Cigarette giant to ban employees from smoking in most areas

Starting Jan. 1, employees of the company that makes Camel and Pall Mall cigarettes will not be allowed to smoke at work.

Turn your next meeting into a walkabout

Sitting around a conference table feels nice, but there might be a better way to get creative results.

It's just what I always wanted! The season's most unusual office gifts

There’s no party like a workplace holiday party, because workplace holiday parties … can be awkward. CareerBuilder’s annual holiday survey asked workers to share the most unusual gifts they’ve received from a co-worker during the holiday season.

How to draw the line between boss and friend

The best managers walk a fine line by earning the respect of their team without going overboard and befriending everyone. Here’s how you can strike the proper balance.

5 elements of a social media policy that works

While social media can improve an organization’s image and communication, it can also present risks to companies that don’t have a clear policy defining how employees may use it.

NLRB says employees can use company email to discuss pay, union organizing


If your organization has a blanket policy that prohibits workers from using the organization’s email for personal matters, it’s time to revise it. The National Labor Relations Board ruled that employees have the right to use their employer’s email system (during off-duty time) to engage in legally protected communications, including discussing wages and even organizing a union.

Americans have 2½ hours for leisure each day

The average American spends more than 16 hours either working or sleeping, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s American Time Use Survey.

Fast lane to legal liability: Require employees to use their cars for work


Do you sometimes require em­­ployees to use their personal cars during the workday for job-related tasks like going on appointments, making banking runs or other errands? You’re risking liability if the em­­ployee is in an accident and a jury decides he was negligent.

7 tips for running productive meetings that get things done

Too many meetings start late, run long and don’t achieve much. Try these tips for running productive meetings that accomplish your objectives.

Disaster and pandemic planning for employers: A primer

Having even a basic plan in place will help if and when the unthinkable strikes.

Employee is returning from Nigeria: Can we request she stay out of the office for 21 days?

Q. We have an employee traveling to Nigeria for a family gathering. Even though Nigeria is Ebola-free at this time, we are considering requesting that she stay out of the office for 21 days upon return to eliminate panic among employees. Due to the nature of her job, she cannot work from home. Do we legally need to pay her for this time?

DOL's new Web hub highlights accessibility tools for disabled

U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) has launched, a Web portal designed to help employers adopt technology allowing disabled people to participate fully in the workplace.

Webinar Wisdom: HR and Injury Management - 'I've Fallen and I Won't Get Up!'

A quick summary of a recent training webinar hosted by Business Management Daily.

Unpacking the unemployment rate

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzed the nation’s 5.9% unemployment rate in October, here’s how people described their situations.

7 tips: How to prepare for senior-level executive briefings

At some point during your career, you’ll be invited to brief senior-level executives (or a board of directors) on your HR team’s initiatives and activities. Here’s how to make a favorable impression before this tough crowd.
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