OSHA postpones rule on electronic injury reporting

OSHA won’t start posting employers’ injury reports on the web on July 1, as originally planned when a controversial rule was finalized last year.

Hiring, pay soars for recent college graduates

The Class of '17 is hitting the job market at the right time. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 74% of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year, up from 67% last year and the highest outlook since 2007.

Snapshot: Most don't let work email follow them home

Only 27% of employees responding to a recent poll said they frequently check their work email outside regular
working hours.

Report: State and local legislative changes led 85% of employers to update their policies in 2016

State/local law changes caused a full 85% of employers to update their policies or handbooks in 2016 and 54% to provide additional employee training.

EEOC weighs in: Most sexual harassment training doesn't work

The EEOC receives over 30,000 harassment complaints each year, and that may just be the tip of the iceberg. One EEOC-com­­missioned survey found that three out of four employees who experience harassment never complain through their employer’s established channels.

31% of employers to spend more on training

Nearly one-third (31%) of CFOs in a Robert Half Management Resources survey report their company’s training or professional development budget is higher this year than last.

Employee doesn't have to follow every step in your harassment complaint procedure

Don’t think setting up a multiple-path complaint process lets you off the hook. Even if an employee neglects to take her complaint “up the organization chart,” you are still responsible for stopping harassment that you find out about.

Compared to other nations, U.S. female leadership lags

The United States continues to trail much of the world when it comes to the proportion of women in senior business roles.

SHRM survey: Employee satisfaction remains high

Almost nine out of 10 employees said they were satisfied overall with their jobs—with 38% “very satisfied” and 51% “somewhat satisfied.”

Snapshot: No love for the leaders

Half of Americans rate the reputations of today’s CEOs and corporate leaders as “bad.”

How do we comply with California's human trafficking notice law?

Q. I own a truck stop. Do I have notice-posting obligations regarding human trafficking under state law? If so, how do I comply?

Health workplace violence prevention rules take effect

New regulations designed to reduce workplace violence in California health care facilities took effect April 1.

New law makes it easier to drug test UC recipients

In late March, President Trump signed into law a bill that will allow states to drug test recipients of unemployment benefits under certain circumstances.

At OSHA, more assistance, less enforcement

Saying that strict OSHA safety regulations make it “impossible to build anything,” President Trump has already begun rolling back workplace safety rules.

Wells Fargo just keeps teaching legal lessons

Banking giant Wells Fargo can’t stay out of the news. First came an infamous case of fraud. Now OSHA has taken aim at the bank.
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