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Recognition & Rewards

How does your company compare on total rewards?

Total rewards are about much more than compensation. According to the WorldatWork association’s 2022 In Review: Total Rewards Inventory of Programs & Practices report, total rewards encompass best HR practices around work flexibility, performance management and employee benefits in addition to pay.

Catch people doing good and reward them for it

Read any leadership book or attend any leadership seminar and you will often hear that employer recognition does not happen often enough. It’s a fact that best-selling leadership author Paul Falcone wholeheartedly agrees with. And recognizing employees’ efforts publicly—and often—is key.

Snapshot: It’s not too late for holiday gifts

Many companies try to recognize employees with something extra this time of year. What “extras”? Cash tops the list.

Despite higher salaries, pay raise requests will rise

While many savvy employers now offer higher salaries to attract and retain talent, they should still expect pay raise requests ahead of 2023, according to a Robert Half survey of 1,000 U.S. workers and 1,500 hiring managers conducted between June and July.

2023 might be a banner year for pay raises

As Americans try to cope with the highest inflation rate in 40 years, employers plan to offer their workers an annual raise of 4%, according to a recent survey by Salary.com.

Great Resignation equals great time to create a compensation strategy

Low pay is the top reason employees are leaving companies in record numbers, according to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey. But close behind is the lack of opportunities for advancement. What if you could implement a compensation strategy to address both issues? It’s a win-win.

Small employer alternatives to substantial wage increases

When employees consider new job offers, they typically compare the total compensation packages. Make the comparison easy by providing a clear summary of total compensation, including all benefits. If the bottom-line number needs to be higher, think creatively about new or enhanced benefits.

Offer inflation bonuses to retain employees

Like covid-19 bonuses that employers paid to retain front-line workers during the height of the pandemic, making one-time bonus payments to offset higher costs of living can help keep workers from leaving for other jobs.

Snapshot: Which workers will get better benefits in 2023?

Employers say recruiting and retention challenges will prompt them to enhance benefits for line workers next year.

Survey: HR pros concerned about effects of inflation

Inflation and its effect on employees and their organizations’ compensation strategies is a significant concern for 73% of HR professionals polled earlier this month by the Society for Human Resource Management.