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HR Management

Easy hack: Former employees often keep network access

It’s Item No. 1 on the termination checklist: Ensure former employees can’t get into the computer system. But only about half of IT administrators say they completely cut off network access the same day an employee is terminated.
Compensation & Benefits

Is the eight-hour workday a relic of the past?

A new survey indicates that, much like flip phones and fax machines, this tradition may be on its way out.
Employee Relations

Whistle-blower slipping: Punish or let it slide?

PROBLEM: Jack has become a minor celebrity with co-workers ever since he filed an OSHA complaint about a supposedly hazardous condition at the plant. He spends so much time talking about safety that his job performance is declining. Jack needs to be disciplined. What would you do?
Employment Law

You can require early involuntary FMLA leave

Do you have an employee with a serious health condition you cannot accommodate? You can insist that she take FMLA leave. There is no legal requirement to go along with her suggestions for elaborate and expensive accommodations that might let her continue working.

Lawsuit repellent: Promotion, praise, pay raise

Employers that praise employees for a job well done and provide pay increases along with promotions rarely lose so-called constructive discharge lawsuits. That’s because an employee who has been praised and rewarded will have a tough time claiming her working conditions were so onerous that she had to quit.

Beware of the 'new = better' equation

Psychologically, most of us tend to favor hiring promising outsiders over people we know well. That’s because when we know very little about someone, we might envision a rosy future in which the candidate proves a superstar ...
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