$325K settlement in Visalia, Calif. ADA class action

Magnolia Health Corp. in Visalia, California, has agreed to settle charges that its policies violated the ADA.

'No pet' policy doesn't cover emotional-support animals

A Florida trucking company refused to hire a military veteran who used a service dog, citing its “no pets” policy.

Part-time work isn't always reasonable accommodation

A court has concluded that, for some jobs, full-time attendance is an essential function. When that’s the case, an employer has no obligation to create a part-time position to accommodate an employee’s disability.

Not sure employee is disabled? Accommodate and wait for clarification

There’s nothing wrong with accommodating and requesting more information at the same time.

Employee must give accommodation a chance

The employee can’t just quit and then expect to receive unemployment compensation benefits.

Philadelphia settles ADA failure-to-accommodate suit

The EEOC and the city of Philadelphia have reached a settlement concerning a disabled city sanitation worker.

No investigation? That'll be $4.5 million

Say a manager claims a subordinate broke the rules and wants him fired. Don’t just take the boss’s word for it and rubber-stamp that termination recommendation.

New hire wasn't qualified? Disability is irrelevant

A disabled worker has to prove that he would be otherwise qualified.

Granting leave may trigger 'regarded as disabled' claim

Approving leave for someone who has claimed a disability may mean you are regarding the employee as disabled. Effectively, that may mean he really is disabled for ADA purposes.

ADA accommodation can't be based on disabled employee's promise not to sue

Never condition an accommodation on the employee’s promise to drop an EEOC complaint or a threatened lawsuit.

Mental health accommodations addressed in EEOC guidance

The ADA only covers mental health conditions if they constitute disabilities, meaning they substantially limit a major life activity.

Beware individual liability for wrongful terminations under Pennsylvania state law

Under the Pennsylvania Human Rights Act, employees who are actively involved in termination decisions may be deemed personally liable for aiding and abetting violations of the law.

Document every aspect of ADA interactive accommodations process

If the employee never requested modifications to an accommodation, he won’t be able to claim later that the employer didn’t engage in the interactive process. The fault would lie with the employee.

No ADA violation if worker cannot perform the job

It’s not an ADA violation to refuse to hire someone who obviously can’t meet the physical requirements for performing a job.

Court expands ADA protection, OKs transfer away from specific location and supervisor

A federal court in California has opened the door for mentally disabled employees seeking accommodations to request a transfer away from specific locations and individuals.
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