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Compensation & Benefits

Who takes the most time off following work injuries?

Analysts at Upflip, an online training provider, reviewed the latest injury and illness data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see which occupations had the highest percentage of cases where six days or more were taken off from work.
HR Management

Dread hiring members of Gen Z? Offer training to overcome their shortcomings

Kids these days! According to a new survey by ResumeBuilder.com, three in 10 hiring managers say they try to avoid hiring Generation Z candidates. If Gen Z comes into the workforce lacking the necessary attitudes, aptitudes and skills, then employers will have to train them how to succeed at work.
Employee Relations

Lessen liability by quickly addressing sexual harassment

Just having a policy that prohibits sexual harassment can prevent harassment from occurring. Most employers also make it easy for employees to report harassment they experience or witness.
Employment Law

Washington Watch: NLRB, OSHA in the news

A constitutionality argument against the NLRB and OSHA’s new walkaround rule.

4 metrics for measuring background-screening efficiency

At least 94% of employers perform some kind of background screening on job applicants before they hire. That doesn’t mean all those checks were conducted efficiently. Let’s look at four metrics that companies can use to measure the performance of their background-screening providers.

When terminations are required, always proceed with dignity

Sometimes, managers must terminate employees even during good economic times. The reasons are many. An employer may choose to move in a different direction, requiring it to shed workers with skills no longer needed now that the mission has changed. Then there’s the case of the underperforming employees you finally decide to let go. Whatever the reason, managers must understand how to fire with dignity. Here are some guidelines to follow.
Article Archives

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Paper receipts still needed to substantiate expenses

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Grant request for religious accommodation if at all possible

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