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Employment Law

Watch out, boss! You can be sued separately

Generally, all claims arising out of the same set of facts must be brought in one lawsuit. However, in limited circumstances, it’s possible for an employee to file separate lawsuits against their employer—and their supervisor!

Unless required, consider dropping drug tests

For many employers interested in maintaining a safe and productive workplace, it doesn’t make sense to require pre-employment drug and alcohol screening or randomly make current employees provide urine or blood samples. That was the contrarian advice attorney James P. Reidy offered March 24 at the Society for Human Resource Management Employment Law & Legislative Conference.
Compensation & Benefits

Timely filing requires a USPS stamp of approval

Why trudge down to the post office for stamps, lease a pricey postage machine or use a private delivery service like FedEx, when you can get the same postage by downloading software to your computer? There is a difference, according to the Tax Court, which ruled that a petition mailed with downloaded postage wasn’t timely filed.
HR Management

Workplace suicide rate up

Incidents of on-the-job suicide have increased since 2003, according to research by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Between 2003 and 2010, 1,719 suicides occurred at work.
Employee Relations

5 ways to encourage constructive dissent

Innovative companies these days are doing more to snuff out their yes men cultures.

Performance nose-dives right after notice is given--is it OK to fire?

Q. One of our employees gave us a two-week notice, and is now noticeably slacking off. Can we let him go before the two-week period is up?
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