Sitting is the new standing: Let workers cool their heels

The California Supreme Court ruled that employers must provide a seat for staff who usually stand during the workday, if the work could reasonably be done while sitting.

3 tips to turn line managers into your best project allies

When you want to gain approval for a new HR initiative, enlist a network of line-management allies to champion your case. It’s one of the best ways to fast-track your new program—and enhance HR’s stature within your organization.

3 ways to ease the transition from worker to supervisor

It’s the familiar “bud to boss” problem. When exemplary employees are rewarded with promotion into the management ranks, it’s easy to forget that new supervisors don’t have the same background as others who have always worked on the boss side of things.

How to spot 7 common errors on legal bills

If part of your job involves dealing with outside employment law attorneys and reviewing their invoices, know what kind of overcharges to look for.

Know your workforce: Americans living in multigenerational households

One in five of your employees may be helping to support a household that includes grandparents, grandchildren or both.

Make sure arbitration agreements are fair, clearly written and easy to understand

Arbitration agreements are enforceable in California only if they are conscionable. Courts are likely to uphold arbitration agreements written in plain language that is easy for employees to understand.

Backdoor computer access is a federal crime!

Remind employees that attempting to access computer records after they terminate employment may land them in prison—even if they do so with the willing assistance of a current employee.

High- and low-wage jobs to grow most over 5 years


The U.S. economy is expected to add 7,232,517 jobs over the next five years—a 5% increase—but a new study from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. shows that workers in middle-wage jobs may not find as many opportunities.

Ensuring workplace safety with protective orders


A disgruntled employee is fired for poor performance.What happens when, on the way out, he threatens his manager and co-workers?

Snapshot: Responding to workplace violence risks

Mass shootings and terrorism have employers on high alert. Here’s what they say they’re doing to prevent workplace violence.

Made an HR mistake? Go ahead and fix it

Everyone makes mistakes. If you discover you messed up, don’t hesitate to fix the error. You’ll look better in the eyes of a judge should you wind up in court.

SHRM survey: HR pros have career confidence

Confidence in the HR profession has risen, with early-career professionals reporting the most optimism about job security and job prospects, according to the 2016 HR Jobs Pulse Survey released last month by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Deal with health care cyber-attacks, data security & government audits


The costs involved are growing ... but the consequences of not spending are brutal.

Ensure lack of clarity doesn't cause liability

Rules that are unclear, vague or poorly worded can spell trouble if they end up being applied differently to some employees and not others. That’s one reason you should pay careful attention to the language in your policies.

Mission to Venus: OSHA probe finds multiple violations


OSHA inspectors staging a spot inspection at K-T Galvanizing Co. in the Dallas-Fort Worth-area town of Venus found 13 serious violations of workplace safety and health regulations.

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