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Compensation & Benefits

Giving crypto a try? Heed these 4 payroll precautions

Cryptocurrency is hot, with the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other forms of digital currency growing more than 60% since the beginning of 2024. Some of your employees may have started asking if they can be paid in cryptocurrency. Proceed with caution!
Employment Law

Lawsuits pending: Will new OT rule go into effect July 1?

A new U.S. Department of Labor rule scheduled to go into effect July 1 will raise the overtime salary threshold for white-collar employees to $43,888 per year, up from the current $35,568 per year. However, a trio of lawsuits could derail those plans. All ask federal courts to prevent the overtime rules from taking effect, at least temporarily.

AI in recruitment: Harnessing technology for efficient hiring

The recruiting processes used by modern HR teams are evolving rapidly in response to advancements in technology and innovative tools. These tools are not only revolutionizing the methods HR professionals use to identify and attract talent but also significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process.
HR Management

Beware AI screening based on race, age and disability

A class-action complaint filed earlier this year takes direct aim at the discriminatory practices inherent in AI tools. Workday, a human resource management service that provides applicant screening services as one of its capabilities, is accused of using machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence tools to screen out applicants who are African-American, disabled and/or over the age of 40.
Employee Relations

The 10 most-detested business clichés of 2024

Business buzzwords come and go. Employees wish these 10 corporate clichés would vanish, according to outplacement firm Careerminds.com, which commissioned a poll of 3,000 workers. Pass them around to your managers, spread the word and erase them from your vocabulary.

No, you can’t use high medical costs as an excuse to terminate a sick worker

A car dealership is out $325,000 and must train managers and supervisors on the ADA and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
Article Archives

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