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Better benefits emerge as keys to retention

The number of employees willing to pay for more generous benefits has rebounded following a dip during the pandemic. Those are among the key findings of a recent survey of more than 9,600 U.S. employees by the Willis Towers Watson consulting firm.

Counter ‘Big Quit’ with counteroffer strategy

Surprisingly, more than 90% of organizations don’t have a policy or strategy on how (or whether) to propose counteroffers, according to Tom McMullen, senior partner at consulting firm Korn Ferry.

Training is key to retention, especially for people of color

Fifty-eight percent of employees surveyed said they are likely to leave their company unless they receive training and education opportunities to develop new skills, stay up to date on current trends and drive career advancement. This likelihood to leave holds especially true among people of color.

7 reasons why employees disengage and quit

Think of your employees as all sitting in the same rowboat. You like to think they’re all pulling hard on those oars together. But based on recent Gallup polling, only about a third of employees (34%) are busting their butts (actively engaged).

Snapshot: Reducing turnover with performance management

Employers worried about retention are recalibrating their development and performance management processes.

Retain staff by covering training, certifications

Facing a vise-tight labor market, employers are pulling out all the stops to retain top talent. One increasingly popular and affordable tool is to cover or offset employees’ costs for their professional training and certifications.

Benefits get more vital in recruiting, retention

While pay continues to be the number one reason that Americans decide to remain with or join an employer, people are looking at health and retirement benefits as a more significant factor in recent years. As a result, employers are boosting those benefits to compete.

Employers struggle to hire, retain white-collar staff

A new survey confirms that most organizations are finding it extremely difficult to find and retain qualified workers. The survey, conducted by the Conference Board in March, reveals that hiring challenges extend beyond a shortage of manual services workers.

Employers wrestling with covid safety, return to work

Employers face a host of issues as they negotiate returning to on-site work amid a historically tight labor market, according to a Littler Mendelson survey conducted in March.

Half would quit if forced to return to work full time

There’s a disconnect between managers’ expectations about on-site work and employees’ willingness to come back, and it foreshadows a worsening retention problem for employers.