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Compensation & Benefits

DOL proposes new rule on tipped workers’ pay

Employees who rely on tips for most of their income might have to do more work for less than the minimum wage under a proposed rule issued Oct. 7 by the Department of Labor.
Employment Law

Whistleblowers protected by state and federal law

Under the federal False Claims Act, employees who report alleged fraud in the spending of federal money are protected from retaliation for doing so. If a jury concludes the employer retaliated, the worker is entitled to back and front pay, plus other damages.

RIF didn’t achieve business goals? OK to repost jobs that were previously cut

If you can clearly explain why you decided to reopen positions that were eliminated earlier, courts are unlikely to conclude you intended to discriminate against those who were not retained during the earlier RIF.
HR Management

The HR I.Q. Test: October ’19

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.
Employee Relations

Toxic culture triggers turnover, costs billions

One in five Americans have left a job in the past five years due to bad company culture. The cost of that turnover is an estimated $223 billion, according to a new SHRM report on workplace culture.

How to determine an interviewee’s integrity?

Asking an applicant “Are you honest and trustworthy?” won’t get you any useful data in a job interview.
Article Archives

Play by overtime rules or be prepared to pay

’Tis the season for religious accommodation

FICA wage base increases to $137,700 in 2020

27% of adults have a pre-existing condition

If court scraps ACA, administration wants to delay law’s demise

Snapshot: Strikes spiked in 2018

The gig is up! New AB 5 law turns many contractors into employees

Bay area bistro forks over more than $172k in overtime

TB or not TB: That is the question in Oakland

Ensure settlement agreement ends threat of litigation

You won in court! Congratulations! Don’t expect to have legal costs reimbursed

No proof of bias: Religious affiliation alone doesn’t disqualify arbitrator

Your website could trigger a bias lawsuit

Requiring English not automatically biased

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