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Employment Law

When religious freedom & harassment collide

Employers that have strict codes of conduct prohibiting harassment of any kind can still punish employees whose religious beliefs are behind their harassment of gay co-workers. You can’t interfere with an employee’s sincerely held religious beliefs, but you can punish religious “expression” that interferes with another employee’s rights.
Compensation & Benefits

Defrauded payroll clients out $28 million

The U.S. Supreme Court has turned down an appeal brought by the trustee of a bankrupt payroll service bureau who sought the return of $28 million, which the service bureau collected from its clients as payroll deposits, but which its principals stole. These clients now have no recovery and may have to pay the IRS again for the taxes the service bureau should have deposited.
HR Management

Holidays 2016: When will employers shut their doors?

While the federal government will shut down on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, only 35% of private employers plan to do the same, according to a new Society for Human Resource Management Holiday Schedules 2016 survey.

Résumé reveals disability? How to respond

Don’t allow hiring managers to quickly sort résumés from disabled applicants into the “No” pile. It’s an increasingly popular practice, a new study shows, but decidedly unlawful.
Employee Relations

Performance reviews lose their luster

CEO of GE Jeff Immelt is considering axing annual performance reviews. Instead, it’s experimenting with more frequent performance discussions between managers and staff. The industrial giant is also launching an app for supervisors and employees to share feedback with each other.

Don't tolerate threats--even from disabled

While some disabilities may make it more difficult for workers to control their temper or otherwise respond to nonverbal cues, that doesn’t mean those workers are excused from complying with behavioral rules. You can and should punish anyone who makes workplace threats regardless of disability status.
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