Sample Policy: Job Postings

If you want employees to apply for job openings that may occur, you need a policy explaining your process.

Good news and bad news: Workers are back

The latest government statistics show that unemployment is falling as the economy recovers. It’s a trend that both helps and hurts employers.

10 hottest jobs for 2016

If you plan to hire nurses, software developers or marketing managers next year, prepare to up your advertising budget. Those positions top the hot jobs list compiled by employment research firm Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.

Résumé reveals disability? How to respond

Don’t allow hiring managers to quickly sort résumés from disabled applicants into the “No” pile. It’s an increasingly popular practice, a new study shows, but decidedly unlawful.

Essential job skills list is a lawsuit shield


Here’s a tip that can help you streamline the hiring process if you reasonably believe you will have a large number of applicants. Instead of listing preferred qualifications, include a longer list of required ones. That way, you should be able to whittle down the applicant list to those candidates closest to your ideal candidates.

6 ways to cut legal risk of employee-referral programs

Employee-referral programs can be a reliable, inexpensive way to find great talent. But you probably don’t realize that they carry a hidden legal risk, too.

Are employer 'LinkedIn parties' legal?

Employee groups have recently raised questions about a new employer tactic to gather names and contact information for potential job prospects.

Social media becomes recruiting 'game-changer'

According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 65% of employers have hired an employee who was sourced through such sites as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Texas places second in U.S. for private-sector job growth

July was a good month for job creation in Texas, according to the ADP Regional Employment Report.

Pittsburgh makes list of top 25 cities for jobs

Pittsburgh snuck in just under the wire, snagging the 24th spot on’s list of the top 25 metropolitan areas in the country for jobs. The employment website based its annual rankings on hiring opportunity, affordability and job satisfaction.

Got an ideal age range for jobs? Scrap it now

Remind your hiring managers that qualifications, not age, is the only way to judge applicants. Never set age ranges for a job.

Résumé ridiculousness: Ixnay on the ornpay inkslay

Every spring, CareerBuilder surveys hiring managers about the state of the résumés they receive and also asks them to forward the best résumé blunders they have seen. Here we go ...

Two California metros make Glassdoor's top cities list

California cities fared well in a recent study of the top 25 metropolitan areas in the country for jobs.

It took 50 years: Percentage of female execs, managers quadruples

In the mid-1960s, when the EEOC was born, women held fewer than 10% of all executive, senior management and middle management jobs. Now it’s up to almost 40%.

Electronic trouble: Subscription-based hiring software carries defamation risk

Do you use software for hiring employees that shares candidates’ basic information with other employer-subscribers? If that software also allows you to mark candidates or former employees as not eligible for hire, be aware that doing so may subject you to defamation claims. That’s what one major bank just learned.
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