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Employee Relations

Skipping disciplinary step? Document why

If you have a progressive discipline system that gives poor performers or rule breakers a chance to reform, be sure your policy includes an escape hatch that lets you skip steps when necessary.
Employment Law

Mind deadlines when employee files bias charges

Employees must meet strict deadlines when filing discrimination claims with the EEOC and state anti-discrimination agencies.
Compensation & Benefits

Economy is booming, but when will wages rise?

With low unemployment and a growing GDP, Americans are feeling much more comfortable about the economy. Yet a concerning trend lurks underneath an otherwise booming economy: slow wage growth.

Immigration crisis prompting staff backlash at consulting firms

The controversy over Immigration and Customs Enforcement practices on the U.S.-Mexico border is spilling into the workplace.
HR Management

Review your handbook: NLRB changes the rules on workplace rules

The National Labor Relations Board last year overturned an established standard for determining if workplace rules comply with the National Labor Relations Act. Now the NLRB has issued a memorandum providing employer guidance.

Public-policy exception means at-will status doesn’t always apply

A federal court interpreting Pennsylvania law has concluded that firing a worker for calling in a complaint to OSHA provides protection under the public-policy exception.
Article Archives

No, you can’t make staff divulge their meds

DOL funding could fall … a little bit

NLRB claims Musk violated NLRA

Snapshot: Almost all employers offer retirement benefits

Retirement savings are significant source of wealth

States push back against DOL’s PAID program

Post-Janus, N.Y. legislation favors public-sector unions

Fines for fatal fire at Orange County, N.Y. cosmetics maker

No official time records? Court will believe employees

Appeals court upholds state agency’s award

Calendar alert: Employees may have up to three years to sue for FMLA violations

Employee’s disability doesn’t give him a free pass to break rules

Not every gripe is worth an employee lawsuit

Not all unwanted touching is harassment

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