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Compensation & Benefits

Small employer alternatives to substantial wage increases

When employees consider new job offers, they typically compare the total compensation packages. Make the comparison easy by providing a clear summary of total compensation, including all benefits. If the bottom-line number needs to be higher, think creatively about new or enhanced benefits.
Employee Relations

Creating an employee performance improvement plan

With all involved holding an optimistic mindset, an effective performance improvement plan can help struggling employees take corrective action to rectify work performance issues.
Employment Law

Sexual harassment case un­­der­­scores importance of training

Lowe’s will pay $700,000 to settle a sexual harassment discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. EEOC, charging that the hardware chain allowed sexual harassment to occur at its Lake Havasu City, Arizona, location for several years.

Snapshot: Talent acquisition

With recruitment on the top of every HR department’s list of priorities, the HR Research Institute conducted a comprehensive study regarding talent acquisition to help companies determine what’s most important to candidates.
HR Management

Exploring AI to save time and increase efficiencies?

Imagine having an assistant who can handle the repetitive aspects of your HR team. Artificial intelligence (AI) can expedite routine tasks, leaving more time for addressing more significant issues and future planning. Here are three ways small companies are using AI to streamline their business.

Snapshot: Trend shift: Millennials now on the chopping block

After suffering through the Great Recession and the pandemic, when the Great Resignation came along, millennials were among those who switched jobs for a better deal. Now they are among the most laid off.
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