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How to perfect your hiring process and gain more candidates

The premise of creating a hiring machine that will gain your company more candidates without asking for social media, blood type or first-born child is a possibility for HR teams, says Tim Sackett, CEO of HRUTech.com and a recent speaker at SHRM’s annual conference.

6 recruiting trends shaping HR in 2024

As we move further into 2024, HR professionals face evolving challenges in talent acquisition and retention. A recent LinkedIn Talent Solutions report highlights six key trends that will significantly impact recruiting strategies this year.

HR’s big artificial intelligence question: Does AI candidate screening discriminate?

AI skeptics and a growing cadre of plaintiffs’ attorneys argue that instead of preventing hiring bias, relying on an AI algorithm may actually bake discrimination into the selection process. That’s what is alleged in one recent complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission and another with the EEOC.

Walmart shows there’s more than one way to fill skilled-trades positions

Since 1982, the number of career and technical education credits earned by high school students has fallen by more than 26%. Now, employers are paying the price, struggling to hire enough people to perform hands-on work that requires some advanced training but not necessarily a college degree. However, one major retailer—Walmart—has decided to address the skilled-trades shortage on its own.

AI in recruitment: Harnessing technology for efficient hiring

The recruiting processes used by modern HR teams are evolving rapidly in response to advancements in technology and innovative tools. These tools are not only revolutionizing the methods HR professionals use to identify and attract talent but also significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process.

Are you hiring cheaters?

ResumeTemplates.com surveyed 1,759 recent job seekers and found that 71 percent admit to cheating during the hiring process. This includes various forms of dishonesty, including assistance from Google, ChatGPT or another person while performing online assessments.

Why HR must preview all job postings

Do you check your organization’s job postings for inaccurate, inappropriate or illegal language? If not, you’re opening your organization to legal battles.

Be sure to document the reasonable factors on which you base all hiring decisions

Courts rarely second-guess hiring decisions as long as they are based on objective, reasonable factors, backed with documentation.

Why Gen Z says they ghost employers

More than 90% of recruiters participating in a recent survey by the Jobera.com online hiring platform said they have been ghosted by Generation Z candidates who—poof!—disappear without notice, never to be heard from again. To find out why and what turns them away, Jobera surveyed 925 members of Gen Z, generally defined as those age 27 and younger. Here’s what pollsters found.

E-Verify users: Check bookmarks for log-in access before June 25

If you use the E-Verify electronic system to check the work eligibility of new hires, pay attention to an upcoming change: Effective June 25, the E-Verify account log-in page will only be accessible through everify.uscis.gov.