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Compensation & Benefits

Benefits: Should we put details in the employee handbook or the Summary Plan Description?

Q. Should a small business employee handbook include a safe-harbor clause under the benefits section for their 401k plan? In the past, the benefits information in the handbook has been limited because it can change so often. Instead, the handbook just points the employee to the summary plan documents.
Employee Relations

Where time gets wasted at work

Today’s knowledge workers spend only 45% of their time on primary job duties. The other 55% is squandered on meetings, email and administrivia. Here’s what workers say causes lost productivity.

Obama's executive action will affect tech employers

President Obama’s Nov. 20 announcement that he would take executive action to protect about 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation set off a political firestorm, but the plan will affect relatively few employers.
HR Management

What do kids want to be when they grow up?

Good luck trying to recruit the kids these days. A new survey found that they most want to be superheroes and celebrities.

Getting the most out of exit interviews

A team member’s departure offers a valuable opportunity to see how well the team is working and what might be done to improve conditions for future employees. Here are some guidelines to follow to get the most out of this conversation
Employment Law

EEOC files its first case alleging transgender bias

For the first time in its history, the EEOC has filed suit against employers alleging discrimination against transgender employees.
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