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Compensation & Benefits

With COVID emergencies set to expire, prepare for health insurance effects

The Biden administration has announced that, after more than three years, both the COVID-19 national emergency and the COVID public health emergency will finally expire on May 11. That has implications for terminated employees’ access to COBRA continuation health insurance coverage. It also affects how private insurance plans, such as those sponsored by employers, may cover COVID-related expenses.
Employment Law

Accommodate hairstyles based on religious beliefs

Discrimination lawsuits involving hairstyles are all the rage—as are new laws and regulations protecting natural and ethnic hairstyles.
HR Management

Research examines how HR leadership shakes out in varying segments

The field of human resources is constantly changing, and this is a good time to check the industry’s pulse and examine the current state of HR leadership.
Employee Relations

Plants at work could help reduce errors

Participants in an experiment made 43% fewer errors when performing stress-inducing cognitive tasks in rooms outfitted with “air-purifying green walls” covered with plants.

Companies cut employees, hire contractors instead

Layoffs are in the news again, but research conducted by ResumeBuilder.com in January suggests some job cuts aren’t a response to lower consumer demand in a sluggish economy, but old-fashioned cost-cutting instead.

Keep it Legal: 5 tips for firing employees the right way

Firing employees is one of the most challenging parts of being a manager, but it is also often unavoidable. If you need some help building up this essential skill, don’t worry. BambooHR published a recent blog offering five helpful tips on how to fire an employee the right way.
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