EEOC: Take supervisor harassment seriously

The EEOC has signaled its intent to aggressively pursue harassment cases against employers—especially when the harassment is perpetrated by anyone in a supervisory role.

Warn staff: Bullying can bring criminal charges

Employees who harass and abuse co-workers—and supervisors who turn a blind eye to bullying—may end up facing jail time.

Minority cops: Minneapolis P.D. psych screening test is biased

The psychological test the Minneapolis Police Department uses to screen applicants is biased against minorities, according to some police officers.

Federal court: Minnesota law protects transgender people

A federal court has concluded that Minnesota’s sex discrimination laws include gender identity as a protected status.

To claim discrimination, worker must cite 'adverse action'--not just an upsetting one

Employees who claim their employers discriminated against them must be able to prove that they suffered some sort of action that was “adverse,” not merely uncomfortable, inconvenient or even unfair.

EEOC issues new enforcement guidance on harassment

The EEOC has issued proposed guidance on how it plans to enforce anti-harassment provisions of several federal laws.

Isolated 'leering' doesn't amount to harassment

Absent other evidence of sex discrimination, such as unequal pay or disparate treatment, a few comments or looks don’t create a sexually hostile environment.

When harassment is pervasive, chase down the root causes and fix it

Appealing to workers’ sense of decency will do nothing to prevent harassment lawsuits if that approach doesn’t effectively stop the harassment.

Huntsville, Texas Christian camp sued for bias, ADA violations

Carolina Creek Christian Camp in Huntsville, Texas faces an EEOC lawsuit alleging it retaliated against an employee for asserting her rights.

Go ahead and fix flawed system--that's not an admission of discrimination

Employers should improve their hiring and promotion systems if they discover problems that can be fixed. Doing so after an employee has filed a discrimination complaint isn’t tantamount to admitting guilt.

5th Circuit: ADEA doesn't allow damages for pain and suffering

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has concluded that employees cannot obtain “pain and suffering” awards from employers that violate the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Badgering older employee to retire backfires

Constant badgering about retirement can backfire badly, especially if a supervisor also makes potentially ageist comments about the employee’s appearance, work habits or other characteristics.

Snapshot: EEOC charges of religious bias, 2006 - 2016

Complaints of religious discrimination filed with the EEOC have increased by 50% since 2006 and 80% since 2001.

Flu shot: Erie hospital pays to settle religious bias suit

St. Vincent’s Health Center in Erie has agreed to settle charges it failed to provide a religious accommodation for six employees who refused to take influenza vaccines for religious reasons.

Misogyny alone may not support distress lawsuit

Pennsylvania courts are willing to let workers recover damages resulting from intentional infliction of emotional distress. However, the conduct must be “extreme and outrageous.”
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