That didn't take long: GOP seeks to overturn rules

Two efforts are already underway in Congress to block the Department of Labor’s new rules raising the white-collar overtime salary threshold.

Business interests pan DOL rule doubling overtime salary threshold

The Department of Labor’s May 18 announcement of final rules on white-collar overtime eligibility drew swift reaction.

California's $15 minimum wage is here, compliance dates are coming

In March, the California legislature approved the nation’s highest statewide minimum wage.

Worker satisfaction at highest level in 10 years

More U.S. workers seem to be satisfied with their jobs than at any time since 2005. But do they have everything they want?

Workers discover best way to give themselves a raise

Many employers feel they need to switch jobs to make more money.

OT rules are here! 5 steps you must take now

If you aren’t already geared up to respond to the Department of Labor’s new rules on white-collar overtime, you are already way behind.

New overtime rules may kill telecommuting

The buzz in Washington suggests the new Department of Labor rules on white-collar overtime will be released within days.

New York raises minimum wage and enacts paid family leave

New York has moved forward with a new, higher minimum wage and paid family leave.

WHD snags nail salons for wage violations

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division settled Fair Labor Standards Act violations with two New York City nail salons.

Yonkers diner to serve up back pay for FLSA violations

Diner will pay $101,467 in back wages to employees.

Senate picks Equal Pay Day to vote down equal pay legislation

The U.S. Senate observed Equal Pay Day, April 12, by declining to advance two bills that would have expanded the Equal Pay Act (EPA) and protected employees who discuss pay.

WHD crushes SoCal recycler with double damages

An Orange County recycler will pay 15 workers $200,378 in back wages and damages after a U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation uncovered numerous Fair Labor Standard Act violations.

Did 'no policy' policy force off-the-clock work?

A federal court has rejected a novel employee argument that an employer’s lofty sales goals and lean staffing amounted to a silent policy that required off-the-clock work.

U.S. Women's Soccer: Equal Pay for better play

The World Champion U.S. Women's Soccer Team filed an EEOC complaint March 31 demanding to be paid the same as members of the U.S. Men’s National Team and drawing mainstream attention to the Equal Pay Act.

Supreme Court turns down Walmart class-action case

The U.S. Supreme Court on April 4 declined to hear an appeal of a class-action lawsuit alleging that Walmart underpaid almost 200,000 Pennsylvania employees between 1998 and 2006.
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