Absent health problems, obesity isn't ADA disability

Merely being obese is not a disability under the ADA, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Employers gain new weapon to protect their trade secrets

President Obama last month signed into law the Defend Trade Secrets Act.

A.G. Harris joins call for more predictable work schedules

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has joined attorneys general from across the nation pressing large retailers to make their employees’ schedules more predictable.

Ensure new employees aren't bound by noncompetes


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has said that a former employer may re­­ceive an injunction against a former em­­ployee who works for a competitor when the employee had signed a clear but limited agreement not to compete.

Don't let simplest error derail arbitration: Make sure agreement was signed

California employers who want to bind their workers to arbitration have to jump through a number of hoops. For one thing, you need to produce an agreement signed by the employee.

Disabled employee wants to work from home? That may be a legitimate ADA accommodation

Disabled employees with the right kind of jobs may be entitled to work from home or another remote location as a reasonable accommodation.

Abercrombie rule doesn't cover ADA bias

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court’s EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch ruling made it clear that to prevail in a Title VII discrimination case, the employee only has to show that a protected characteristic such as sex or religion was a motivating factor in an employer’s discriminatory decision.

After harassment, be careful who you transfer

If you fear for an employee’s safety after he has complained about a hostile work environment, think twice before transferring him instead of the person or people who are the source of the hostility.

Overtime law changes: News, analysis and compliance advice

The U.S. Department of Labor has now updated the rules that determine which salaried employees are exempt (not eligible for overtime pay) and which are nonexempt. Here's the full story from beginning to end, with compliance advice.

New overtime rules arrive; compliance date set

The Department of Labor's update to the Fair Labor Standards Act guarantees overtime rights for many more salaried workers.

New OT rules may catch small business by surprise

Could it be that so many were completely unaware that such a big change was on its way?

Three cases form basis of EEOC's stance on transgender bias

On May 9, North Carolina sued the U.S. Department of Justice to stop the federal government from ordering the state to set aside its Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act—the so-called transgender bathroom bill.

Time to check the FMLA poster on your bulletin board

FMLA compliance may be one of the trickiest parts of an HR pro’s job, but the law’s notification requirements are easy to deal with.

EEOC: Discrimination based on transgender status is unlawful

State and federal laws, as well as EEOC enforcement actions, provide increasingly clear guidance for employers on how to address the rights of transgender employees.
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