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HR Management

Little confidence in ability to elevate female leaders

Only 28% of senior HR executives are satisfied with their organization’s ability to elevate women into leadership roles.

Bad hires cost $15,000, plague 74% of employers

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, companies last year lost an average of $14,900 every time they made a hiring mistake.
Employment Law

Feds file Supreme Court brief opposing ‘fair share’ union dues

The Trump administration has weighed in on an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court that could determine if labor unions can charge “fair-share fees” to employees who aren’t union members.
Compensation & Benefits

Snapshot: Fewer bonuses this year

A strong economy hasn’t convinced employers to loosen the purse strings this holiday season. 
Employee Relations

Investigating harassment in the #MeToo era

Tales of sexual harassment from Hollywood to Washington have HR departments everywhere pondering the worst-case scenario: What if someone has been harassing co-workers for years? That ticking time bomb could go off at any time.

Jury gets to decide: Did she quit or was she fired?

Think an employee’s ultimatum a­­mounts to quitting in a huff? Maybe, maybe not­. If a dispute transforms into a lawsuit, it may be up to a judge or jury to determine if an em­­ployee really resigned or was just blow­­ing off steam.
Article Archives

Poll: Employee benefits are our favorite tax breaks

EEOC wins big on sexual orientation bias

Houston union settles EEOC race bias claims for $30,000

Principal sues Houston schools for race, age discrimination

Assignment scope determines background checker liability

ADA interactive accommodations process not required—if employee isn’t disabled

Track hours worked … unless you want court to

Kingwood, Texas firm digs in heels over unpaid OT, faces suit

Almost all would trade pay if employer shared values

Ring to be nominated to NLRB

DOL proposes new tip-pooling rules to benefit back-of-the-house staff

Snapshot: Then & now — Is harassment at work a major problem?

Employer-sponsored health plan costs rose 2.6% in 2017

A matter of balance: Medical marijuana, the ADA and drug testing

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