Overtime law changes: News, analysis and compliance advice

The U.S. Department of Labor has now updated the rules that determine which salaried employees are exempt (not eligible for overtime pay) and which are nonexempt. Here's the full story from beginning to end, with compliance advice.

New overtime rules arrive; compliance date set

The Department of Labor's update to the Fair Labor Standards Act guarantees overtime rights for many more salaried workers.

New OT rules may catch small business by surprise

Could it be that so many were completely unaware that such a big change was on its way?

HR firm pays for basic wage-and-hour mistake

A California HR outsourcing firm must pay more than $1 million in back overtime wages to hundreds of employees after a U.S. Department of Labor investigation found widespread Fair Labor Standards Act violations.

Self-audit checklist for administrative exemption


So here we are at the beginning of May. Sooner (or maybe later) the Department of Labor will release its long awaited regulations increasing the weekly amount employees must earn to be exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Last week, we offered a checklist you could use to review the status of your executives. This week, we’re offering a checklist you can use to test the status of your administrative employees.

PO'd telemarketers get relief on bathroom breaks

A telemarketing company will have to pay $1.75 million to 6,000 employees after a federal judge ruled the company’s policy of making employees clock out to go to the bathroom violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Intra- or interstate? It matters for OT suit

Drivers who deliver merchandise via interstate commerce aren’t covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, but by the Motor Carrier Act.

WHD crushes SoCal recycler with double damages

An Orange County recycler will pay 15 workers $200,378 in back wages and damages after a U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation uncovered numerous Fair Labor Standard Act violations.

FLSA settlement can include nondisparagement clause

Employers can prevent an employee who receives an FLSA settlement from badmouthing them by including a nondisparagement clause in the settlement agreement.

DOL cracking down on exempt salary fraud

Ahead of the soon-to-be released white-collar overtime rule overhaul, the Department of Labor has begun pursuing employers that abuse the exempt classification system.

Bill would theoretically overturn new overtime rule

Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced legislation to overrule the Department of Labor’s impending rewrite of the rule governing overtime pay for white-collar workers.

White-collar OT rule likely in effect by summer

The Department of Labor has forwarded its final rule overhauling white-collar overtime to the Office of Management and Budget for review, starting the countdown clock toward possible full implementation by mid-summer.

Weigh 5 options for dealing with new white-collar overtime rules

With new Department of Labor rules on overtime pay for exempt employees coming in July, employers are scrambling to figure out how to minimize the impact.

Size matters for wage-and-hour compliance: Tiny business may be exempt from FLSA

Every business is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, right? Wrong!
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