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Here comes the summer help!

How to welcome, prep and manage those seasonal employees.

Should that Zoom call really have been an email?

With all the options, existing workplace etiquette and conflicting preferences, it can be surprisingly difficult to decide the best way for an admin to get in touch with their executive and colleagues. These tips will let you know the best communication method for each workplace situation to help admins save time.

Emotional rescue: How to help angry employees vent

Say one of your employees walks into your office all red-faced and angry. How should you respond? Follow these do’s and don’ts to help em­­ployees vent about stressful work problems and think about solutions:

Want to annoy your staff? Use these words

Let’s face it. As a manager, you are going to annoy some of your employees at least some of the time. A recent survey performed by Preply helps you annoy them a little less. They surveyed a thousand people to learn the most annoying buzzwords. Try to keep these from popping up during your next meeting or one-on-one conversation.

Worried about a new hire? ‘Salvage operation’ tips

Most managers have faced this dilemma at least once in their careers: A candidate looks great on paper and gives a knockout interview; but two weeks into the new job, you’re less than enthused. You now have a choice: Cut your losses or run a salvage operation.

Manage workplace politics in or out of election season

Politics are always with us nowadays. When tensions are high, it is essential to keep a respectful workplace, whether or not it’s voting season.

Express gratitude to employees all year

Did you know that November was National Gratitude Month? Although November ends today, it’s not too late: Employees want to hear how appreciated they are all year long. In fact, a recent national survey of U.S. workers finds that 47% say they would like to receive more recognition for their work, while 21% indicate that they are never recognized for their efforts.

8 tips for keeping workplace messages from turning toxic

The best time to address negative issues is before they become a major plague—or a lawsuit. Here are eight strategies for us all to employ.

Why onboarding is crucial and how to do it right

Recruitment and hiring are hard enough. The last thing you need is to lose a new hire within their first few weeks or months on the job. The secret to keeping them is to provide an exceptional onboarding process.

How to execute the perfect exit interview

Well-executed exit interviews can reveal critical insights into the factors driving turnover in your organization. These can also become a powerful recruitment tool considering that 52% of workers would return to a business if they felt they left on good terms.