Northwest Title ordered to pay $107k in back wages

An administrative law judge has ordered Northwest Title, located in White Bear Lake, Minn., to pay two employees $107,893 in back wages and fringe benefits.

Surly tip pool violated state wage-and-hour law

A Hennepin County District Judge has sided with a former bartender at the Surly Brewing Co. in Minneapolis in a dispute over the company’s tip pooling practices.

Give contractors plenty of leeway, so it's clear they are truly independent

If you plan on using independent contractors to get work done, be sure to grant those workers a great deal of autonomy and freedom to do their work as they see fit. The less effort you make to control how and when they do their jobs, the better off you are.

Reading Market, Pa. businesses settle overtime violations

Two iconic businesses at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia have agreed to pay $660,117 in back wages and liquidated damages to 140 employees who alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

House bill introduced to clarify joint-employer relationships

The contentious issue of joint employment—in which two or more entities may be considered equally liable for employment law and labor law violations—will gain some clarity if bipartisan legislation introduced in the House of Representatives July 27 is enacted.

DOL formally starts process of revising OT rule

With the July 26 release of what’s known as a request for information, the U.S. Department of Labor officially began a new effort to rewrite the rules that determine which exempt employees qualify for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a workweek.

Take control of hourly abuse! Just banning off-the-clock work isn't enough

If you’re like most employers, you want to control who works overtime and when they do it. You no doubt have a sternly worded policy addressing the issue in your handbook. But a strong policy is only half the battle.

Get out your calculator to ensure bonuses comply with FLSA

Under the FLSA, purely “discretionary” bonuses do not need to be included when calculating the regular rate. “Nondiscretionary” bonuses, however, must be included.

Changing nature of work affects seaman classification

Generally, seamen aren’t covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime provisions. However, it’s not as simple as one might think to decide who should be classified as a seaman.

Be on the lookout! Class-action participants may decide to file individual suits, too

Ignoring notice about that case may put you on the losing end of a default judgment—or a second round of litigation.

Employees and contractors do same work? Be prepared to justify classifications

Here’s a warning for employers that have regular employees and independent contractors who perform the same kind of work: If you pay the employees overtime when they work more than 40 hours in a workweek while contractors only receive straight time, you may end up facing a Fair Labor Standards Act class-action lawsuit.

Carefully analyze FLSA categories to make correct exempt/nonexempt call

The Fair Labor Standards Act is now almost a century old. What hasn’t changed is the simple fact that trying to figure out the exempt or nonexempt status of a position requires applying the definitions of each exemption to the actual day-to-day work being done.

Administration begins new OT rules process

A “request for information” issued June 27 by the U.S. Department of Labor marks the first step in what could be many more months of wrangling over how much white-collar workers must earn before they’re no longer eligible for overtime pay.

DOL on overtime rule: We could defend but don't really want to

The Department of Labor has made what may be its last move in the abortive rulemaking process that would have raised the white-collar overtime salary threshold.

Overtime suit filed by Puff Daddy's former chef

The former personal chef to rap star Sean Combs alleges that she was not paid overtime she was entitled to receive.
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