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8 N.J. employers named to ‘100 Best Companies’ list


Looking for ways to boost your recruiting efforts and retain the best talent? Take a cue from the eight New Jersey companies chosen for Working Mother magazine’s list of the "100 Best Companies" for women to work …

Favoring older applicants: Is it discrimination?


The EEOC has provided more legal cover for employers that actively recruit older applicants and offer better perks to their older employees. New proposed EEOC regulations, which reflect a 2004 Supreme Court decision, say you won’t violate federal age-discrimination law if you favor older employees over younger ones …

Manager orientations: How to get new leaders up to speed quickly


How would you rate your orientation process for new managers and executives? Not good, if you’re like most organizations. Poor orientations can cause high-dollar hires to leave or fail to become productive in the critical first months. Improve your orientations by taking the following steps …

Draw attention to your perks during ‘Work & Family’ month


Supporting a balance between employees’ work lives and personal lives "is in the best interest of national worker productivity." At least that’s what Congress declared in 2003 when it decreed that October shall be deemed "National Work & Family Month" …

Attract and Retain Part-Timers With Dental Discount Plans


It’s obviously easier to recruit and keep good part-time or entry-level employees if you offer some type of health benefit. That’s why more employers are turning to the growing number of low-cost dental discount plans available from big health insurers …

Employee feedback helps revamp parental leave policy


When Rob Keeling, director of diversity at Capital One, wanted to improve the McLean, Va.-based credit-card company’s parental leave policy, he didn’t have to look far for suggestions. The company’s female employees, through their employee network, told him what to do …

Mandatory sabbaticals help retain call center staff


Employees who celebrate their sixth anniversary at ServiceNet, a Jeffersonville, Ind., warranty service company, don’t get lapel pins to commemorate the occasion. They receive alarm clocks. Each clock counts down the year until the company boots the employee out the door … for a mandatory paid sabbatical …

Survey: Fertility coverage won’t spike employers’ costs


Ninety-one percent of employers that provide coverage for fertility treatment haven’t experienced a related increase in their medical costs, according to a new survey of 900 employers by Mercer Health and Benefits …

Part-Time Employees Earning Full-Time Benefits


Starting this year, Kent, Wash.-based Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) began offering some full-time benefits to their part-time employees. That’s no small change because the retailer employs nearly 4,000 employees who work fewer than 20 hours a week at 82 stores. But it gives the company a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention, says Jeff Johnson, director of compensation and benefits …

401(k) participation hints at employees’ longevity


If you’re wondering whether a new employee will stick around, look at whether he or she signed up for your retirement plan. A new study confirms that employees who forgo employers’ retirement plans also tend to change jobs frequently …