Is a salary only for full-timers?

Q. Can part-time employees be salaried?

Back ban on off-the-clock work with action

Don’t assume that merely having a written policy that prohibits working off the clock will insulate you from liability. You must do more.

Ban unwritten rules forcing off-the-clock work


Most employers think that if they just tell employees not to work more hours than their regular schedules call for, that’s the end of it. They put together a policy prohibiting off-the-clock work and figure, “Hey, problem solved.” But that may not be the case.

Minimum wage occupation you'd rather not know about

Starting pay for pilots at some small regional airlines is as little as $15,000 a year, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office report. That’s $80 less per year than a full-time, minimum-wage fast-food worker makes.

Wage-and-hour 101

Wage-and-hour cases continue to flood the legal system. It’s critical to understand the laws that govern when workers must be paid.

Tentative settlement in Elite Model intern case

Following on the heels of several highly publicized lawsuits filed by unpaid or underpaid interns, Elite Model Management has tentatively agreed to a settlement with a class of interns who claim the agency either didn’t pay them or paid them less than the minimum wage.

When managers do hands-on work, does that destroy their exempt status?

Salaried retail managers often have to step in and perform nonmanagement tasks. The fact that they do some of the same work as hourly, rank-and-file staff doesn’t mean they aren’t exempt under the FLSA—as long as they are managing at the same time. In effect, multitasking is just another part of a manager’s job.

Obama orders target pay for contractors' employees

President Obama has signed two executive orders that the White House says will promote pay equity for American workers.

Base pay on job--not title or job description


To avoid unintentional bias, HR and supervisors must look deeper than job descriptions when setting up pay scales. That’s why it’s best to regularly reevaluate your job descriptions and match them to actual job tasks and duties.

Know the FLSA's requirements: Small, local employers may well have to comply


Very small employers that aren’t engaged in interstate commerce sometimes try to argue that they don’t need to follow the FLSA because they are simply too local. But they often run into legal hurdles when employees sue, as this recent case shows.

Ensure collective bargaining agreements spell out exact wage-and-hour terms

Here’s a case that illustrates at least one advantage for em­­ployers to a union workplace. If your collective bargaining agreement spells out how pay is calculated and excludes time spent donning and doffing work clothes and safety equipment, a contrary state wage-and-hour law doesn’t apply.

Supreme Court: Severance is FICA-taxable

The U.S. Supreme Court on March 25 unanimously ruled that severance pay is subject to withholding of FICA taxes, which employers and employees pay to fund Social Security and Medicare.

Set one standard for tardiness, stick with it

Make sure you set one standard for determining how late “tardy“ is and how it’s measured. The best bet: Use a time clock.

Obama seeks to make more employees eligible for OT

President Obama on March 13 ordered the U.S. Department of Labor to propose rules to “update and modernize America’s overtime pay system, so that millions of our nation’s salaried workers will have the protections of overtime pay.”

How should we handle pay when employee works unauthorized overtime?

Q. What can we do if our employees worked overtime despite our instruction that they shouldn’t?
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