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Persuade Gen Z they want to work—for you

It will become increasingly difficult to attract Gen Z employees in the first place or retain them if the lure of entrepreneurship and the apparent ease of entry into creative online careers pulls them out the door.

Keep candidates from giving up on your application process

Is a clunky online interface discouraging people from applying for jobs in your organization? Making candidates do their own job-application data entry is a major turn-off, according to a poll conducted by Zety, a web-based career and résumé service.

Happy holidays! 8 essential rules for seasonal pay and hiring

Questions regarding overtime, holiday pay and seasonal hiring often arise this time of year. Here are the eight simple rules you need to know to make this holiday season run smoothly.

Could LinkedIn Recruiter be the AI game-changer HR has been waiting for?

LinkedIn is getting ready to launch a suite of artificial intelligence-based recruiting tools that could cement AI as HR’s MVP. Here’s what’s on tap for what LinkedIn is calling Wave 1 of Recruiter’s upgrade.

Candidates reveal what bothers them most about the hiring process

The hiring process is a gauntlet of frustration for job seekers, according to a new survey by HireVue, a provider of software designed to improve the hiring process. From vague information at the application stage to poor follow-up after job interviews, here’s how the hiring process looks from the candidate’s perspective.

Look for these 8 qualities when hiring remote workers

A report from the flexjobs.com job board says employers intent on hiring remote workers are looking for candidates with these eight traits.

Survey: More CHROs say hiring is slowing

Chief human resources officers remain optimistic overall about hiring, but say they expect a slowdown. The Conference Board’s Q3 Index survey found that 38% of CHROs expect hiring to increase in the coming months, down from 51% in the group’s second-quarter survey.

50% of employees who accept job offers never start work

Among candidates who recently accepted an offer, 47% said they were still open to other job offers after accepting a position, while 42% believed they could find a better job if they continued looking.

What to do about lost or missing I-9 docs

The Department of Homeland Security recently revamped the I-9 form employers are required to fill out for every new worker they hire. At the same time, it revoked pandemic-era flexibility that previously allowed employers to remotely review identity and work-eligibility documents when hiring teleworkers and replaced it with a far more limited process.

Beware bias claims if you use AI to screen applicants

If you use AI to screen applicants, watch out! The EEOC is primed to spot evidence of AI-caused discrimination.