Injunction temporarily blocks federal contractor disclosure rule

A Texas judge has issued a preliminary injunction preventing a rule from taking effect that would have required federal contractors to inform Uncle Sam of any accusations of labor law violations lodged against them in the previous three years.

Cast out religion from your training materials

Employees generally have a great deal of latitude to exercise their religious beliefs at work. Employers generally have less.

Who needs to receive anti-harassment training in California?

Q. My business conducts mandatory sexual harassment training for our employees. Which of our employees must attend our sexual harassment training, and what formats can we use to provide these trainings?

Back to basics: Keep workplace free of sexual harassment


As illustrated by recent headlines and high-profile allegations, sexual harassment is still a high-profile issue in American workplaces.

Orchid grower faces PDA suit

The EEOC has filed a class-action suit against Dash Dreams Plants in Dos Palos, Calif., alleging the orchid grower blatantly discriminated against pregnant employees.

Feds: Employee referrals led to race bias at Palo Alto firm

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Contract Compliance Programs has filed suit against Palantir Technologies, alleging the Silicon Valley company systematically discriminated against Asian job applicants.

Harassment causes disability? You must accommodate

An employee could become so agitated that she develops an anxiety disorder that requires a reasonable accommodation—such as separating the harasser from her.

Joint employer? Limit control over workers

If you want to avoid being considered a joint employer, limit the degree of control you exert.

Warn about associational discrimination against employees who are caregivers

Make sure supervisors clearly understand that they cannot discriminate against employees who happen to associate with protected individuals such as children or other dependents with disabilities.

With new overtime rules coming, determine how bonuses fit into regular rates of pay

How you set up bonus programs can have a big impact on your overtime budget.

Job descriptions key to ADA compliance

Here’s a reminder that you must have accurate job descriptions that list essential and nonessential job functions. That’s vital for ADA compliance.

Disability: Consider job changes, extra leave

Under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, disabled employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations that can include job modifications and even additional time off to recuperate.

Two suits challenging OT rules to be heard together

A federal judge in Texas has agreed to consolidate two lawsuits challenging the Department of Labor’s authority to issue new white-collar overtime rules set to take effect Dec. 1.

Can you review I-9 documents remotely?

For each new hire, employers must verify employment eligibility by reviewing original documents in person with the employee. But what if that new hire lives and works hundreds of miles away?

Contracts should spell out at-will employment

It’s unusual, but sometimes a written offer of employment for a specific time period can overcome the usual presumption of at-will employment. Note, however, that other documents may stipulate that employment is at-will—and they will stand up in court.
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