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Recruiting: Offer work-from-home option, tout opportunities to advance

It’s tough to attract the best new hires if you can’t pay as much as larger employers can. However, you may have a couple competitive advantages big companies can’t offer: the option for employees to work remotely full-time and the promise of promotion opportunities.

Want to retain your employees? Offer training

If you ask a departing subordinate why she’s jumping ship, it’s likely the answer will include better pay and benefits and a lack of opportunity for advancement. You can’t do much about pay and benefits, but you can leverage the training programs you already have in place to prevent subordinates from looking for a new job in the first place.

Survey: With retention slightly better in ‘23, how employers hope to improve in ‘24

Employers spent much of 2023 trying their best to retain top talent, as workers continued showing a willingness to change jobs. Among their top retention tactics, according to a new report by the iHire online recruitment site: offering higher pay and bonuses, plus greater job flexibility and more recognition of employee accomplishments.

Persuade Gen Z they want to work—for you

It will become increasingly difficult to attract Gen Z employees in the first place or retain them if the lure of entrepreneurship and the apparent ease of entry into creative online careers pulls them out the door.

3 trends that will affect retention in 2024

Employers focused on retaining top talent in 2024 should focus on three major trends affecting the employee experience, according to Patrick Morrison, employee benefits advisor at the Marsh McLennan Agency.

Cut turnover by training managers to give better performance feedback

When managers give lousy performance feedback, employees are much more likely to quit, according to new research by Textio, an artificial intelligence software firm that specializes in hiring and retention solutions.

8 key components for building retention and engagement

As the workforce changes and new workers with diverse expectations join your team, it’s important to consider the value that each employee contributes. Hilary McClain, human resources consultant at McClain Resources, believes the key is to start from the beginning by establishing a commitment from each team member to promote a positive work environment.

Retain older workers with tailored benefits

Now that the post-COVID economy has stabilized and the stock market is climbing again, some older workers who stuck with you throughout the pandemic may be considering quitting to pursue other interests. But if they do, you will be at risk of losing the benefit of their on-the-job experience, their investment in your organization’s culture and their institutional knowledge of how you get work done.

SECURE 2.0: Is it the answer to both the retirement crisis and employee retention?

With HR struggling to boost retention numbers, some experts believe SECURE 2.0 provides part of the solution. “SECURE 2.0 is the most sweeping legislation we have seen in the retirement industry,” said Mike Griffin of UBS Workplace Health Solutions.

Want your top performers to stay? Ask these questions

Stay interviews are one of the best ways for employers to better understand their employees, take proactive measures to keep them satisfied and encourage them to stay put instead of seeking other job opportunities. Here’s a look at some useful stay interview questions to ask, organized by category.