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Wages & Hours

Survey: More employers taking action on pay equity

WorldatWork’s latest Pay Equity Study found that 70% of organizations were taking action on pay equity in 2022, a 10% increase since 2019 and a 4% increase over 2021.

Court dismisses EPA case as push for pay equity intensifies

To win an EPA case, the worker must show that the opposite sex was paid more for “equal work requiring substantially similar skill, effort and responsibilities performed under similar working conditions.” That’s increasingly difficult in a work environment where numerous new jobs rely on extremely specialized skills, making it almost impossible to prove jobs are substantially similar enough to allow a comparison.

Pay for travel time to voluntary OT shift?

If an hourly employee has to travel from one location to another to continue their principal activities during the workday, then that’s paid time. Commuting time, however, is unpaid. But what if an employee completes a full shift at one location and voluntarily takes on an overtime shift at a different location?

DOL cracks down on employers that break teen work schedule rules

The Department of Labor ended 2022 and began 2023 with a series of enforcement actions against employers that violated the rules governing how and when teenage employees can work.

DOL to propose new OT threshold by May

Millions more white-collar employees could become newly eligible for overtime pay later this year. The Department of Labor has confirmed plans to update the overtime salary threshold by May.

Court calls working beyond pay grade intolerable

Generally, workers must be turned down for a job, demoted or fired before they can sue their employers and allege discrimination as the reason. But as with many things in life, there’s an exception—the concept of constructive discharge holds that if an employer makes the employee’s work life “intolerable,” that justifies quitting. The worker can then sue despite not having been fired.

Overtime for highly paid worker: overmuch?

An employee paid $200,000 is suing for overtime, and the case is pending before the Supreme Court. Employment lawyers are watching this case carefully.

Time is now for overtime pay scrutiny

Some commentators predict that the DOL might only raise the minimum wage. Others think the delay might mean the wage will rise with inflation. But while we wait, lawsuits and pay transparency trends are not off the clock.

New pay transparency law invites huge pay ranges

A salary range of $0 to $2 million for a client service position at Citigroup is among the new, rather broad salary ranges appearing among New York City job openings after the implementation of a new salary transparency law in New York.

Don’t round time! Every minute counts

Home Depot’s practice of rounding hourly employees’ total daily hours to the nearest quarter hour rather than the actual time worked, as recorded by a timekeeping system, resulted in underpaying an employee.