SHRM survey: If you're an HR generalist, you're in demand

Human resource generalists are the most sought-after HR professionals, with 55% of respondents to a new Society for Human Resource Management survey who are hiring HR talent saying they were hiring for the position.

The HR I.Q. Test: August '15

Here's your monthly quiz on HR trends and issues.

Study: CEOs are leaning more heavily on HR

In this complex job market with a growing talent gap, executives are leaning more on HR leaders these days for innovative business strategies, according to a new CareerBuilder survey.

Pulled in different directions? Here's how to set your HR priorities


Establishing yourself as a key member of the strategic team requires you to make tough HR decisions and defend them to executives. That’s easier to do after you systematically set priorities for your HR department. Use these seven guidelines to help separate real priorities from perfunctory tasks.

The HR I.Q. Test: July '15

Here's your monthly quiz on HR trends and issues.

A 4-step process to reset your professional life


Many pros find themselves in the middle of their careers trying to navigate changes and challenges, says Peter Diamond, a career coach and leadership development expert. In some cases, their careers aren’t turning out as planned or they’re finding their roles evolving in unexpected or unwelcome ways. Diamond says keeping up means taking these four conscious steps to amplify your career.

10 extreme jobs--and why you couldn't pay us enough

HR pros have nothing to complain about compared to the people who perform the world’s most extreme jobs, as compiled by YourTradeBase, a British business consulting firm.

Is it possible for HR to be too compassionate?


Maybe you were attracted to HR because you like helping people. Maybe you still get the warm fuzzies when you help ease employees’ pain. But does your instinct to empathize with employee suffering also trigger vicarious pain in you?

The HR I.Q. Test: June '15

Here's your monthly quiz on HR trends and issues.

3 steps: What to do if you are sued personally

Sometimes, HR pros can be sued personally, putting their own assets at risk. It’s a serious problem that demands fast action.

The HR I.Q. Test: May '15

Here's our monthly quiz on your knowledge of HR law, news and issues.

Do you have the right to use those images?

It can be tempting to just use any images you find online, but doing so is asking for trouble, legal experts say. It is possible to find images you can legally use; it just might take a little more work.

1-Minute Strategies

Here are quick tips on cubicle etiquette, detecting subtleties in a job applicant's attitude, and tracking down that lost cabinet key.

Want to be like the CEO? Brown-bag your lunch

When it comes to their at-work dining habits, nearly half of chief executives bring lunch from home, according to a new survey by and Harris Interactive.

Blast from the past: Feds revive civil service exam

Would-be government workers are again taking part in a ritual that had virtually disappeared for 43 years: taking a civil service exam to qualify for jobs with federal agencies.
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