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Most managers still don’t understand FMLA basics

Less than half (46%) of managers can name the benefits that the FMLA provides and even fewer (42%) know how long employees can be absent on FMLA leave, according to a test given to 435 managers by ClaimVantage.

What managers need to know about the FMLA

The law allows qualified employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year for the birth or adoption of a child, to care for their own “serious” health condition or to care for an immediate family member who has a serious condition.

Firing after FMLA leave: How soon is ‘too soon’ to trigger retaliation?

When it comes to the FMLA, courts will always pull out their calendars to see how closely the employee’s protected activity (requesting or taking FMLA leave) coincides with the adverse action handed down by the employer (discipline, termination, etc.). The smaller the time, the bigger your risk of losing an FMLA-retaliation lawsuit.

New coronavirus relief law affects HR’s work

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 does more than provide for $1,400 stimulus checks and expanded unemployment benefits. It reaches into the HR function, extending employer subsidies for paid time off, offering government help to pay COBRA premiums and increasing the amounts employees may shelter from taxes in dependent care accounts.

DOL targeting employers for FMLA violations

Workers who believe they were unlawfully denied FMLA leave usually head directly to federal court to file lawsuits. Unlike most federal employment laws, the FMLA doesn’t require any preliminary agency action—like filing an EEOC complaint—before litigation can begin.

HR’s next crisis: Managing the return of covid-19 ‘long-haulers’

With covid-19 vaccination rates climbing and the worst of the coronavirus pandemic starting to recede, employers are becoming more optimistic that the world of work could soon return to normal. But the coast is not yet clear.

Explain: pregnancy accommodations temporary

If the worker takes FMLA leave, she’s entitled to return to her old job when leave is over. Without clear records that the employer means the accommodation to be temporary, she may later argue she was denied reinstatement to the last position she held.

DOL adjusts penalties for 2021

The Department of Labor has announced the 2021 inflation adjustments to penalties for employers that violate of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the FMLA and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Telemedicine OK to certify need to grant FMLA leave

The Department of Labor now considers a telemedicine consultation with a health care provider sufficient to determine someone has a serious health condition that warrants FMLA leave.

FFCRA to expire Dec. 31: Will it be extended?

When Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act in March, it set the law to expire on Dec. 31. The virus is still raging and Congress is now considering extending into 2021 the law.