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Compensation & Benefits

Employers seek new health care cost-control strategies

Curbing the cost of health care and increasing its affordability remain the top priorities for almost all employers over the next three years, according to the 24th annual Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey by Willis Towers Watson.
HR Management

Snapshot: What motivates the decision to be an external worker?

A sample of freelancers, independent consultants, temps and gig workers gave the reasons they became external workers.

White House eases rules on federal contractor staffing

A new executive order lifted previous rules that required new contractors to retain most employees who were performing work for the previous contract holder.

Superstar won’t behave? Feel free to fire

Sometimes, an employee does a great job, but an abrasive personality makes him more trouble than he is worth. Superior work skills and productivity insulate superstars from legitimate discipline or termination based on poor behavior.
Employment Law

Federal contractor? You’re subject to False Claims Act

The False Claims Act prohibits federal contractors from firing whistleblowers who report employer wrongdoing.
Employee Relations

‘Selling’ benefits: 5 ways to repackage perks & increase participation

The two keys to greater use of your work/life benefits: constant communication and the right kind of communication. Here are five suggestions to achieve those goals.
Article Archives

Health benefit spending follows the 20/80 rule

Higher health premiums mean less spent elsewhere

Best defense: Consistent rules universally enforced

Understand interplay between FMLA, ADA when employee must care for family member

Ensure policy spells out exactly how employees should report allegations of sexual harassment

Yes, same employee can file several EPA suits

EEOC: Assisted living facility in McKinney, Texas violated ADA

Employee acts as attorney? Prepare for a long haul

Jury’s $20 million message on anti-gay bias

IRS releases 401(k) COLA, other 2020 benefits amounts

Holiday hiring expected to remain flat this year

Rule would allow bonuses for fluctuating workweek employees

48% dated a co-worker, causing 4% to lose jobs

Workers almost never have to pay for mistakes

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