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Compensation & Benefits

Your vaccination decisions: 5 key issues to consider

You should absolutely formalize your decisions in a written vaccination policy that you provide to each employee, so that everyone is on the same page as to your requirements and expectations. Here are the five key considerations that should be front of mind.
Employee Relations

As pandemic eases, which employees should you bring back into the workplace?

Many employees who were sent home at the start of the pandemic are in no rush to return to the workplace full time. The “when” and “who” and “where” of returning your workers requires looking at these key questions, according to attorney Jon Hyman.
Employment Law

‘Hear no evil, see no evil’ is a manager’s worst possible anti-harassment strategy

Make sure your supervisors know that they have a direct obligation—both legally and for company policy reasons—to pass along to HR any complaints of harassing or discriminatory behavior that they hear about from their employees.
HR Management

How to establish remote work rules for your hourly employees

As the pandemic subsides, many employers are opting for some amount of continued telework, even for hourly workers. Here are some tips on dealing with remote hourly staff.

Half of quits might have been preventable

Fifty-two percent of employees who voluntarily quit their jobs say their manager or organization could have done something to convince them to stay, according to a Gallup poll.

First Friday in April: A little of this, a little of that and a serving of humble pie

Let's look at what's payroll-related in President Biden’s infrastructure plan, among other issues (but first, the all-important designated hitter debate continues).
Article Archives

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