Cut discrimination risk with audit for differing discipline

If you are about to punish a worker for poor performance, do a quick self-audit to see if other employees received similar punishment.

Manager's ageist comment isn't necessarily a kiss of death in court

It happens with disheartening frequency: A manager makes a stupid comment about an employee’s age that—in an HR pro’s worst nightmare—could lead to a nasty lawsuit.

Reporting racial slurs is protected activity

A worker reporting that a supervisor used a racially charged slur is protected from retaliation.

Think twice before firing complainer

If you have a worker who has complained about some form of discrimination, think twice before you terminate her.

Court decides 'weird' is a gender-neutral insult

Viewing someone as “weird” or unusual isn’t discriminatory if, in context, the label could apply to either sex.

New EEOC guidance addresses national origin discrimination

The EEOC has issued updated enforcement guidance on national origin discrimination, addressing Title VII’s prohibition on bias that targets employees based on their ethnic and cultural heritage.

16 new state laws California employers need to know about

A list of the most significant laws affecting private sector employers in California.

Tell supervisors: No ethnic slurs allowed, ever

If there is one thing that is never appropriate in the workplace, it is racial and ethnic slurs.

Review applications for GINA violations

If you haven’t recently reviewed your job applications and other employment-related forms, you may be risking a lawsuit.

Harassment litigation smolders at Minneapolis F.D.

One of the first women to be promoted to captain in the Minneapolis Fire Department has filed suit claiming her former superior, also a captain, sexually harassed her.

More joint employer blues for McDonald's parent company

Labor organizers claim they have named McDonald’s Corp. as a defendant in a series of sexual harassment complaints.

A short-handed Supreme Court declines one case, adds another

The employment law cases the Supreme Court refuses to hear can be almost as important as those it decides.

Subordinate's hair comment doesn't justify lawsuit

It takes more than a handful of incidents to create hostility, even if they could be viewed as offensive and not appropriate for the workplace.

Beware hasty decisions, investigate all the angles

After investigating a workplace incident but before making a final decision, consider hiring a neutral investigator to assess what really happened.

EEOC wins key round in sexual orientation discrimination suit

A federal judge handed the EEOC a preliminary win in EEOC v. Scott Medical Health Center.
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