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Employment Law

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act final regulations go into effect June 18

The EEOC has issued the long-awaited final regulations implementing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The regs are scheduled to be published today in the Federal Register, and will become effective in 60 days, on June 18, 2024.
Compensation & Benefits

As requests for leave surge, HR is pressured to respond

Since the pandemic, employees increasingly expect access to generous leave benefits, and employers are responding. AbsenceSoft’s 2024 Leave of Absence and Workplace Accommodations Forecast revealed these trends.

Tap 3 digital recruiting trends to hire Gen Z workers

Employers that implement a forward-thinking approach to technology and prioritize diversity and belonging have the greatest success hiring and retaining the talent they need. They are the organizations that do the best job recruiting and developing members of Generation Z, the cohort born in 1997 and later. Here are three tech-oriented recruiting trends employers use to effectively engage Gen Z workers.

The 5-step plan for handling an employee’s 2-weeks’ notice

For a smooth exit that’s favorable to both employee and employer, follow these steps for any departure.
Employee Relations

Discipline consistently, equitably to avoid discrimination liability

Every employee who breaks the same rule should receive the same level of discipline. Absent some solid, fact-based reason, treating some employees more leniently than others is practically begging to be sued for discrimination. That’s especially true if a manager treats members of a particular protected class more harshly or more favorably than employees who belong to different protected classes.
HR Management

How to object to non-employee representative under OSHA’s new ‘walk-around’ rule

OSHA’s new “walk-around” rule has drawn fierce criticism from business advocates who argue that it offers no formal way for employers to object to who employees select to accompany OSHA compliance officers during workplace inspections. Employment law attorney Carrie Hoffman suggests how employers should handle the situation.
Article Archives

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