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HR Management

Office betting pools: Is it time to crack down?

You don’t need to crack down on minor pools, but you should write a policy on habitual gambling at work. The real danger of office bracketology lies in its effect on compulsive gamblers who may be on your payroll.
Employee Relations

10 steps: Conducting an internal investigation

Follow these procedures when conducting internal investigations of alleged employee misconduct.
Compensation & Benefits

No pay for bathroom breaks costs Pa. firm $1.75M

A federal court last month ordered a Pennsylvania media company to pay more than $1.75 million to 6,000 employees who were docked pay for bathroom breaks and other types of short breaks.

Poll: Bad body language can disqualify job applicants

An impressive résumé and cover letter can help a candidate land a job interview. Bad body language and awkward mannerisms can ensure that there won’t be a second interview—or a job offer.
Employment Law

True or False: You know a lot about sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment costs workplaces hundreds of millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and legal liability. Beyond the dollar figures, companies struggle with the bad PR that comes with it, and individuals must endure the shame.

Can you terminate for off-the-clock activities?

When can you legally terminate a worker for what he or she does on their own time? The answer is an unsatisfying, “It depends.”
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