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8 key components for building retention and engagement

As the workforce changes and new workers with diverse expectations join your team, it’s important to consider the value that each employee contributes. Hilary McClain, human resources consultant at McClain Resources, believes the key is to start from the beginning by establishing a commitment from each team member to promote a positive work environment.

Retain older workers with tailored benefits

Now that the post-COVID economy has stabilized and the stock market is climbing again, some older workers who stuck with you throughout the pandemic may be considering quitting to pursue other interests. But if they do, you will be at risk of losing the benefit of their on-the-job experience, their investment in your organization’s culture and their institutional knowledge of how you get work done.

SECURE 2.0: Is it the answer to both the retirement crisis and employee retention?

With HR struggling to boost retention numbers, some experts believe SECURE 2.0 provides part of the solution. “SECURE 2.0 is the most sweeping legislation we have seen in the retirement industry,” said Mike Griffin of UBS Workplace Health Solutions.

Want your top performers to stay? Ask these questions

Stay interviews are one of the best ways for employers to better understand their employees, take proactive measures to keep them satisfied and encourage them to stay put instead of seeking other job opportunities. Here’s a look at some useful stay interview questions to ask, organized by category.

Managerial fit: The key to a hire making it to the one-year anniversary

A common problem in the rush to fill jobs is that too many shortcuts are taken, with a focus on compensation and competency rather than performance, fit and satisfaction. A positive win-win hiring outcome after one year means the new employee is still fully satisfied with the role and his career progression, and the hiring manager (often you) still fully supports and endorses the employee.

Retention: Understand why employees decide to stay or go

Gallup has uncovered some key trends that should interest managers determined to retain their best employees. The research makes it clear: Your employees are keeping their eyes open for new job opportunities.

Focus on employee experience to bolster retention

In today’s strong job market, employees have lots of career options. If they feel unhappy or unfulfilled at work, they will look elsewhere. That makes it more important than ever for leaders to create a work environment that fosters employee support, connection and empowerment.

Never mind a possible recession: HR leaders still confident about hiring, retention

Chief human resource officers are optimistic about hiring and retaining workers over the next few months, according to the Conference Board’s CHRO Confidence Index for the first quarter of 2023. That confidence comes despite expectations of a recession in 2023 and news of layoffs.

5 ways to reduce employee turnover

A certain amount of employee turnover is inevitable and is considered healthy. However, too much will start to disrupt your operations. Here are five ways to reduce your turnover rate.

One conversation with your MVP can make all the difference

Sometimes called the “re-recruiting” meeting, the stay interview is a way to collect valuable feedback and retain superstars before they jump ship. Here are 5 top stay interview questions.