Spring flings: Love is in full bloom in the workplace

Romance in your workplace may be more common than you think.

From worst to first: Nevada job creation surges

Nevada showed the strongest job growth in the United States last year, capping a six-year rise from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs.

Snapshot: U.S. computer scientists from other nations, 1970 - 2010

The percentage of foreign-national computer scientists, many of whom came to the United States on H-1B visas, has increased steadily in the last 40 years.

Managing retention and turnover is top HR challenge

A new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management suggests that a strong job market is affecting where HR departments focus their efforts.

Snapshot: EEOC charges of religious bias, 2006 - 2016

Complaints of religious discrimination filed with the EEOC have increased by 50% since 2006 and 80% since 2001.

Depressed real estate market stunted job mobility

Upside-down mortgages and stagnant home sales affected job mobility during the Great Recession and likely made the economic slowdown even worse than it would have been anyway.

Snapshot: Workforce participation among women falls

Since the turn of the millennium, the rate of women in the workplace has fallen dramatically.

Yearly cost of commuting: $3,000 and 187 hours

Americans spend an average of 45 minutes every day commuting to and from work at an average cost of $12 per day.

Snapshot: Optimism about job prospects reaches an all-time high

Half of Americans surveyed think now is a good time to find a quality job.

Snapshot: What women look for when they look for a new job

Women more than men will shop around for job opportunities that fit them and their lives.

Snapshot: Where do U.S. companies transfer employees internationally?

Europe and Asia are the most common destinations of U.S. employees who relocate for their jobs.

Holiday gift-giving at work takes a turn for the weird

Gift exchange events in the office can get really inappropriate, really fast.

Snapshot: Employment growth highest in jobs requiring social, analytical skills

Between 1980 and 2015, jobs that depend on social ability grew the most.

Snapshot: Data analysis skills are critical across the organization

Gathering, analyzing and drawing practical conclusions from data has become a core business skill.

Veteran hiring steady, but vets growing dissatisfied

Almost half of surveyed employers say they have hired a veteran in the last year, but veterans are significantly less content with their jobs than last year.
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