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HR Management

Workers’ comp model could curb opioid crisis

Abuse of prescription opioids has been cited as one of the leading factors in a recent decline in the life expectancy of working-age Americans. Now a federal program seeks to limit addiction by controlling how much medication injured federal government employees are allowed to receive.

Employer arrests fell in FY19, but ICE wants more

A high-ranking Immigration and Customs Enforcement official told the Wall Street Journal the agency “hopes to arrest many more employers” for violating immigration-related laws, including knowingly hiring and employing foreign workers who lack authorization to work in the United States.
Employment Law

New overtime regulations may affect 401(k) plans

If you reclassified some FLSA-exempt employees as nonexempt this year—thanks to the new overtime salary-level regulations that are scheduled to kick in Jan. 1—be aware that this could impact your 401(k) and health plans.
Compensation & Benefits

Health insurance costs rising faster than incomes

The average annual growth in the cost of premiums and deductibles for employees who get their health insurance through work has outpaced growth in the median U.S. income over the last 10 years.

Note exact date and time of firing decision

If the employee brings up some form of discrimination to establish that she engaged in “protected activity” and claims the discharge was retaliation for her complaint, you can show that’s not possible because you made the decision before she complained.
Employee Relations

How to have those ‘tough talks’ with employees: 10 tips

Tough conversations can actually strengthen relationships and help both parties grow personally and professionally—if you handle them the right way. Here are 10 tips for having those difficult conversations from Quint Studer, author of the bestseller The Busy Leader’s Handbook.
Article Archives

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