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Wages & Hours

Yes, same employee can file several EPA suits

Can an employee keep coming back to court with a new comparator? The answer appears to be a qualified “yes” as long as the new co-worker comparator arrived on the scene after the earlier lawsuit began.

Rule would allow bonuses for fluctuating workweek employees

The proposed rule would revise the regulation for computing overtime compensation for salaried, non-exempt employees who work hours that vary each week (i.e., a fluctuating workweek) under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Workers almost never have to pay for mistakes

When employees make careless errors or don’t follow the simple rules you laid out for them, you might be tempted to make them pay for their mistakes. Don’t do it!

DOL sets record for back pay recovered through enforcement

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division recovered a record $322 million in wages owed to workers in fiscal year 2019.

60% of employers taking action on pay-equity issues

Six out of 10 employers surveyed by the WorldatWork nonprofit and the Korn Ferry consulting firm say they are taking action on pay-equity issues, trying to ensure that minority group members and women are compensated as well as white men.

‘Fair scheduling’ legislation introduced, action unlikely

House and Senate Democrats have introduced legislation that would require retail, food-service and janitorial employers to give employees at least 14 days’ notice that their work schedules are going to change.

$5 million settlement in Intel pay discrimination case

Computer chip-maker Intel will pay $5 million to settle federal charges of systemic pay discrimination against female, black and Hispanic employees at facilities in Arizona, California and Oregon.

Snapshot: Who leads efforts to address pay inequality?

CEOs and other senior executives lend credibility to employer efforts to ensure women and minorities earn equal pay, but HR leads the day-to-day work.

DOL proposes new rule on tipped workers’ pay

Employees who rely on tips for most of their income might have to do more work for less than the minimum wage under a proposed rule issued Oct. 7 by the Department of Labor.

Play by overtime rules or be prepared to pay

Don’t try to game the system by making workers clock out and keep working, failing to record extra time worked or suggesting that the extra hours constitute “volunteer” work.