Casual atmosphere keeps iProspect employees engaged

Employees of digital marketing firm iProspect play foosball and shoot hoops in between working with clients who hire the firm to boost their online presence.

Training, flex are rewards for good work at PwC

Managers at PwC offer training, flexibility and recognition as rewards for good work. Here’s how the professional services firm pats its employees on the back.

Benefits: 6 lessons from great places to work

Your organization can't compete with the blizzard of benefits—from on-site dry cleaning to gourmet meals—that helped Google top Fortune magazine's new "100 Best Companies to Work For" list. But you can adopt some creative perks offered by the other 99 employers.

6 great perks from Fortune's '100 Best Companies to Work For'


Google earned the top spot on this year’s Fortune magazine list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” in part because of its array of amazing benefits. But the other 99 companies on the magazine’s list offer great perks, too. Which of these might work in your organization?

Programmers pitch ideas in 'Shark Tank'-type competition


Execs at Geneca, a Chicago-based custom software development firm, took a cue from the hit TV show “Shark Tank” to encourage its 100 employees to come up with innovative ideas. The competition—set up like a science fair—is called the “Innovation Challenge/Shark Tank.”

Are retreat prizes taxable income?

Q. We hold a team-building retreat every year where we give employees prizes after completing certain challenges. Are those prizes considered taxable income?

Software firm's culture centers on celebrations


On the desk of every Benefitfocus employee is a cowbell, which the associate may ring to announce that he or she has closed a big deal—or gotten engaged or is expecting a baby. In fact, employees of the Charles­­ton, S.C.-based benefits software company spend a lot of time celebrating personal and professional milestones.

Wish list: 10 alternatives to Christmas cash

Are you putting anything extra in employees’ stockings this holiday? While most employees say they’d prefer cash, padding paychecks isn’t the only way your organization can say “Happy Holi­­days!” Consider these wise alternatives:

Remodeling crews celebrate success, earn rewards

Workers at Power Home Remodeling Group get extra vacation days every year—paid time off to attend the company’s annual, all-employee trip to a tropical destination.

5 most common recognition awards

More than three-quarters of em­­ployers polled say they hand out certificates and plaques to reward employee accomplishments. Frankly, we’ll trade a plaque for a tasty snack any day.

Sheetz execs take N.C. recognition party on the road

Sheetz execs celebrated the convenience store chain’s placement on a statewide “best companies” list this summer with a rolling party that brought them to all 56 of the organization’s North Carolina locations.

Health insurance firm pays employees to get healthy

As employees of EmblemHealth get healthy, they get a little bit richer, too. Last year, the health insurance company handed out cash rewards ranging from $375 to $750 for activities like taking online classes, participating in fitness challenges and working with wellness coaches.

Handwritten notes: The pen is mightier than the send


What would mean more to you … a “thank you” email from your organization’s CEO or a handwritten “thank you” note? The answer is obvious. Hand­written notes carry a greater impact.

Health care system honors nurses with week of 'magic'

Supplemental Health Care, which places nurses, therapists and other health care professionals in temporary jobs, celebrated National Nurses Week in May by rewarding the traveling nurses among its own employees.

Domino's rewards boss for saving stranger's life

Domino’s Pizza recognizes employees for their best work, even when it’s not about pizza. The winner of its national Delivering More award won it after he dropped the pizza he was about to deliver and jumped into a river to help rescue a drowning man.
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