Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority settles PDA claims

The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority has agreed to settle charges it discriminated against female officers by automatically transferring them to less desirable assignments when the officers revealed they were pregnant.

Isolated, mild comments don't add up to legitimate lawsuit

Some terminated employees think that all they need to do to build a winning lawsuit is recall an offensive comment a supervisor once made. That’s not usually true.

Retire or you're fired? Prepare for age bias suit

It’s fine to offer an early retirement buyout. It’s a very bad idea to say that, if not enough older workers accept the offer, they might be fired.

Boss's affair with someone else is no basis for third party's bias or harassment suit

The fact that a supervisor may favor a subordinate with whom he is romantically linked doesn’t justify a sex discrimination or harassment lawsuit by someone who isn’t involved in the affair.

When 'continual violation' may exist, courts allow harassment claims dating back decades

Here’s something to remember if you find that an employee’s sexual harassment allegations have been swept under the rug, unresolved and ignored.

True or False: You know a lot about sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment costs workplaces hundreds of millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and legal liability. Beyond the dollar figures, companies struggle with the bad PR that comes with it, and individuals must endure the shame.

Age bias: Prepare to justify every termination

If you decide to terminate an older employee and hire a younger replacement, assume that you will be sued for age discrimination.

EEOC: Popeye's franchise wouldn't hire older veterans

A Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen franchisee in Chester County faces an EEOC lawsuit for allegedly refusing to hire three applicants because of their age.

State Office of Open Records accused of age discrimination

An attorney with long experience working for Pennsylvania state agencies has filed an EEOC complaint alleging that the state’s Office of Open Records refused to hire him because of his age.

Scranton prof sues, says he lost tenure for being Greek

A former professor at the University of Scranton has sued the university claiming it denied him tenure and fired him because of his Greek heritage.

Austin employee promoted, files race bias suit anyway

Employees who get promotions generally don’t sue their employers, but an administrative specialist for the city of Austin, Texas, has done just that.

What can I do about employee whose volunteer firefighting duties interfere with work?


Q. One of my employees is a volunteer firefighter. Although I believe that volunteering is important, his absences to respond to emergencies have disrupted workplace productivity. Can I replace him or stop him from being absent from work?

Review your own 'playbook' on alcoholism, accommodations

2015 saw much media attention focused on the activities of coaches and players off the field—for the wrong reasons.

Lake County, Calif., prison guard files bias suit over demotion

A Lake County corrections officer claims the county discriminated against him because of his race when it demoted him after an inmate was injured and later died.

Train managers on job protections for employees who are victims of domestic abuse

Some California employees who are victims of domestic violence have limited job protection when they need time off for treatment, court dates or other related events.
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