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Survive the ‘perfect storm’ by matching pay to performance


If your organization has plenty of employees but not enough of the ones with the skills you need to survive the economic downturn, you’re going to have to change the way you pay them. Make three changes to weather the tempest …

Free daily lunches help retain staff


Employees of


in Andover, Mass., rarely go out for lunch. Instead, they enjoy catered meals every day—right at work. Employees eat and talk together in the company’s two lunchrooms … 

Flex Fridays allow employees time to unwind after traveling


After a business trip, employees of Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Humantech get the following Friday off, just to unwind. The workplace ergonomics consulting firm’s business travelers earn the extra day off when they make extended trips or work odd hours while on the road …

Disability insurance kicks in on Day 1 at Virginia firm


A short- and long-term disability-income protection plan kicks in the very day an employee starts work at Snagajob.com in Richmond, Va. The company pays 100% of the insurance, which lets employees receive 60% of their salary while on disability leave …

Team-building trips bolster software company’s retention


Team building is a core value at DAXKO in Birmingham, Ala., where each employee gets $50 per quarter to participate in a group activity with co-workers. Teams have gone white-water rafting, wine tasting or horseback riding …

10 real-life proven ways to retain your best employees


At Florida-based Baptist Hospital, the CEO declared an all-out war on turnovers, pulling out all the stops to tear down typical corporate walls and retain his best workers. That CEO is one of the corporate leaders who “gets it,” according to Greg Smith, author of 401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees.

Motivating Long-Term Employees: 10 Tips for Managers


When a long-term employee seems to be stuck in a rut or is simply coasting, a few moves by the supervisor can help shake out the cobwebs and rekindle the employee’s fire. Here are 10 simple tips for managers …

Measure effectiveness to make sure flex plans work for you

Your organization wouldn’t offer flexible work arrangements like flextime and compressed workweeks if managers didn’t believe the benefits—better employee engagement, recruitment and retention—outweighed the costs. Still, a recent survey by Hewitt Associates found that few organizations have formal and consistent policies in place to manage their flex programs …

Federal jobs appeal to young workers

Mass retirements of baby boomers and an increased need for security professionals have Uncle Sam on a hiring spree—and looking at your young employees …

Employers pumping gas perks: 8 high-Octane tactics

In a recent survey, nearly a third of HR professionals said they know at least one employee who quit in the past year because the high price of gas made the commute too expensive. Rather than watch those employees jump ship for jobs closer to home, some employers are actively addressing the driving dilemma …