With new rules on hold, a refresher on white-collar overtime

With the new overtime rules most likely dead for the foreseeable future, let’s review the overtime rules that remain in effect, as they have been since 2004.

Trend watch: Could contractors get benefits?

The state of New York may be about to consider legislation that would create a system of “portable” benefits that would give independent contractors some of the advantages employees have.

NY labor law 2017: Exempt salaries, past pay, police liability

This month brings timely reminders for busy employers that may have missed important new announcements.

Nursing homes misclassified staff, owe $2M in back pay

Grand Healthcare System, headquartered in Queens, will pay $2,006,796  to 844 employees in five locations after the company improperly classified the employees as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Banquet hall dishes more than $300K in back pay, penalties

An Indian restaurant and banquet hall in Garden City, N.Y., will pay $285,800 in back wages and liquidated damages to 24 workers to resolve allegations it violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Buffalo gas stations to pump $84K into employees' pockets

The owner of three Buffalo area gas stations will pay $84,000 in back pay to 41 employees.

Start 2017 with updated job descriptions

Are all your employees performing the same tasks as when they were hired? Probably not.

Remind bosses they can be liable for pay violations

Remind supervisors that under the law, they can be held personally liable for wage-and-hour violations.

Tango Bakery can't dance around OT requirements

The Department of Labor alleges that Tango Bakery’s owners failed to pay 20 workers $75,218 in overtime pay.

Life Time Fitness pays $976k in back pay in 26 states

Chanhassan, Minn.-based Life Time Fitness will pay nearly a million dollars in back pay and liquidated damages to resolve charges it violated the Fair Labor Stan­d­­ards Act at fitness centers nationwide.

5th Circuit to hear expedited overtime appeal

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to an Obama administration request to fast-track an appeal of a federal judge’s injunction preventing new overtime rules from taking effect.

Houston strippers to receive $1.1 million for pay violations

The owners of four adult entertainment clubs in Houston will pay more than $1 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed against them by some of their dancers.

Even very small employers are probably covered by Fair Labor Standards Act

Any employer that does at least $500,000 worth of business is probably covered by the Fair Labor Standards Aact.

Strip club's stage lease doesn't stop wage lawsuit

An exotic dancer at Philadelphia’s Gold Club can sue under the Fair Labor Standards Act, following a ruling by a federal appeals court panel.

Obama's DOL going out in wage-and-hour blaze of glory

In just one week, the Department of Labor secured judgments or negotiated settlements worth $2.2 million.
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