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Compensation & Benefits

Avoid the wage-and-hour mistake that just cost an employer $229 million

A jury recently reminded a Washington state employer that rounding time in a way that deprives employees of pay—even if it’s just pennies—can trigger a class-action lawsuit with a huge payout.
Employee Relations

Ease workplace conflict with 3 simple steps

In every person, the natural reaction to conflict is based on biology: When confronted with danger, our innate biological response is to either attack or run away—the famous “fight or flight” syndrome. In the workplace, neither fight nor flight behaviors are likely to result in solving the problem. Instead, use these three strategies to help you move from conflict to resolution.

Opportunity? Women’s C-suite progress stalls

Fewer opportunities for women at the most senior levels of corporate America may represent an excellent opportunity for smaller employers.
Employment Law

No, you can’t use high medical costs as an excuse to terminate a sick worker

A car dealership is out $325,000 and must train managers and supervisors on the ADA and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
HR Management

Strangers on your shop floor: What you need to know about OSHA’s new walkaround rule

OSHA’s recently issued final rule on who may represent employees during safety and health inspections has employers worried. As a practical matter, the “walkaround rule”—which takes effect May 31—means employers have little opportunity to object to third parties who employees choose to accompany OSHA inspectors as they check for unsafe working conditions or practices.

‘This is a business’: Google CEO fired back and fired protesting employees

Employees have the right to think whatever they want to think and hold whatever opinions they want to hold. But when employees act on those opinions in a way that disrupts their workplace and their employer’s business, they’ve crossed the line and should be held accountable … not for their beliefs, but for their actions.
Article Archives

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