Granting religious accommodations, preventing bias claims

An employer may face litigation either for failing to promptly respond to a discrimination claim or for overreacting to one.

Equal discipline key to survive sex bias claims

Employers rarely lose sex discrimination lawsuits if they can show that everyone who broke the same rule received the same punishment.

Actions that make employees feel bad aren't necessarily 'adverse' under the law

Employees who claim their employers discriminated against them must show that the alleged action was “adverse,” not merely uncomfortable, inconvenient or even unfair.

Court: Participation in training doesn't establish pay for EPA purposes

Participating in a training program doesn’t mean an employee can win an Equal Pay Act claim by arguing some participants—who essentially undergo very similar training—are paid more for comparable work.

Never tolerate talk of sexual violence

If anyone—a rank-and-file employee, a supervisor or even the CEO—makes comments suggesting sexual harassment or the possibility of sexual assault, crack down quickly.

Is that really harassment--or a domestic dispute?

Private disputes tha spill into the workplace can spell trouble if discord spirals out of control.

Don't tolerate harassment just because you have a male-dominated culture

While “locker room” talk may have been in the news lately, that doesn’t mean women have to put up with it.

Female attorney in Wayne, Pa., claims pay discrimination

A former female partner at the Saltz Matkov law firm in Wayne, Pa., alleges two male partners conspired to pay her less than they earned.

Lack of qualifications will sink bias lawsuit

If it turns out that an employee who is suing you for bias was, in hindsight, unqualified for the job, count your blessings!

Court won't budge on 45-day bias claim deadline

Federal employees have just 45 days to file a complaint about discrimination in the workplace.

In contentious times, reaffirm your commitment to diversity

Now is a good time to consider taking steps to reinforce your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Is that harassment, or just obnoxious bullying?

Not every unpleasant workplace incident is grounds for a lawsuit.

A kiss is not just a kiss when it's from the boss, and women don't have to tolerate it

Female employees don’t have to put up with workplace behavior that makes them uncomfortable under the pretense of a supervisor being friendly and welcoming.

Foreman allegedly threatened black workers with gun, noose

J.L. Schwieters faces charges it failed to investigate and stop severe racial harassment that a supervisor allegedly directed at two black carpenters.

Good records help win discrimination cases

Employers that keep good records seldom lose when an employee claims he was fired for discriminatory reasons.
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