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Quicken Loans builds culture with freebies, CEO contact

The success of a mortgage company in a shaky economy depends on the company’s culture, says Dan Majewski, vice president of HR forQuicken Loans. Quicken Loans’ culture includes lots of employee perks, from free concert tickets to vacations to hand-signed birthday cards from the CEO …

Furniture company gives employees personal climate-Control devices

Some employees at Zeeland, Mich.-based furniture manufacturer Herman Miller complained they were too hot. Others said they felt cold. So the firm created a personal climate-control device for office buildings and gave one to each employee in one of its offices …

Employees sit up and beg for pet lovers’ insurance

Most employers that offer health insurance to employees also let them buy additional coverage for family members. Perhaps it’s not so unusual then that some companies provide optional pet health insurance. After all, for many people, pets are part of the family, too …

Retain new hires with quick pay raises

The more your organization’s employees learn on the job, the quicker their value skyrockets in the marketplace. Retain new hires by raising their salaries as they gain experience …

GSK hosts movie mornings for employees’ families


Once a year, GlaxoSmithKline’s facility in Moon Township, PA, rents a local movie theater and invites employees and their families to watch a film, munch on popcorn and sip sodas—free …

Trucking firm considers family before posting schedules


At Green Bay, WI-based Schneider National, truck drivers can enter events such as a child’s birthday into the transportation firm’s electronic scheduler so supervisors won’t schedule them to be out of town on the big day. The organization pairs the scheduling tool with other work/life perks …

Seattle firm accepts jobs only if its own employees are available


When Tim Jenkins and two friends started professional services firm Point B in 1995, they aimed to offer their employees an escape from the 100-hour workweeks and extended business travel that typically accompany high-powered consulting jobs …

Fortune names 9 Chicago employers among best to work for

Fortune magazine recently published its 2008 list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” and nine Chicago employers made the list …

Pennsylvania employers make Fortune’s ‘Best to work for’ list

Fortune magazine recently published its 2008 list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” and two Pennsylvania health care providers made the cut …

Where do managers need training? Find out with a survey

Targeted training of managers is vital to company success. Use a survey to identify where to spend your limited training dollars.