EEOC files its first case alleging transgender bias

For the first time in its history, the EEOC has filed suit against employers alleging discrimination against transgender employees.

Bullying alone is not legitimate grounds for lawsuit--yet


Employers should, of course, always discourage bullying. It crushes employee morale and spikes turnover. But unless employees can prove they were targeted for bullying and harassment based on a protected characteristic (sex, race, age, etc.), they typically won’t have a case against an equal-opportunity screamer boss.

Employee testifies in lawsuit: That's protected activity

Goodwill Industries will pay $100,000 to settle a long-standing lawsuit for retaliation filed by the EEOC.

Focus on transgender discrimination as EEOC brings first cases

Just before the launch of Amazon's new TV series about a 70-year-old divorced father who announces to his children that he intends to transition from a man to a woman, the EEOC filed its first-ever lawsuits alleging sex discrimination against transgender individuals.

Choir director hires top attorney for gay-bias suit

A gay man who directs the choir at St. Victoria Catholic Church in Vic­­­­toria has retained the attorney who represented Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe after the athlete alleged that the team was intolerant of gays.

EEOC sues FedEx for bias against hearing-impaired staff

Shipping giant FedEx faces an EEOC lawsuit alleging that it systematically fails to accommodate deaf and hearing-impaired employees.

No touching required to support lawsuit alleging supervisor harassment


There’s flirting and then there’s sexual harassment. If the flirter is a supervisor, it’s probably sexual harassment whether or not there was any physical contact. Set a strict no-fraternization rule for supervisors and subordinates.

Older workers driving up insurance costs? That's no reason to terminate them


Because it costs more to provide health insurance for older workers, some employers may be tempted to trim their workforce of older workers during reductions in force. Or they may think twice before considering hiring an older applicant. Such actions carry considerable risk that the employee or applicant will sue for age discrimination.

Wells Fargo pays to settle Minneapolis race bias suit

The Minneapolis personal insurance office of banking giant Wells Fargo has agreed to settle an EEOC race and national origin discrimination claim.

Unemployment due after quitting for harassment

Here’s a reminder that you should not ignore complaints about workplace harassment—or promise to take action but then fail to follow through. Not only may this mean a discrimination or harassment lawsuit, but the employee could quit and qualify for unemployment compensation, too.

Same job, different office: Is that considered retaliation?

Some employees believe that anything negative that happens after filing a complaint must be retaliation. Not true.

Webinar Wisdom: Dealing with Workplace Bullying

A quick summary of a recent training webinar presented by Business Management Daily.

Beware risky suggestions about retirement


Remind your supervisors: Be careful how you approach discussing potential retirement plans with employees. As this new case shows, asking about the subject too often or in a way that’s not business-related could trigger an age discrimination lawsuit—especially if the employee loses her job soon after the discussion.

EEOC alleges home care company violated GINA

New York City-based BNV Home Care faces an EEOC lawsuit after staff members complained that the company sought extensive family health histories as part of an “employee health assessment.”

Prompt action on harassment limits your liability


How you handle a sexual harassment complaint can mean the difference between a quick lawsuit dismissal and protracted litigation. Prompt action is essential.

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