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Employment Law

PRO Act could trigger massive union changes

Legislation introduced in February will usher in sweeping labor-management changes if it passes.
HR Management

Remove unintended ‘promises’ from handbook

Your employee handbook probably includes a disclaimer stating that it is not a contract. But beware: A single disclaimer at the front of the book isn’t enough, especially if other handbook language appears to make promises you are not prepared to honor.
Compensation & Benefits

Paycheck Fairness Act introduced again, and this time it could pass

The PFA places a high bar in front of employers trying to justify differentials between the wages paid to women and men.

4 ways coronavirus has changed work forever

Patterns are beginning to emerge as to what might be in store as the crisis winds down.
Employee Relations

Workplace unity: Keeping the peace amid strong opinions and emotions

What can managers do to promote office peace and lessen the risk of threatening rhetoric occurring?

Fired Jan. 6 protestor sues for $10 million

Consult your attorney before firing an employee who may have been present at a protest where rioting occurred. There’s a risk you might be sued.
Article Archives

Review coronavirus-safety protocols ASAP

10% of workers will try to outwit AI tracking tools

Poll: Paid family and medical leave has bipartisan support

Congress takes up legislation that could affect HR, employers

Snapshot: Lawsuits filed by the EEOC

Offering incentives to get the vaccine? Tread carefully

Are unpaid internships a thing of the past?

As jobs declined, union participation rose in 2020

Report: Wage-and-hour cases to ‘explode’ in 2021

False positives? Look out for fake COVID test results

Require vaccinated staff to mask up, stay apart

Risky business: Think twice before firing ‘sickly’ worker

Expect more covid paid-leave mandates soon

Another agency to watch out for: the FTC

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