United Nations is immune from Title VII

In a decision sought by the United States government, the Secretary General of the United Nations has been found immune from lawsuits over employment discrimination.

Philly schools settle with fired procurement director

A long-running legal battle over a no-bid security camera contract is one step closer to resolution.

Tell supervisors: No piling on work in effort to get rid of employee

Giving additional work to someone you want to get rid of can backfire, especially when the situation looks suspiciously like a set-up.

Court won't budge on 45-day bias claim deadline

Federal employees have just 45 days to file a complaint about discrimination in the workplace.

Maintain old records on past employees--they could pay off during future lawsuits

If a former employee unsuccessfully applies for a new job opening with you, your previous records can justify why you declined to rehire him or her.

Portland, Texas restaurant settles retaliation case with DOL

A Mexican restaurant outside Corpus Christi, Texas, has settled a Department of Labor lawsuit alleging it retaliated against a whistleblower employee.

Shield promotion committee from previous complaints

Make sure your promotion decisions aren’t tainted by irrelevant information—such as whether an employee has filed discrimination complaints in the past.

If you ignore whistleblowers, prepare to pay

Two employers have recently learned this lesson the hard way.

Reporting racial slurs is protected activity

A worker reporting that a supervisor used a racially charged slur is protected from retaliation.

Treat cases independently when employee being disciplined files complaint of her own

Sometimes, an employee facing discipline will fight back with allegations of her own. Handle those allegations separately from any pending disciplinary action, and be sure to carefully document each step of both processes.

Win one part of a case, lose on retaliation

In a complex case, don’t assume that because one part of the claim is clearly meritless, the whole case will go away.

She said, he said, she said: Counterclaim isn't retaliation

A federal court has refused to entertain overturning a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that says filing a counterclaim to a lawsuit or even a separate lawsuit against an employee isn’t the basis for a retaliation claim.

Employee's poor performance trumps his retaliation claim

An employee who alleges he suffered retaliation for engaging in protected activity can still lose the case even if he proves the retaliation would have dissuaded a reasonable employee from complaining in the first place.

Getting the cold shoulder after reporting discrimination doesn't add up to retaliation

Slights and on-the-job isolation are not enough for an employee to make out a case for retaliation for reporting discrimination or participating in litigation against one’s employer.

Drug testing still legal under new OSHA reporting rule

A controversial new OSHA rule cracking down on retaliation against safety whistleblowers doesn’t ban employee drug testing.
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