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HR Management

Ensure handbook asserts at-will employment

If you have a handbook that provides workers with a limited right to contest proposed discipline, make sure it also has a very strong at-will statement.
Compensation & Benefits

Snapshot: What employers have done to prepare for the higher OT threshold

Are you putting off plans for dealing with the new salary threshold?
Employment Law

Sloppy language can kill your case: Ensure consistency in arbitration agreements

If you use an arbitration agreement to limit litigation, have your attorney regularly review the language in the agreement. It’s the best way to avoid completely defeating the purpose of having an agreement.

45% of grads say college wasn't worth the cost

The average member of the Class of 2016 left college $37,172 in debt—6% more than in 2015 and a new record.
Employee Relations

Variable pay strategy: Teach workers to 'manage the boss'

The biggest trend in employee compensation is pay-for-performance. In many organizations, less employee pay is fixed; more is contingent on performance. In reality, too few managers do what’s necessary to make pay-for-performance work. Solution: Teach the employees to “manage the boss.”

Kids these days: Summer interns' petition backfires

Alison Green gets lots of comments on her “Ask A Manager” blog, but 1,200 on a single post?
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