Overtime law changes: News, analysis and compliance advice

The U.S. Department of Labor has now updated the rules that determine which salaried employees are exempt (not eligible for overtime pay) and which are nonexempt. Here's the full story from beginning to end, with compliance advice.

New overtime rules arrive; compliance date set

The Department of Labor's update to the Fair Labor Standards Act guarantees overtime rights for many more salaried workers.

New OT rules may catch small business by surprise

Could it be that so many were completely unaware that such a big change was on its way?

Three cases form basis of EEOC's stance on transgender bias

On May 9, North Carolina sued the U.S. Department of Justice to stop the federal government from ordering the state to set aside its Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act—the so-called transgender bathroom bill.

Time to check the FMLA poster on your bulletin board

FMLA compliance may be one of the trickiest parts of an HR pro’s job, but the law’s notification requirements are easy to deal with.

EEOC: Discrimination based on transgender status is unlawful

State and federal laws, as well as EEOC enforcement actions, provide increasingly clear guidance for employers on how to address the rights of transgender employees.

Somalis allege retaliation for discussing work conditions

A group of Somali school bus drivers in Minneapolis claim they were fired after they started a group to discuss discrimination and working conditions.

Police officers' age bias case reinstated

A Minnesota appeals court has given the go-ahead for an age discrimination lawsuit filed by three police officers against the city of Richfield to proceed to trial.

Employee quits, then emails docs to herself? That's not theft, but may be something more

A federal court has rejected an employer’s claim that by emailing a series of documents to herself before quitting, a former employee committed theft.

Flexibility makes for good accommodations--and a good strategy for winning ADA lawsuits

Employers that exercise patience and remain flexible over the long term are best positioned to win an ADA failure-to-accommodate lawsuit filed by a disabled employee.

Target makes a stand in the battle of the bathrooms

Retail giant Target, based in Min­ne­apolis, has become a flashpoint in the culture wars over the suddenly urgent issue of transgender bathroom use.

One insult does not a legitimate lawsuit make

Supervisors play an important role in maintaining a harmonious work environment. However, sometimes bosses are the ones most guilty of breaching civility, by saying things that offend employees.

Supreme Court could revisit deadlocked union dues case

The last word may not yet have been written in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association.

HR Minnesota Legal Briefs

Merely being obese is not a disability under the ADA, a panel of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.
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