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Wages & Hours

DOL sessions suggest OT rule change is coming

In a sign that the Biden administration is moving forward with plans to raise the overtime salary threshold for white-collar employees, the Department of Labor is holding a series of “listening sessions” to gather employer and employee feedback on revising the Fair Labor Standards Act’s exemptions for executive, administrative and professional employees.

Kids these days: ‘Here’s how much I get paid’

Talking about how much one earns used to be considered taboo both at work and in social settings. That’s changing.

There’s no free lunch … or free work

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that you pay at least minimum wage for all hours worked by employees. In almost all cases, “free” work is illegal, and you can’t just get around that requirement by citing “noncompensation” in a job ad, or by having an employee sign away their rights to compensation.

Inflation spurs employers to reconsider salary budgets

One factor fueling the labor market churn known as the Great Resignation: The 8.5% year-over-year inflation rate reported at the end of March.

Trainee or pro? Legal lessons from the minors

Baseball is back now that the pandemic is largely in the rear view mirror and Major League Baseball owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association have signed a new collective bargaining agreement. But not every baseball-related labor dispute has been resolved. Down in the minor leagues, a players’ lawsuit could upend decades of pay practices.

New OT rule coming, could approach $50K threshold

Within weeks, the Biden administration is expected to release a proposed rule that would raise the salary threshold that qualifies white-collar employees to receive overtime pay.

The other good thing about remote work: the big bucks

While San Francisco is known for having high-paying jobs, high-paying remote work opportunities now top it.

Recovery: Women’s pay increasing faster than men’s

Women, who were hardest hit in the past two years by job losses, are reaping the biggest pay raises as the current phase of the pandemic winds down, according to a new study.

Workers can’t sign away their rights to overtime

A California home care agency was ordered last month to pay $315,000 in unpaid overtime to 158 workers. The owner unlawfully required hourly workers to sign an agreement to be paid straight time for each pay period.

1st in 40 years: DOL proposes new Davis-Bacon Act rules

The Department of Labor has published a notice of proposed rulemaking that for the first time since the 1980s revises rules for administering the Davis-Bacon Act, which governs pay for private-sector employees working on government construction contracts.