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How to handle long COVID under ADA, FMLA

A new study from New York’s largest workers’ comp carrier says long COVID contributes significantly to current labor shortages and harms productivity.

No retaliation ever for invoking FMLA rights—even if employee may be ineligible

The 6th Circuit revived the FMLA retaliation claim of an attorney fired immediately after she requested unpaid leave to care for her two-year-old child at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alcoholism: Be prepared to accommodate it under both the ADA and the FMLA

Responding to the latest federal Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey, more than half of U.S. adults reported drinking alcohol in the previous 30 days. One study placed the overall cost of alcohol abuse at more than $249 billion per year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says employers bear 72% of that cost because of lost productivity.

DOL: Fresh guidance on remote worker rights, FMLA vs. ADA

The Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division on Feb. 9 issued two new guidance documents affecting employers with remote workers and FMLA-eligible employees who must work reduced schedules to manage their serious health conditions.

How to avoid being set up for an FMLA lawsuit

It’s fairly common for workers facing discipline to request FMLA leave, believing that means their employer can’t fire them. It’s a way of setting up a potential FMLA retaliation lawsuit. A recent case shows exactly how employers can avoid being set up.

DOL provides FMLA guidance for workers living with cancer

The Department of Labor created some new resources to help workers living with cancer understand their rights under the FMLA.

Follow these key FMLA intermittent leave call-off rules

Managing employees authorized to take FMLA on an intermittent basis can be a massive headache. You never know when the employee will call off work. But disciplining the employee for missing work can backfire. Here’s how to create call-off rules that comply with the law.

New York state will bar retaliation against workers who take legally protected time off

The law appears to focus on “points-based” attendance, in which employers impose points, or demerits, on employees for absences, often without regard for the reason for the absence—including medical reasons, which can be protected under the FMLA and other laws.

Don’t discourage employees from taking FMLA leave!

The Supreme Court declined to hear an Illinois case involving a corrections officer who claimed a manager told him that he would be disciplined if he took any more FMLA leave.

FMLA and mental health—what you need to know as an employer

Do you have an employee looking to take FMLA for mental health? Following are some tips and guidelines to know when it comes to employees taking FMLA for mental health reasons.