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Pay for abortion travel & pregnancy laws

A law firm is asking the EEOC to investigate the commission’s former general counsel for “misleading and intimidating” employers who subsidize travel for women seeking abortions.

Policy can end pay for unused vacation days

You cannot withhold unused vacation pay, but there’s a way to get employees to forfeit unused vacation days.

How secure is your 401(k) plan?

We think cyber/cloud/computer security is an everyday concern because bad things usually happen when it’s not. The IRS is so concerned about security, it’s highlighting it all this month in what it declares Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Last Friday in September: Possible monkey wrench for student loan forgiveness, higher per diems and more

Two lawsuits have against student loan forgiveness, high-low per diem rates for 2023 and more.

Oops: Honda overpays bonuses, employees need to return the cash

Imagine being a worker at the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio, where some employees were overpaid bonuses, then asked to return the extra cash. This could easily turn into an HR and Payroll nightmare for any company that finds itself in this situation.

Diner ordered to dish up $1.35 million

The Empire Diner in Lansdowne, Pa., learned the hard way it’s not nice to steal your servers’ tips.

Remote I-9 document inspection takes one teeny step toward permanence

Since the onset of the pandemic, employers have generally been allowed to inspect employees’ Form I-9 documents remotely. ICE would now like to actually write this flexibility into the I-9 regulations. Here’s a preview of what that might look like.

E-Verify returns to pre-COVID rule on SSA mismatch

During the pandemic, employees were given extra time to resolve discrepancies found in E-Verify between their Social Security numbers and government records. But that flexibility has now ended.

It’s open enrollment: What about mental health benefits?

Employees have been through a lot over the last couple of years and the strain is showing. More say they want robust mental health benefits, including medical time off. With open enrollment coming, now is a good time to take a look at the mental health benefits your group plan offers.

Friday wrap: The ghosts of pandemic relief rise again, DOL wants to know about long covid and more

Payroll news you can use, from pandemic relief repayment to long covid—to working for the IRS!