of payroll

It doesn’t have to be your bird, if you get through some crucial year-end tasks this month.
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