What drives benefits strategy?

More than half of HR pros focus their benefits strategy on controlling health care costs and making sure employees appreciate the total value of their perks.

Senior HR executives earn less than other top brass

Corporate America’s highest-ranking HR executives earn significantly less than their C-Suite peers.

Walmart nonexempts to pocket $200 bonuses

Walmart will pay out $200 million in quarterly bonuses to some 900,000 hourly workers after the retailer reported higher customer ratings between May and July.

Snapshot: What kinds of variable pay do employers offer?

With base pay staying relatively flat in recent years, 88% of employers now offer some form of variable pay.

Snapshot: Do workers understand their employer's compensation policy?

More than 90% of employers have a written or unwritten compensation policy, but fewer than half of total rewards professionals believe their employees understand it.

Beware giving promotions without pay raises

Have some of your employees been promoted without getting raises? That could be dangerous if those workers can show that other employees outside their protected class did get higher pay.

Some are saying 'Humbug!' to holiday parties

Are you throwing a holiday party for your employees this year? The year-end Christmas bash is less common than it once was.

6 ways to cut legal risk of employee-referral programs

Employee-referral programs can be a reliable, inexpensive way to find great talent. But you probably don’t realize that they carry a hidden legal risk, too.

Raises to average 3% in 2016, more for top performers

Pay raises for U.S. employees are expected to hold steady in 2016, according to a survey by the Towers Wat­­son HR consulting firm. Virtually all respondents (98%) said they plan to give employees raises next year, with an average salary increase of 3% for exempt professionals.

How do employers hand out variable pay?

Almost two-thirds of employers surveyed offer individual performance-based incentives, but it’s not the most common kind of variable pay.

Top 5 employee recognition awards

We present the top five awards employees receive, according to a WorldatWork study. If it’s all the same, we’ll take the cash.

Talk up total rewards to improve engagement

There’s a strong correlation between employees’ perceptions of their total compensation package and their degree of engagement at work, and employers can strengthen that connection by communicating exactly how much employees’ pay and benefits are really worth.

Put your slackers to shame with this amazing example of dedication

On Jan. 30, Ron Kline, an employee of toilet manufacturer Mansfield Plumbing, reached a career milestone most people would never dream of: 50 years of perfect attendance.

Be sure you can justify reason why promoted worker didn't get raise


Most employees who are promoted see that as a vote of confidence and assume their new responsibilities will include more money or other tangible benefits. But what if you don't want to raise pay?

Vodka maker keeps moms on board with family-friendly employee perks

A lot of moms work for the maker of Guinness beer and Smirnoff vodka, so Diageo North America has a lot benefits to keep them on board.
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