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Impartiality required when firing bias complainant

Trying to fire a worker who has made discrimination claims against her supervisors? Think about assigning an impartial fact-finding decision-maker before you discharge.

A sample calendar for your new hire onboarding program

You have much less time than you think to make a good impression. So how are you going to do it?
Employment Law

Supreme Court sides with employers on arbitration class action waivers

In May, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that employers may include language in arbitration agreements that bars employees from filing class-action lawsuits to resolve employment disputes. It’s a huge win for employers.
Employee Relations

How to prep for flood of #MeToo complaints

In a recent NPR radio interview, Society for Human Resource Management CEO Johnny Taylor reported that #MeToo has created an “HR level of activity like nothing we’ve ever seen.”
HR Management

OSHA, AESC renew petroleum industry safety partnership

The three-year alliance renewal will extend efforts to reduce and prevent exposure to well servicing hazards, and provide training resources for member companies and their employees.
Compensation & Benefits

More employers offering promotions without raises

Nearly two in five HR managers (39%) said it’s common for their company to offer employees promotions without salary increases. That’s a 17-point jump from a similar 2011 survey.
Article Archives

Employment law update: FMLA & ADA, FLSA & higher education

Lawsuits filed against Queens principal cost city $600,000

Buffalo temp agency accused of just about every kind of bias

Deny FMLA if clarification request goes unanswered

Expect lawsuit when inexperienced newbie suddenly replaces older, excellent worker

It’s all fun and games until joking about injuries leads to an FMLA violation

Employee acting as own lawyer? Expect delays

Ensure employees know about intermittent leave

Even some common injuries can be disabilities

Hello, old friend: DOL opinion letters are back

Employers beware! ICE doubles worksite enforcement investigations

Rowlett, Texas bar to pay $20,000 to settles pregnancy bias suit

If former employee sues you, you may be able to file a counter-claim against him

Wrongfully termination? Do the math before deciding not to take employee back

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