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HR Management

Office ‘desk sensors:’ Legal, but an employee turnoff

An increasing number of employers are using small electronic sensors placed under desks that tell when employees are present.

In-person interview needed for job-based green card

As part of President Trump’s “extreme vetting” directives, potential legal immigrant workers will now be required to undergo in-person interviews with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Employment Law

More reverse bias cases under Trump administration

Only about 12% of all race discrimination complaints filed with the EEOC last year were by white employees who claim they were treated less favorably than minority co-workers. But the shifting political climate may lead to an increase in such “reverse discrimination” cases.
Compensation & Benefits

EEOC files test case on rigid leave policies

If the EEOC wins a pending lawsuit, be prepared to amend any policy that unequivocally calls for firing employees who can’t return to work after they have used up all their leave. If you don’t, you could find yourself in the crosshairs of the EEOC litigation team.
Employee Relations

Employers like open space, employees don’t

Wide open spaces aren’t all they’re cracked up to be in the office, a new survey of workers shows. Employees polled by staffing firm Robert Half said open floor plans are among the least productive and most stressful work environments.

Beware the perils of firing because of political speech

Recent incidents have raised questions about how private employers handle employees with unpopular political views and what legal hurdles they may face.
Article Archives

Document policy details, decisions based on them

Court: Nursing mom entitled to light duty

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Survey: More than half say yes, actually, it is just a job

How HR can help CEOs, from CEOs who started in HR

Outgoing NLRB chair Miscimarra promises busy fall for rulings

Snapshot: How many employers offer health benefits?

Use your ‘poker face’ when hearing complaints

Incomes rose last year despite stagnant wages

Make sure moonlighting policy is practical

Employer alert: Support for unions growing

DOL budget dodges Senate cuts; House budget takes axe to NLRB

Canada seeks to outlaw U.S. right-to-work legislation

Snapshot: Most are OK with variable hours

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