Attorneys advise go-slow approach after overtime rules injunction

With the new overtime rules now blocked, what might happen next?

OT rules on hold: What might happen next?

If the overtime rules aren’t upheld by January 20, they are likely dead in their current form.

New overtime rules blocked, won't take effect on Dec. 1

An injunction throws into confusion months of employer planning to implement the new Fair Labor Standards Act rules.

CBO judges effect of overtime rule reversal

The Congressional Budget Office is making the argument that employees who thought they were about to become eligible for overtime pay on Dec. 1 will ultimately be better off without it.

DOL auditor on the way? Here's what to do

Once you’ve been notified that an auditor is coming, get prepared by conducting your own audit.

Beware time systems that automatically clock out

Be careful of timekeeping methods that automatically clock workers out at the end of the shift.

Trump wins: What's that mean for the American workplace?

Tuesday's shocking election of Donald Trump means America has elected an entirely new agenda for workplace and employment issues.

OK to pay salary to nonexempt employees

When a salaried employee works a different schedule, you must make sure your system captures the deviation and adjusts the paycheck accordingly.

Hospitality, food service draw the most FLSA lawsuits

The hospitality and food service industries have been the most frequent targets of U.S. Department of Labor wage-and-hour lawsuits since 1985.

Beware poor agreements that compromise contractor status

Such an agreement can be the kiss of death if it's anything like one recently reviewed by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Unpaid intern may be an employee under Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has concluded that the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act may include an unpaid intern as a covered employee under the act.

New OT rules: Determine how bonuses fit into regular rates of pay

How you set up bonus programs can have a big impact on your overtime budget.

Two suits challenging OT rules to be heard together

A federal judge in Texas has agreed to consolidate two lawsuits challenging the Department of Labor’s authority to issue new white-collar overtime rules set to take effect Dec. 1.

When must you pay for employee training?

If you offer extra off-duty training to your hourly employees, pay extra attention to the rules that explain when those hours must be “paid time.”

Etsy proposes new kind of employment status

Etsy.com recently went to Washington to urge changes to how artisans, entrepreneurs and other independent workers are treated.
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