More job creation, more worker engagement, more ... bartenders?

Montana and North Dakota are locked in a dead heat for states with the most bartenders per capita.

Do nonexempts really need noncompetes?

In recent years, a few employers have begun requiring even nonexempt employees to sign noncompete agreements. It may well be a short-lived trend.

What constitutes an essential job function?

Q. I hand a brochure titled “Job Information and Requirements” to each new hire I bring on board to my construction company. With the addition of new positions, I need to draft new brochures with job descriptions, but am having trouble determining the essential job functions. Is there a specific method that I can use to decide whether a job function is essential?

Do you have the right to use those images?

It can be tempting to just use any images you find online, but doing so is asking for trouble, legal experts say. It is possible to find images you can legally use; it just might take a little more work.

1-Minute Strategies

Here are quick tips on cubicle etiquette, detecting subtleties in a job applicant's attitude, and tracking down that lost cabinet key.

The risk of ignoring safety risks: 15-year prison term for owner

Want to hammer home to company execs the need to enforce on-the-job safety? Make it personal.

Want to be like the CEO? Brown-bag your lunch

When it comes to their at-work dining habits, nearly half of chief executives bring lunch from home, according to a new survey by and Harris Interactive.

Blast from the past: Feds revive civil service exam

Would-be government workers are again taking part in a ritual that had virtually disappeared for 43 years: taking a civil service exam to qualify for jobs with federal agencies.

Violence hits hard in health, service settings

OSHA has released updated guidelines on workplace violence in health care and social services settings. Here's how to download the new publication.

How should we provide required posters for employees who work from home?

Q. We have a number of employees who work solely from home. For them, is electronic delivery or posting of the notice required by the new Women’s Economic Security Act sufficient? Do we need to have the employee acknowledge receipt?

Patient suicide raises staffing issues at St. Peter, Minn. facility

The union representing workers at the Minnesota Department of Human Services mental hospital in St. Peter has criticized staffing levels after a patient committed suicide by hanging himself. Part of the union’s evidence of understaffing: Patients had to help employees cut down the man’s body.

Safety first if you opt out of workers' comp


Employers that opt out the Texas workers’ compensation system may be liable for negligence and face potentially lengthy and complex litigation when an employee is hurt on the job. The best defense may be to follow all OSHA and state workplace safety rules.

Court: Take extra steps to verify e-signatures

While nearly all jurisdictions recognize the legality of electronic signatures, it’s vital that you have a system to authenticate that such a “signature” was really executed by a particular employee or applicant.

Health roles dominate growing occupations

The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly projects the growth rate for occupations in coming years. These are the 10 jobs with the fastest anticipated growth rates between now and 2022.

The HR I.Q. Test: April '15

Here's our monthly quiz on your knowledge of HR law, news and issues.
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