Reconcile California wage law with new federal overtime rules

California employers must comply with both federal and state wage-and-hour laws.

Feds' deal for call center: $150K to fix misclassification

A Southern California marketing firm will pay $150,000 in back pay and overtime to resolve charges it misclassified employees as independent contractors.

Broad backing for rules that expand overtime

Poll shows that most Americans back new OT rules.

Snapshot: Who is responsible for recruiting?

Who handles the recruiting in your company?

Chasing the next story a bad career choice

For the third year in a row, journalism brought up the rear in employment research firm CareerCast.com’s annual 10 Job Rated Worst Jobs report.

Is timekeeping software the OT answer?

When the Department of Labor released the final overtime regulations last month, the agency also put out extensive guidance on how to account for hours worked. The DOL suggested that employers and employees can simply agree on a set schedule, with the understanding that employees would report any deviations from the usual to their boss.

You have until December to comply with new overtime regulations

Following two years of development and debate, the U.S. Department of Labor in May released a sweeping overhaul of the regulations for paying overtime to exempt, white-collar employees.

What's not included in the new OT regulations

The new Department of Labor overtime rules will change the way many employers do business. On the other hand, there’s much that did not change.

Your timeline to meet the overtime deadline

Follow this timeline to stay on track with the new overtime regulations.

Snapshot: States benefiting most from the new overtime rules

Some states will see more than 4% of workers be newly eligible for OT under the new labor rules.

'No commission' ad doesn't destroy exemption

A recent court decision is good news for employers of commissioned, exempt salespeople that also imply in their advertising that the salespeople don’t work on commission.

Do OT rules mean end of exempt part-timers?

The new overtime rules for white-collar employees could force some employers to reconsider allowing part-time work for exempt staff—or to seek ways to reclassify those positions as nonexempt.

Snapshot: Who benefits from DOL's new white-collar overtime pay rules?

The Department of Labor says new federal rules will make 4.2 million more white-collar workers eligible for overtime pay.

New salary threshold: How to work in bonuses

The Department of Labor’s new overtime rules for exempt employees allow employers to partially satisfy the salary threshold ($47,476 per year or $913 per week) by including up to 10% of nondiscretionary bonuses and other incentive payments in exempts’ salary. What counts as a nondiscretionary bonus?

That didn't take long: GOP seeks to overturn rules

Two efforts are already underway in Congress to block the Department of Labor’s new rules raising the white-collar overtime salary threshold.
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