Snapshot: Who is most responsible for giving workers what they need to succeed?

HR, IT and top brass all have some effect on employee success, but none matter more than immediate bosses.

Snapshot: Millennials most satisfied with pay

A recent survey found that 61% of employees consider compensation a “very important” contributor to job satisfaction.

Hiring, pay soars for recent college graduates

The Class of '17 is hitting the job market at the right time. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 74% of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year, up from 67% last year and the highest outlook since 2007.

Snapshot: Most don't let work email follow them home

Only 27% of employees responding to a recent poll said they frequently check their work email outside regular
working hours.

Compared to other nations, U.S. female leadership lags

The United States continues to trail much of the world when it comes to the proportion of women in senior business roles.

SHRM survey: Employee satisfaction remains high

Almost nine out of 10 employees said they were satisfied overall with their jobs—with 38% “very satisfied” and 51% “somewhat satisfied.”

Snapshot: No love for the leaders

Half of Americans rate the reputations of today’s CEOs and corporate leaders as “bad.”

Employees more confident, on the lookout for new jobs

Employees are feeling better about the economy as perceptions about job opportunities and job-seeking activity both increase.

CEO confidence reaches highest level since 2004

The measure now reads 68, up from 65 in the final quarter of 2016.

Burnout may be our biggest retention problem

Burnout is responsible for up to half of all employee attrition, according to a new study. Ninety-five percent of chief HR officers surveyed said burnout is sabotaging their workforce retention efforts.

'My boss adopted me': The 10 strangest work-related dreams

Even when employees are sleeping, they can’t seem to leave work behind.

Is a college degree the new high school diploma?

Forty-one percent of U.S. employers say they’re hiring college-educated workers for positions that had been primarily held by those with high school degrees.

Labor market tightens; jobless claims near 44-year low

Initial unemployment claims last month dropped to their lowest level since March 1973.

83% of women postponing kids to focus on careers

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … delayed family plans?

Snapshot: Health costs up how much?

Health care costs rose an average of 11% for U.S. employers in 2017.
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