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Employment Law

Look into even suspect harassment complaints

Don’t assume every last-minute harassment complaint is a sham. Instead, investigate.
Compensation & Benefits

Of course employees know how their pay compares

82% of professionals feel well-informed about what they should be making in their current position, and 73% say they’ve checked their salary against market rates in the last year.
HR Management

ADA requires training accommodations, too

The ADA requires employers to provide help to disabled applicants at every stage of the employment relationship if that assistance is reasonable. That includes adapting job training so disabled employees can learn how to perform their jobs.

Ban criminal history queries on applications

It’s time to reconsider your practice of asking potential employees about their criminal record histories. That’s especially true if you ask the question upfront, on your application or before you have even reviewed candidates’ other qualifications.

Review prior complaints before terminating

Before approving any recommendation to terminate a worker, review HR records to see if the worker has filed any discrimination or harassment complaints. Ensure the recommendation wasn’t motivated by retaliation.
Employee Relations

SHRM advises Congress on how to retain staff members

The Society for Human Resource Management is doing its part to make Capitol Hill function more effectively, telling Congress how to retain staff members, whose work is characterized by high pressure, low pay and long hours.
Article Archives

Beware retaliation against whistleblowers

Snapshot: How many Americans are union members?

Half of employees have 3-month rainy-day cushion

Accommodate disabilities with more time off

Drywall company can’t paper over wage violations

Fort Worth beverage distributor resolves bias complaints

Failure to accommodate depression costs $75,000

Automatic timekeeping system? Make sure it truly records all hours worked

How to prevent some class actions: Let local managers make compensation decisions

New employee just isn’t working out? Document specific problems before firing

Yes, you can fire workers who take FMLA leave

Investigate every claim of sexual harassment

San Antonio delays paid sick leave, Dallas moves ahead

DOL seeks employer comments on proposed FMLA form revisions

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