With new overtime rules coming, determine how bonuses fit into regular rates of pay

How you set up bonus programs can have a big impact on your overtime budget.

Two suits challenging OT rules to be heard together

A federal judge in Texas has agreed to consolidate two lawsuits challenging the Department of Labor’s authority to issue new white-collar overtime rules set to take effect Dec. 1.

When must you pay for employee training?

If you offer extra off-duty training to your hourly employees, pay extra attention to the rules that explain when those hours must be “paid time.”

Etsy proposes new kind of employment status

Etsy.com recently went to Washington to urge changes to how artisans, entrepreneurs and other independent workers are treated.

Walmart managers get raises to exceed OT salary threshold

Walmart is giving thousands of assistant managers a pay bump in advance of new overtime rules requiring overtime pay for employees who work more than 40 hours per week and make less than $47,476 per year.

Emergency injunctions sought to stop new OT rules

Plaintiffs in two lawsuits challenging the Department of Labor’s new overtime rules have asked a federal judge in East Texas to issue expedited injunctions preventing the rules from taking effect Dec. 1.

Beware overtime issues when calculating FMLA eligibility

When an employee requests leave for family care, medical, parenting or military emergencies, the first thing an employer should do is to determine if the leave qualifies as time off under the FMLA.

Motor Carrier Act limits OT for interstate truckers

Generally, truck drivers who engage in interstate commerce are covered by the Motor Carrier Act rather than the Fair Labor Standards Act as far as compensation and working conditions are concerned.

Union accepted practice? That kills FLSA claim

In a rare case showing that there may be some benefit to having a unionized workplace, a court has refused to consider whether employees should be paid for time spent putting on and taking off protective clothing.

NYC beauty supply stores must make up back wages

Three New York City beauty supply companies have agreed to pay $218,000 to 16 employees who the Department of Labor determined were cheated out of overtime pay.

3rd Circuit: 'Donning and doffing' counts toward OT

Chemicals giant Dupont must pay overtime to workers whose workweek exceeds 40 hours because of time spent putting on and taking off protective gear.

It's time to update three workplace posters

Regulators see workplace posters as vital, legal documents; and employers who fail to update them may face fines.

Unless you're a church, beware religious training

Think twice before requiring workers to participate in religiously oriented training. It may violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

House votes to delay OT rules

The House of Representatives voted 246 – 177 on Sept. 28 to delay by six months implementation of new Department of Labor overtime rules that are set to take effect Dec. 1.

How to compute overtime in unusual situations

With the new white-collar overtime rules going into effect Dec. 1, now is a good time to review the OT basics.
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