Quickie union elections get quicker with e-signature OK

Unions no longer need to collect employees’ handwritten signatures on authorization cards before they file an election petition.

NLRB supports free expression, condemns lying about it

An employee at Fresenius Manu-facturing in Chester, N.Y., was fired for writing comments on union newsletters and then lying about doing so during a company investigation.

NLRB: No hiring preference for crossing picket line

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Dresser-Rand Co., located near Corning, N.Y., violated the National Labor Relations Act when it reinstated workers who crossed the picket line before it hired back those who stayed on strike during labor unrest at the plant.

Business, employment lawyers react to Browning-Ferris decision

The National Labor Relations Board’s Aug. 27 decision in Browning-Ferris, which redefined the concept of “joint employer,” sparked lots of buzz in the legal and business worlds. Here's a sampling.

Who's the boss? NLRB rules on joint employers

The National Labor Relations Board on Aug. 27 scrapped decades of precedent with a decision that greatly expanded the definition of a “joint employer” to include entities that exert even indirect control over another organization’s employees.

San Diego hospital must pay union's negotiating expenses

A federal court has affirmed a National Labor Relations Board ruling that Fallbrook Hospital in San Diego County is liable for the California Nurses Association’s negotiating expenses because the company negotiated in bad faith.

NLRB McDonald's ruling paves way to redefine 'joint employer'

A narrow procedural decision by the National Labor Relations Board may be one more sign of a coming change in the definition of “joint employer” and its effect on employers and their business partners.

Unions hit the gas: New 'ambush' rules cause spike in elections

On April 14, the National Labor Relations Board dramatically shortened the election periods for union campaigns. You may have been able to predict the result ...

NLRB forces bakery to rehire workers, pay back wages

Omaha, Nebraska-based Skinner Bakery will rehire six workers and pay more than $112,000 in back pay at its Paris, Texas, facility following a National Labor Relations Board ruling.

Court upholds new NLRB rules on elections

A new NLRB rule that will make it easier for unions to organize a work site has been upheld as a valid exercise of the NLRB’s regulatory authority.

NLRB: It's OK to F-bomb the boss on Facebook

The NLRB has ordered an employer to reinstate an employee who was fired for posting an obscenity-laden rant about his supervisor on Facebook.

Police union election offers lessons for employers

The highly publicized battle for the leadership of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis offers lessons for all employers with unionized workforces.

Has the decline of organized labor been mostly good or bad?

Only 11.1% of Americans belonged to a labor union in 2013, down from 20.1% in 1983 and an all-time high of 34.8% in 1954.

NLRB rules against Pennsylvania-American Water

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Pennsylvania-American Water Co. violated the National Labor Relations Act when it disciplined two Pittsburgh-area workers for refusing to cross a picket line. The board also censured the company for removing a union letter from a bulletin board.

House, Senate bills would short-circuit NLRB 'ambush' elections

On the day new National Labor Relations Board rules took effect, dramatically speeding up the union election process, members of both houses of Congress introduced legislation to slow it back down.
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