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Onboarding questions to ask over 30/60/90 days

Transitioning new hires into your department involves multiple cascading events that occur over time, both for the manager, the new hire and the organization. Much more than simply enrolling people in benefits and setting up their payroll, it’s your first chance to make a good impression and truly integrate the individual into your culture.

Not where, but when you work can create job satisfaction

Slack Future Forum surveyed more than 10,000 office workers. The vast majority—94%—want flexibility in their work hours. However, 57% of employees say they cannot adjust their hours from a preset schedule.

NLRB is watching: Don’t spy on your employees

Concerned by the brave new world of digital supervision, the NLRB issued a memo on Oct. 31 warning employers not to use intrusive or abusive electronic surveillance.

Combat “quiet quitting”

What started as a TikTok rant against the “hustle culture” has ricocheted across social media. It’s the latest sign that employees are setting stricter boundaries around the work-life balance.

Protect yourself from ADA suits with specific job descriptions

You may want to stand out in your job descriptions and advertisements. But job notices are more than promotional material. They can be used in court to decide if employees who sue have a leg, or document, to stand on.

Cameras on, unmute: Improve Zoom

Zoom fatigue is real. It’s tempting for employees to mute their microphones, turn their cameras off and zone out. Try these techniques to create livelier meetings.

Activate your approaches to mental health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports heightened stress and anxiety levels. Rather than wait for employees to reach out when problems are severe, HR can be proactive.

Build a resilient team

Depression, stress and anxiety, according to a global study, now account for 82.6% of all emotional health cases. But resilient employers view a difficulty as a challenge, not a paralyzing event.

Employers who encourage connections will like the results

A small nugget in a recent survey regarding workplace connections should be music to employers’ ears. Half of the respondents who feel connected said they strongly agree their job motivates them to go above and beyond.

To spur excellence, communicate differently

Two tips to try.