How to fix E-Verify oversight?

Q: An employer didn’t create cases in E-Verify for several years. The employer is again using its E-Verify account and creating cases. Should the employer create cases for employees who were hired while it wasn’t using E-Verify?

What's a 'payment' for child-support withholding?

Q: Employees exercise options and buy company stock. Is the value of the stock subject to child-support withholding? Is it as a lump-sum payment, or covered under the standard income withholding order?

Worksheet for fourth quarter 2014 941 forms

Payroll specialists, download this tool to prepare for the year's end.

What's in a name for Social Security purposes?

Q: When employees marry, is it a legal requirement that we wait to change their names in the payroll system until they present new Social Security cards with the name change, or can we rely on their marriage licenses to make those changes?

2015 Social Security wage base


Each fall, the Social Security Administration releases the annual Social Security taxable wage base. Except for tax-free fringe benefits, all wages are subject to the Medicare portion of FICA, since there’s no wage base ...

Payroll: Go directly to year-end, do not pass go, do not collect $200

Things return to a more normal pace after Labor Day. But normal for Payroll is still hectic. If you take a few minutes now to complete the items on this checklist, you’ll have an easy start to year-end 2014.

How should we handle wage overpayment?

Q. We recently overpaid an employee by $3,500 but the discrepancy was not discovered until six months later. Can we automatically and legitimately withhold those wages from his paycheck? Also, would it be inappropriate to dock additional wages for the employee not making us aware of the mistake?

If a new employee leaves in short order, is there a way to recoup training costs?

Q. Can we require employees to repay the company (through payroll deduction) for training costs if they quit or are fired within one year?

What must I do about employee's wage garnishment to collect on credit card debt?

Q. One of my employees recently notified me that a judgment had been levied against him on a suit to collect an unpaid credit card debt. A Texas court has issued the judgment, and I understand the judgment creditor may seek to satisfy it by garnishing my employee’s wages. What am I required to do?

Texas employers may now pay employees in Bitcoins

Should Texas employers be so in­­clined, they may pay employees in Bit­­coins as long as both parties agree to the arrangement.

NLRB cracks down on rules banning talk about pay

A court has ruled that an employer committed an unfair labor practice when its confidentiality clause prohibited employees from discussing their wages.

September 2014: Employer's business tax calendar

This is your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

ACA credits: Status quo for now


The IRS isn’t planning on changing how it administers the ACA's premium tax credit, said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Koskinen was reacting to dueling federal appellate court decisions on eligibility for the credit, both issued on July 22.

Coming soon: $10.10 hourly wage for fed contract workers

Under proposed regulations, the minimum wage for employees who work on new or renewed federal contracts or subcontracts, including employees with disabilities who work under special certificates, will increase to $10.10 an hour, from $7.25 an hour, beginning Jan. 1, 2015. Final regs should be released shortly. Here are the contracts to be covered.

Common payroll pitfalls and how to avoid them

The American Payroll Asso­­ci­­a­­tion’s 32nd Annual Congress revealed fixes and solutions in some potentially dangerous gray areas.
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