Banker wins $3.5 million in sexual orientation suit

A Steele County, Minn., judge has awarded a banker $3.5 million in damages after a bank holding company ousted him after he revealed he is gay.

COBRA coverage continues even if carrier changes

Employees who elect to continue their health insurance coverage after a work separation get to maintain that coverage even if the employer switches plans.

Rudeness doesn't always equal hostile environment

Just because co-workers can be rude doesn’t mean the target of mean comments has a hostile work environment claim — especially when the comments are ambiguous, subject to interpretation and didn’t occur repeatedly.

Leave denied? Yeah, so is employee's lawsuit

Some employees want to blame anything bad that happens to them at work on discrimination. The reality is usually different.

Brace for new wave of harassment lawsuits

If the recent past is any indication, employers may soon be seeing an increase in sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits.

Dunkin' Donuts manager not so sweet to employees

A Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee in Westchester, N.Y., will pay $150,000 to several women who were sexually harassed by a former manager.

Court warns serial litigant: No more frivolous lawsuits

A federal court has warned a woman who has acted as her own attorney in a series of employment discrimination lawsuits that any further lawsuits will be scrutinized.

Check timing whenever an employee brings EEOC suit

Did a lawsuit suddenly come out of nowhere after you thought it was long dead? If so, it may be worth determining if the claim is untimely.

Ex-employee files race bias complaint against Baylor, Texas, med

A former employee of Baylor Scott & White Health, which owns hospitals throughout North and Central Texas, is suing the company, alleging that her September 2014 firing was discriminatory.

Fired 'team' member gets $20,000 PDA settlement

A home health care company called Your Health Team, based in Kaufman, Texas, didn’t show much in the way of teamwork when it fired a home health aide after learning she was pregnant.

Accommodating religion: What managers need to know

An applicant tells you she can't work nights due to her religion. Or an employee wears a headscarf to the office. How would you respond?

Live in a ban-the-box state? Beware 'name' hiring bias

So far, 24 states and more than 100 municipalities have passed laws prohibiting employers from asking applicants about their criminal records early in the hiring process.

Fired Pittsburgh TV anchor sues station for race bias

A former Pittsburgh news anchor whose social media post led to community outrage and her eventual firing is suing the TV station where she worked.

Bad bosses: Beware quid pro quo harassment

To win a quid pro quo sexual harassment case, an employee has to show that two things occurred.

For better or worse, managers set the tone

A Connecticut garment maker will pay $80,000 to settle an EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit.
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