Just doing your job? That's not whistleblowing

If reporting wrongdoing is part of an employee’s job, then that doesn’t constitute whistleblowing.

Loose lips can lead to retaliation litigation

When an employee files a sexual harassment or discrimination complaint, ensure no one tries to make life difficult for that employee. That could lead to a retaliation lawsuit—even if the underlying complaint isn’t serious enough to support a lawsuit.

Warn supervisors: No griping about impact of employee taking FMLA leave

Supervisors need to avoid expressing frustration about a worker’s illness and its effect on operations or insurance cost. Any such criticism may be used against you should the employee have to be disciplined or discharged.

Labor Department still probing Wells Fargo

Fallout from the Wells Fargo sham account fraud continues. The scandal, which broke last fall, recently cost four senior bank executives their jobs.

Rules entrapment can be considered retaliation

If a worker files a harassment complaint and a supervisor decides to punish him by setting him up to violate a company rule, that can be retaliation. It doesn’t matter if the worker in question actually broke the rule.

Beware retaliation against whistleblowers

To protect the public from unlawful conduct, whistleblower laws make it illegal to retaliate against employees who complain to public agencies about employer actions that endanger the public or break the law.

Charges might be wrong? Beware retaliation

An employer has learned the hard way that taking draconian action against an employee who might have filed false harassment charges usually isn’t a good idea.

Snapshot - Retaliation: The most common EEOC charge

Retaliation passed race discrimination as the most common EEOC charge in 2009.

Beware triple whammy after FLSA retaliation

Employers that retaliate against employees who file Fair Labor Standards Act claims don’t just face the prospect of owing back pay, plus double that amount in liquidated damages. They also potentially face a damage award for emotional distress.

Beat retaliation suit by documenting misdeeds

Make sure you can show you disciplined an employee because of her behavior, not her complaints.

Settlement in Central Valley, Calif. harassment, retaliation case

South County Support Services and its sister company, Southwest Transportation Agency, have agreed to settle EEOC sexual harassment and retaliation charges leveled by a former employee.

Court: Schedule change can be an adverse action

Something like a schedule change that really affects an employee can be seen by a court as serious enough to warrant litigation.

2016 EEOC charges rose in all major categories

The EEOC handled 91,503 charges of workplace discrimination in fiscal year 2016, a 2.4% increase overall.

United Nations is immune from Title VII

In a decision sought by the United States government, the Secretary General of the United Nations has been found immune from lawsuits over employment discrimination.

Philly schools settle with fired procurement director

A long-running legal battle over a no-bid security camera contract is one step closer to resolution.
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