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About Us

The HR Specialist family of products helps HR professionals quickly resolve their daily challenges. From state-specific employment law to compensation and benefits, our experts give you the HR advice you need to know.

Whether you’re new to HR or an experienced pro—a department of one or 10you can trust the practical, plain-English advice from HR Specialist. We’ll save you time and headaches by focusing on what you need to know, when you need to know it. That makes you the HR expert your company can rely on and gets you the recognition you deserve.

The HR Specialist family of products covers all of your HR information needs:
  • Employment Law – protect yourself at both the federal and state levels with expert counsel on FLSA, FMLA, ADA, discrimination and more
  • Compensation & Benefits – make your organization an employer of choice by controlling health care costs and offering the most competitive pay and benefits packages possible
  • Employee Relations – get the most out of your workforce with winning communication and performance enhancement skills
  • Hiring – overcome the skilled-worker shortage with proven strategies for recruiting and hiring the best employees
  • HR Management – create an effective HR department through training programs, sample policies, performance metrics and more
  • Terminations –  properly manage the firing, layoff and resignation processes

The HR Specialist family of products includes:

  • an all-inclusive subscription website,
  • print newsletters covering everything from state HR law to payroll issues to strategies for effectively supervising a staff,
  • special reports on trending topics,
  • webinars that train managers and employees on legal compliance, efficiency and leadership,
  • free e-letters directing you to the most timely stories on our websites, and
  • blogs featuring need-to-know updates in the world of human resources and employment law.

Choose what’s right for you, and get the HR advice you need.

Patrick DiDomenico is the editorial director at Business Management Daily and the founding editor of The HR Specialist family of newsletters, special reports and online resources. Patrick’s more than 15-year career as a business journalist and thought leader includes stints as newspaper reporter, Washington speechwriter and White House press aide.