New procedures signal OSHA crack down on unreported injuries

The Occu­pational Safety and Health Administration has  issued new procedures for enforcing revised injury and illness reporting requirements.

Make sure employee handbook includes at-will disclaimer

Retain the right to terminate by ensuring that all materials include a clear at-will employment statement.

Get the most out of your next HR conference

The work you do before a conference is often as important as what you do once you get there.

California Supreme Court ruling brings clarity to arbitration agreements

Decision provides much needed clarity and flexibility to employers implementing arbitration agreements in California.

Help newlyweds make new names official


June is wedding month, which means name changes for brides who take their husbands’ names and couples who hyphenate their new names. When newlyweds return from their honeymoons, they may form a line outside HR ...

Who is most likely to receive training?

Government employees, educators and nonprofit workers are far more likely to have experienced workplace training in the last year.

Alcohol in accounting: Can we insist on testing for possibly intoxicated employee?

Q. We have an employee in our accounting department who, a few times over the past month, has come to work smelling of alcohol and displaying signs of intoxication. For several years this employee was a solid performer, but lately she’s missing deadlines and has been somewhat belligerent to co-workers. We are worried about her health, of course, but also her performance and any potential liability related to her conduct while she’s under the influence. When asked by co-workers, this employee has denied having a drinking problem or being intoxicated at work. Since she’s in denial, can we ask her to submit to a test for alcohol the next time she appears to be intoxicated at work?

Why employees steal, and how to handle it

It can be as small as office supplies or as big as an embezzlement scheme, but your employees are likely stealing something from your company.

How much can you restrict off-duty conduct?

Regulating workers' off-duty activites is a slippery slope that can land you in deep legal waters.

Job search during work hours? Shut it down

It happens all the time: A supervisor gets wind that one of her employees is looking for a new job—on company time!

4 ways to ruin a performance evaluation

Help your organization’s supervisors provide better reviews by warning them away from these common mistakes.

OSHA update: Hazard alerts, silica rule and other priorities

Here are some of the highlights from the OSHA head's chat with the oil and gas servicing industry.

The HR I.Q. Test: April '16

Here's your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

How to comply with new DOL rules on anti-union 'persuaders'


A new Department of Labor rule will limit employers’ ability to use “persuaders” to convince workers to resist union organizing efforts, critics say.

Online shopping doesn't bar unemployment comp

Are your workplace rules on Internet usage vague? Then firing an employee for shopping online or other wasted time may not bar unemployment compensation benefits in Pennsylvania.
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