Due dates changing for business tax returns

Changing the due dates for C corps, S corps and partnerships to file business tax returns is included as a revenue-raising measure in the Surface Trans­­por­­ta­­tion and Veterans Health Care Choice Improve­­ment Act of 2015.

Two key ACA questions: Let the headaches begin


Are health deductions required deductions for garnishment? And must we tax employees who are paid to forgo health benefits?

October 2015: Employer's business tax calendar

Here's your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

No more automatic filing extensions for W-2 forms

Under proposed, temporary and final regulations, you no longer will be able to request an initial automatic 30-day extension of time to file Forms W-2/W-3 with the Social Security Administration or an additional for-cause 30-day extension, for a total of 60 days.

Information return penalties set to increase next year

Information return penalties are going up. Way up. Included as part of the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015 is a provision that increases penalties for failing to file Forms W-2, 1099 or 1095-C, or to provide forms to payees. Beginning with forms re­­quired to be filed next year, penalties increase as follows

What do employees want now?

You offer them health care, dental care, vision care and retirement benefits. Well, so does everyone else. If you want your company to really shine, HR needs to get creative.

Think twice before changing authorized payroll deductions


Under California law, employees must authorize voluntary payroll deductions and employers must provide itemized wage statements. A case is testing whether employers can raise the employee’s retirement contribution to a percentage of salary after he already approved a specific dollar amount.

Documenting payroll procedures: All-purpose solution to everything

What if there was a way you could solve your new-hire training problems, identify areas that can be improved and aid in disaster planning? According to Raeann Hofkin, CPP, East Region Payroll Manager, Mobilex, USA, there is: Documenting the entire flow of the payroll process. Hofkin spoke at the American Payroll Association’s Annual Congress, held earlier this year.

Work sheet for fourth-quarter 2015 941 forms

Payroll pros, download this sheet to reconcile your payroll through the third quarter.

Just got confirmation that you moved? Don't be alarmed

Beginning this year, the IRS must send you notices of your old and new address, if your mailing address for tax purposes changes.

Regulatory alert: Sec. 83(b) elections, address for refunds

The IRS has been busy adding to its regulatory agenda. Here’s the latest news from the regulations front.

Don't procrastinate: Plan now for a smoother year-end process

Take the time to get some administrative duties out of the way now. Your employees can do like­­wise. The result will be a less hectic year-end process.

Q&As from the American Payroll Association's Annual Congress

Here are questions put to reps from federal agencies at the American Payroll ­Association’s Annual Congress, held this year in Las Vegas.

Who's an employee? Everyone chimes in

Which test should you apply to determine who's an independent contractor and who's really part of the staff? Here's a guide.

Boost communication before open season

In many organizations, open season for benefits enrollment is right around the corner. Make this year’s sign-up process more successful by ramping up your benefits communication. Try these tips.
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