Back to school: 4 teacher tactics to use with your staff


Teachers are some of the first “managers” that people ever encounter. Teachers organize each day to get maximum results from their charges, and they must deal with a wide variety of skills levels, motivation levels and communication challenges along the way. Here are four ideas worth borrowing from teachers to bring to the workplace.

You can tell your employees where they're headed--can't you?

A recent survey revealed many people would be more engaged in their work if only their bosses could paint a picture of their future.

Disciplinary cases require detailed records


You know the mantra: To win lawsuits, you must document, document, document! When it comes to employees who sue you for discrimination after they have been disciplined, documentation means making careful, contemporaneous notes about alleged rule-breaking or other wrongdoing. It means and saving records for every disciplinary action. You can’t just zealously document misdeeds by the employee you think will sue. You have to do it for everyone.

Refusal to sign discipline memo? What to do

Every HR professional knows the importance of disciplinary documentation. But what happens if an employee refuses to sign a disciplinary memo?

Progressive discipline can help win bias suits


Discharged employees often sue, counting on their protected status—based on race, sex, national origin and so on—to create the impression that they were fired for discriminatory reasons. That’s why it’s important to use a progressive discipline system. It lets you counter discrimination allegations with solid, documented performance or behavior problems that warranted discharge.

Suspended 'pending investigation:' What information do we owe the employee?

Q. If an employer suspends an employee “pending investigation,” what information must be provided to the employee?

VA offices cited for cutting corners & falsifying records

The Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General has issued a blistering report on departmental practices.

Whistle-blower slipping: Punish or let it slide?

Jack has become a minor celebrity with co-workers ever since he filed an OSHA complaint about a supposedly hazardous condition at the plant. He spends so much time talking about safety that his job performance is declining. Jack needs to be disciplined. What would you do?

'Kinetic' furniture: A long walk to nowhere?

It's showing up in more workplaces, but are the benefits just an illusion?

How employers respond to the big productivity killers

Technology keeps finding ways to distract, making employers find ways to get people back on task. Here's a snapshot of those distractions and the workarounds some are attempting.

7 conversations that keep employees engaged

According to Dan Prosser, entrepreneur and author of Thirteeners: Why Only 13% of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy, here are “connecting conversations” that supervisors should be having regularly with their employees.

Rules aren't made to be broken! Insubordination is grounds for demotion

If you have employees like that, carefully document the behavior. Then apply appropriate discipline, especially if the employee is insubordinate. Just make sure that everyone else with a similar work record is also punished the same way.

How to keep new employees productive & engaged


When employees quit shortly after being hired, the departure is a gut punch to productivity and adds unnecessary costs. Plus, it can send unsettling shock waves to employees. Managers set the foundation for good employee relationships during the hiring process and in those first weeks on the job. Here are tips to keep newbies onboard, productive and engaged.

What we value most when we consider job satisfaction

When employees think about what makes for satisfying work, respectful treatment of all employees at all levels was rated “very important” by 72% of those polled for a recent Society for Human Resource Management study. But what came after that?

The paid leave movement marches on

Paid sick leave is quickly catching on as a must-have benefit, driven by both government mandates and business realities. But is there a downside?
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