EEOC sues Murphy USA gas stations for ADA violations

Murphy Oil Corp., which operates Murphy USA gas stations typically located in Walmart parking lots in over 20 states including Minnesota, violated federal law by firing a store manager because of his disability, the EEOC charges in a recently filed lawsuit.

Sometimes, accommodating disability just isn't possible


Finding an accommodation for a disabled employee is just always possible. There may be no practical way to accommodate some disabilities. If that’s the case, termination may the only reasonable option.

ADA accommodation: There's an app for that

From creating custom keyboards to interpreting garbled phone conversations, apps can now quickly, and inexpensively, help employers accommodate disabled workers.

Consider cutting disabled worker a little slack

Sometimes, the right way to handle an otherwise dischargeable offense is with leniency.

Résumé reveals disability? How to respond

Don’t allow hiring managers to quickly sort résumés from disabled applicants into the “No” pile. It’s increasingly common, a new study shows, but decidedly unlawful.

ADA and GINA: EEOC issues regulations on wellness programs

Employee wellness programs have become increasingly popular in recent years and they are mainly regulated under two federal laws.

The ADA 'snooze' button: You may not be able to accommodate sleep apnea

Some disabilities make it difficult for employees to arrive on time. In those cases, it’s entirely possible that the disability simply can’t be accommodated.

'I'm having health problems': 7 steps for handling the interactive conversation


When faced with an employee who may have a physical or mental disability, a manager's legal antenna should go up right away. The ADA requires employers to engage in an interactive dialog with employees to determine whether a disability can be accommodated. Do it wrong, and you're probably looking at a lawsuit. Here's how to handle the conversation.

Lowe's settles disability bias claim with EEOC for $8.6M

National home-improvement chain Lowe's has settled charges it violated the ADA when it terminated employees after they exhausted the amount of leave the company permitted.

Keep careful records of all efforts to accommodate disability under the ADA

If you have provided a reasonable accommodation for an employee who has a disability, make sure you document any subsequent changes to that accommodation.

Doubtful accommodations? Let employee try anyway

Refusing to consider an ADA accommodation can spell big legal trouble. Give disabled workers a chance to prove they can do the job.

Absent health problems, obesity isn't ADA disability

Merely being obese is not a disability under the ADA, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Disabled employee wants to work from home? That may be a legitimate ADA accommodation

Disabled employees with the right kind of jobs may be entitled to work from home or another remote location as a reasonable accommodation.

Abercrombie rule doesn't cover ADA bias

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court’s EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch ruling made it clear that to prevail in a Title VII discrimination case, the employee only has to show that a protected characteristic such as sex or religion was a motivating factor in an employer’s discriminatory decision.

Flexibility makes for good accommodations--and a good strategy for winning ADA lawsuits

Employers that exercise patience and remain flexible over the long term are best positioned to win an ADA failure-to-accommodate lawsuit filed by a disabled employee.
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