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Fringe Benefits 2017: What’s Taxable, How to Report It & How to Avoid the IRS Crackdown

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The IRS says too many employers misunderstand which fringe benefits are taxable and how they should be reported for payroll purposes. That’s resulted in a major tax gap. Now is an excellent time to review your fringe benefits to ensure they comply with federal and state payroll tax regulations. Learn how to accurately and confidently handle the accounting and reporting of fringe benefits with this recording.

About Your Speaker:

photoAlice Gilman, Esq., is an expert in payroll and tax compliance who has covered payroll issues for more than 26 years. She’s written and edited several leading payroll publications, including Business Management Daily’s Payroll Legal Alert, the Research Institute of America’s Payroll Guide, Prentice Hall’s American Payroll Association’s Basic Guide to Payroll and the Payroll Manager’s Letter. She’s also the editor of Business Management Daily’s Payroll Compliance Handbook and The Complete FLSA Compliance Kit.



The great Federal Compliance Crackdown of 2010 is in full force. What makes your organization a target? How can you stay in compliance? Can you fly under the feds’ radar? And what should you do if you’re targeted?

Starting last year, an alphabet soup of federal agencies—DOL, IRS, EEOC, OSHA, DHS, etc.—ramped up their enforcement efforts. They’re targeting employers for labor, safety, tax, immigration and employment law mistakes more than at any time in recent history. And they’re not shy about it …

  • Under this administration, (OSHA) is a regulatory and enforcement agency and we’re going to act like it.” —New OSHA chief David Michaels
  • We’re shifting our focus to the enforcement side.” —EEOC director Reuben Daniels, Charlotte office.


Our new webinar,  HR Under Attack: How to Survive Washington’s Aggressive New Compliance Crackdown, will give you an insider’s view of what those agencies are looking for … how to avoid becoming a target … and what to do if you DO become a target. In just 75 minutes, you’ll learn about:

  • IRS Audit Surge. The tax agency’s “most significant audit initiative in decades” is going after employee misclassification and fringe benefit mistakes. Learn the 8 steps to be prepared!
  • Department of Labor Reawakening. More than 200 new investigators are targeting “wage theft” (overtime, FLSA, misclassification). Learn the 7 steps to be prepared!
  • EEOC’s Record Discrimination Claims. What makes you a target?
  • I-9 Inspections Up Dramatically. Department of Homeland Security’s on-site I-9 audits are planned for 25,000 employers this year—up from 5,000 last year. Learn the 7 steps to be prepared.
  • Safety: Sharper Teeth & Bigger Fines. OSHA’s new approach is to “vigorously enforce” safety laws with larger fines and tighter restrictions. Learn 10 steps to prepare for a safety inspection … and 14 do’s and don’ts for surviving one.


Attendees at our recent LEAP conference showered rave reviews on this session and its presenter, attorney Marcel Debruge:

“Great presentation!” …  “This was definitely need-to-know information!” … “Thanks for the warning!” … “Great information and ideas on how to avoid issues and deal with inspections.” … “Marcel was a font of information … tons of good info.”
The message is clear. Under the Obama administration, your organization is at a much greater risk of being hit with inspections, fines and even criminal penalties. And you could be PERSONALLY liable in some cases, too. It’s vital to learn this year’s “flash points” and how to steer your organization around them.


About Your Speaker: Dianna Booher is the founder of Texas-based Booher Consultants. She is the author of 46 books, including E-Writing: 21st-Century Tools for Effective Communication, Communicate With Confidence, The Voice of Authority, and Creating Personal Presence. She is also an in-demand speaker, and was named one of Successful Meetings magazine’s “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century.” Dianna’s consulting clients include government agencies, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, and many others.