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Employee Relations

Court issues restraining order against employee? That's good enough to support discipline

What should happen if a physical altercation in the workplace ends with one employee securing a restraining order against the other? Can you fire the apparent instigator for breaking workplace rules against fighting? Will that expose you to liability?
Employment Law

Acosta to replace Puzder as Labor Secretary nominee

Law school dean and former NLRB member Alexander Acosta is the Trump administration's new pick to become Secretary of Labor.

Is it time to stop asking about salary history?

The movement in state and local governments to ban questions about past pay is quickly gaining steam.
Compensation & Benefits

W-2 penalty box

For 2017, penalties for failing to file correct W-2s, 1095s and 1099s, or to provide recipients with correct statements, increase.
HR Management

Managing retention and turnover is top HR challenge

A new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management suggests that a strong job market is affecting where HR departments focus their efforts.
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