Of course you're late! Dead lizards slow you down

Getting to work on time isn’t always easy. You never know what will get in the way of your morning routine.

Studies: Time--not money--buys more happiness

Keep this statistical tidbit handy the next time raises aren’t as generous as employees want: People who value time more than money are happier, according to a series of studies published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Signs you have a drug problem at work

When drugs don't seem to present a problem within a company, it's easy to develop a cavalier attitude about them. That's not smart.

Wellness participation stagnant despite incentives

U.S. employers continue to struggle to change the lifestyle behaviors of their employees, according to a new Towers Watson survey.

Most U.S. employers support workplace flexibility

Eighty percent employers of surveyed offer flexible work arrangements to employees, according to new research by the nonprofit WorldatWork and online career site FlexJobs.

Is the eight-hour workday a relic of the past?

A new survey indicates that, much like flip phones and fax machines, this tradition may be on its way out.

Wellness up as employers combat health costs

With health care costs rising and Affordable Care Act compliance efforts in full swing, employers are turning toward wellness programs to counter some of the financial strain.

Downturn still takes toll on work/life balance

One-third of full-time workers believe balancing their work and personal lives has become more difficult in the last five years, as a Great Recession legacy of stagnant salaries and longer hours adds pressure at the office and on the home front.

The conversation about 'balance' is changing

Have technology and the global economy made it just about impossible to compartmentalize work and life separately?

Be it resolved: We will manage our money in 2015

A Harris Poll of 2,255 U.S. adults found us making these money-related resolutions for 2015.

All the benefits of vacation, none of the sun and sand

A British hypnotherapist is offering sessions designed to help stressed out workers “feel as refreshed and revitalised as they do after a two-week break.”

5 ways employees can build financial security

Employees whose financial affairs are in order can focus more on work and less on money worries at home. If you offer financial literacy training as an employee benefit, include these tips from the Center for Household Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Vodka maker keeps moms on board with family-friendly employee perks

A lot of moms work for the maker of Guinness beer and Smirnoff vodka, so Diageo North America has a lot benefits to keep them on board.

Utah HR tech firm winning war on employee burnout

At BambooHR, employees are out the door after 40 hours a week. The 53-employee HR software company strictly enforces a no-more-than-40-hour workweek. Employees go home on time, take every weekend off and never answer emails after hours.

Do personal finance problems affect attendance?

Nearly two-fifths of HR pros believe employees’ financial woes contribute to absenteeism.
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