How to motivate your employees simply by listening to them


Ken Rees takes every opportunity to ask front-line employees to share their ideas and experiences interacting with customers. “That’s where the answers are,” he says. Rees, CEO of Think Finance, energizes his staff with motivational programs that resonate with employees

7 things leaders should never say

Dave Kerpen, the author of Likeable Leadership, suggests what top managers (including execs and HR professionals) should never say in the workplace.

Away but still connected: Remote access a plus

U.S. employees are upbeat about using their computers, tablets and smartphones to stay connected to the workplace after hours. Nearly eight in 10 (79%) workers view this as a somewhat or strongly positive development.

Is HR your 'manager complaint department'?

HR people realize it’s part of their roles to help supervisors deal with employee issues. But what should HR do with managers who go overboard, reflexively dumping even the smallest of their employee concerns and complaints onto HR?

Simple rules to post in your break room

In most workplaces, the break room is nothing more than a shared kitchen. That doesn’t mean it has to be gross. Tack these five simple rules on the break room bulletin board.

To 'friend' or not: Social media etiquette or liability issue?

There are personal, business and legal reasons why a boss friending an employee can lead to trouble.

Unplugged: French say Non! to after-hours work calls

Work cellphones won’t be ringing in the middle of the night for more than a million workers in France’s consulting and tech industries, thanks to a pact negotiated by two of the country’s largest white-collar trade unions.

Help create a more transparent workplace


One upside of the turbulent, post-recession world of work: More employers have committed to operating transparently, sharing business metrics and strategic plans with employees. Knowing how the company is doing and where it’s going helps build worker engagement. Here’s how HR can help keep staff informed.

10 things your employees are dying to hear you say


Only about a third of employees these days say they are “engaged” in their jobs. But in the midst of everyday chaos, it’s hard for managers to think about big-picture issues like employee morale and motivation. Here are 10 phrases or questions you can use with employees to build respect, gratitude and trust, according to a new book by Todd Patkin, Finding Happiness.

Teach bosses to support staff at crunch time


Every organization runs into time crunches—sometimes predictable, sometimes sudden emergencies. Whenever your crazy time is, you could lose some of your best employees if they feel taken for granted. Encourage supervisors to follow these four steps to support employees during those times.

Adapt 'management by walking around' for the HR world

As Yogi Berra noted, “You can observe a lot by watching.” The time-honored management-by-walking-around concept is based on this theory. It's an effective way to discover employment problems no one would normally tell you about.

Win by losing: 7 bad communication habits to shed

The quickest way for managers to improve their professional image is to improve their communication skills. And the simplest way to improve those skills is to stop doing things that repeatedly get you in trouble.

Foster friendship to achieve results at work

While vigilant HR pros might bristle at the notion of “work friends” and office romances, cubicle camaraderie can be awfully good for morale—and, it turns out, the bottom line.

Discrimination hotline won't protect against lawsuit

Merely creating a hotline for reporting discrimination isn’t enough to protect an employer against harassment and discrimination claims.

A 10-step 'prescription' to create a happier workforce

Most employees feel stressed, doubtful about job security and less invested in their companies and careers. You can and should do something about it.
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