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Recognition & Rewards

More bonuses this year, but probably worth less

Eighty-one percent of employers reported they would offer at least some employees a bonus or holiday gift this year.

Due to COVID, some firms detach pay from performance

Last year, a great majority of employers (85%) said they link employees’ pay directly to performance, according to a Mercer study. But the consulting firm says some companies are now incorporating a “compassion factor” in how they calculate goals and performance.

Remote workers want real rewards, not virtual perks

Your company‘s leaders may have read that virtual luncheons and happy hours can keep spirits up in the era of remote work. Set them straight.

5 meaningful ways to recognize remote employees’ hard work

Employees want co-workers and managers to see that they are doing their best to turn out quality work, even if they have kids at home, loved ones or friends who may be sick and a heightened sense of anxiety. Here are five things employers can do to recognize the work their employees are doing during this tough time.

Is your organization suffering ‘appreciation depletion’? Formalize a recognition program

The vast majority of employers make efforts to recognize employee accomplishments and, increasingly, they’re doing so through formal companywide recognition programs.

Empower bosses to recognize employee contributions

Every day at work ought to be Thanksgiving Day, according to Karl Ahlrichs, senior consultant for employee benefits at Gregory & Appel Insurance in Indianapolis. He offers these suggestions for inexpensively thanking employees for their efforts.

Snapshot: What do bonuses reward?

Most employers offer some form of compensation above and beyond salary or normal hourly pay.

Give them money or awards?

When evaluating possible award systems for your team, consider these factors.

Proposed DOL rule takes on regular rate of pay

A Department of Labor rule proposed March 28 would clarify when bonuses and certain contingent payments have to be counted toward an employee’s regular rate of pay for the purpose of determining overtime pay.

Snapshot: Almost all employers use variable pay

91% of employers use some form of variable pay to reward employees or encourage better performance.