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Soaring gas prices offer opportunity for smart employers

With gas prices shooting past $4 a gallon, employees with long commutes may be rethinking their job choices. You can help ease their pain (and collect some tax breaks) by introducing commuter-assistance benefits and programs. We offer tips and case studies that explain how to do it.

17 Questions to Determine if Workers are Fully Engaged

Don’t think you can pick out disengaged workers from a lineup. Employees usually check out mentally long before you spot the obvious signs—poor productivity, absenteeism, lousy customer service. Find out whether your employees are fully engaged in their work by asking them these 17 questions.

4 ways to recruit and retain a diverse work force

DiversityInc magazine’s “Top 50 Companies for Diversity” is a list of employers that recruit and retain women and minority employees with perks just for them. Here are four best practices your organization might be able to adopt …

7 steps to increase the use of voluntary benefits

It’s possible for an organization to keep or even add employee benefits while tightening its belt and saying no to labor-intensive new products. How? Offer more voluntary benefits, which require little to no administration by HR and are paid for entirely by employees who choose to accept them …

KPMG attracts, retains employees with generous paid vacation time

When global accounting firm KPMG hires a new employee, that recruit gets five weeks of paid vacation time—on Day One …

Extensive training is the key to recruiting and retaining

Verizon Wireless is keeping its employees longer by keeping them educated and trained. The Basking Ridge, N.J.-based company pays tuition for employees to earn business-related degrees …

Insiders’ secrets for making the ‘Best companies’ lists

Winning a spot on any of the dozens of coveted “best companies” lists can reap your organization a world of positive publicity and boost your reputation among potential recruits. But to win, you need to know how to play the game. Compensation & Benefits asked the experts to share some tips for placing well on the many “best companies to work for” lists …

Court voids grocery worker retention ordinance

A Superior Court judge recently voided a 2005 ordinance that required large supermarkets to retain workers following an ownership change …

N.Y. employers make Fortune’s ‘Best to work for’ list

Fortune magazine recently published its 2008 list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” and nine New York companies made the list …

Partner with marketing to create effective benefits messages

More than half of all organizations rely on employee newsletters, special mailings and other printed pieces to increase enrollment in benefits programs, says a new study from the benefits consulting firm Watson Wyatt. Those pieces might not be as effective as you think. What you really need to do is convince employees to make some changes in how they manage their own benefits …