Holidays 2016: When will employers shut their doors?

While the federal government will shut down on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, only 35% of private employers plan to do the same, according to a new Society for Human Resource Management Holiday Schedules 2016 survey.

HR budgets returning to pre-recession levels

The typical HR department saw its budget rise by 4.2% this year. That’s a slight rise from the past three years, when budget increases ran from 3.6% to 3.9%, but well up from the 2009-2011 recession levels, according to the newly released HR Department Benchmarks and Analysis report from Bloomberg BNA.

Scrutiny of arbitration agreements on the rise

If you require employees to sign arbitration agreements as a condition of employment, expect more questions from them in light of recent media attention.

OSHA fines to spike by 80%; first increase since 1990

For the first time in 25 years, employers hit by federal workplace safety violations will see an increase in financial penalties, thanks to a little-noticed provision tucked into a budget bill signed by President Obama on Nov. 2.

HR data security in the spotlight

Don't let your employees’ information become the target of the next high-profile data breach. Here's what you should know before contracting with a cloud vendor.

The HR I.Q. Test: November '15

Here's your monthly quiz on HR trends and issues.

Download a new guide explaining OSHA training standards

OSHA has released a new guide spelling out the occupational safety and health training employers must provide to workers.

What to do when your boss makes a bone-headed decision

Going against the boss is never easy, but in rare circumstances it’s necessary. Some misguided edicts from on high require someone to speak truth to power. On the other hand, you shouldn’t call attention to every little mistake you notice. Apply these three tests to determine when to speak up against your boss.

Sometimes you're justified to order mental exam

As long as you can show a business necessity for asking an employee to undergo a mental examination, there’s no ADA or Fair Employment and Housing Act liability. Erratic, insubordinate behavior that continues after a request to stop is a good business reason.

What are the most overrated (and underrated) jobs in America?


You don't see many TV shows or movies about HR professionals or environmental engineers, but according to a new survey, those are some of the most underrated professions in America today. Here's the list of most "overrated" and "underrated" jobs of 2015 ...

Encourage employees to get flu shots early

Forty-five percent of employees who get sick with the flu believe they caught it from someone at work, according to the medical journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases.” It’s a timely reminder that influenza season will soon be upon us, and that it’s not too early to urge employees to get flu shots.

Nip harassment suits in the bud: Establish clear system for lodging complaints


Employers that create and implement clear, well-publicized policies for reporting sexual and other forms of harassment can defeat many co-worker harassment claims. The key is to come up with a specific process featuring more than one avenue through which employees can complain. Then let employees know it’s there for their use.

Broad consensus on need to improve workforce readiness

Even in an era when political discourse is perpetually polarized, almost 90% of Americans agree that the federal government should do more to bolster the capabilities of U.S. workers.

Fired for gun in trunk: Can employee sue?

A court is about to tackle a tricky issue: Does a state law authorizing employees who park in company lots to keep guns locked in their trunks also create a right to sue if the employee is fired for gun possession?

The HR I.Q. Test: October '15

Here's your monthly quiz on HR trends and issues.
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