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Employee Relations

PIP: Offer chance to improve before firing

Smart employers make it a standard practice to establish performance improvement plans before terminating employees who can’t do their jobs properly. PIPs can help turn around an underperforming worker. They also demonstrate your good faith to courts, assuring them that a subsequent firing was because of a performance problem, not discrimination.
HR Management

Address fresh employee anxiety about covid

The promise of a summer free of covid-related restrictions ended in July, thanks to the rapidly spreading Delta variant. It’s time to brush up on ways to reduce that stress. Here are some tips.

Set objective criteria for who loses job in layoff

Use objective standards to decide who will stay or go during a reduction in force. That helps eliminate the chance that bias will taint the RIF process and trigger an employee lawsuit.
Compensation & Benefits

DOL plans to explore raising exempt overtime threshold again

The Department of Labor has confirmed it is reviewing the exemptions of executive, administrative and professional employees from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Employment Law

It’s official: DOL pulls plug on joint employer, contractor regs

The Department of Labor has officially rescinded two Trump administration regulations that would have redefined joint employment and the distinction between employees and independent contractors.

DACA overturned, current permit holders can remain

A federal court has ruled that the federal government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was established illegally. If you employ people who hold DACA work permits, the ruling could affect your staff members.
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