Are departing employees legally allowed to demand a copy of their personnel files?

Q. If an employee is leaving the company and they request to take with them a copy of their complete personnel file, do they have the right to receive it? If so, does that include all records from their separate medical file and any confidential files?

Proposed law would ban cellphone use while driving in Minn.

The Minnesota state legislature is considering outlawing virtually all cellphone use behind the wheel.

Be prepared to explain deviation from rules

Your own rules can be used against you if you don’t follow them.

Comprehensive employee handbook is your best tool to beat unemployment claims

There’s a way to avoid being liable for unemployment compensation benefits when you terminate an employee for misconduct: Convincingly show that the employee knew all about the rules he violated but still didn’t follow them.

'My boss adopted me': The 10 strangest work-related dreams

Even when employees are sleeping, they can’t seem to leave work behind.

Is a college degree the new high school diploma?

Forty-one percent of U.S. employers say they’re hiring college-educated workers for positions that had been primarily held by those with high school degrees.

Labor market tightens; jobless claims near 44-year low

Initial unemployment claims last month dropped to their lowest level since March 1973.

83% of women postponing kids to focus on careers

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … delayed family plans?

Snapshot: Health costs up how much?

Health care costs rose an average of 11% for U.S. employers in 2017.

Keep injury summary posted through April 30

OSHA is reminding employers of their obligation to post OSHA Form 300A, which summarizes their 2016 job-related injuries and illnesses.

Update on OSHA's new injury and illness reporting rule

Late last year, OSHA made sweeping changes to its injury and illness reporting rule.

Snapshot: U.S. students only slightly above average

The United States ranks solidly in the middle of the pack among 72 nations rated in the latest Program for International Student Assessment.

What should happen if employee uses company credit card for personal purchases?

Q. Several of our employees have been issued company credit cards, intended to be used for company-related business only. However, one employee has occasionally used his card for personal purchases. Each time he has reimbursed the company for his personal purchases over the course of several months. Naturally, we are uncomfortable with this practice. What should we do?

You're the boss! Staff doesn't pick which rules to follow

Employers get to set the workplace rules and, generally, employees have to follow them. As long as you can show you explained the rules to employees, they can’t later argue they didn’t know which rules applied to them.

Snapshot: Prevalence of remote workers

Fully 63% of departments surveyed have some remote team members.
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