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HR Management

Minnesota’s unemployment rate well below national number

In news that may spell trouble in 2018 for Minnesota employers, it appears that the state’s unemployment rate is steadily declining to lows not seen in decades.

Court: Reasonable fear of economic harm is enough to support constructive discharge claim

Employees can’t quit and claim constructive discharge just because conditions at work became uncomfortable. But what level of discomfort is required?

A background check, an interview, then handcuffs

When a man applied for a dispatcher job at an Arizona police department, the required background check revealed an arrest warrant.
Employment Law

Woebegone, Keillor says he was fired without investigation

Former “Prairie Home Companion” host Garrison Keillor alleges his firing from Minnesota Public Radio was completed without a proper investigation of sexual harassment allegations made against him.
Compensation & Benefits

Prepare to contest restoring unemployment when employees quit soon after starting

When a worker receiving unemployment benefits accepts a job she isn’t required to accept because it is “unsuitable” for her training, education or ability, she can quit within 30 days and regain unemployment benefits. But simply quitting because she thinks she is going to be discharged doesn’t count.
Employee Relations

$1 million to Rochester, Minn. cop who spoke her mind online

Citing rules against discussing personnel matters, Rochester, Minn. city officials are remaining silent concerning a $1 million payout to a 25-year veteran of the city’s police force who was disciplined after making controversial online comments about current events.
Article Archives

Court offers extra help when workers represent themselves

Completing EEOC intake form starts right-to-sue clock

When offering part-time job, clearly explain: Hours may vary from time to time

No time records? Court will use workers’ tally

$550,000 settles decade-old harassment case

Using GPS to monitor staff? Know legal risks and 5 best practices

Workplace deaths reach highest total since 2008

Penalties rise for employment law violations

Pay discrimination lawsuit: 25¢ was all it took

Is your company eligible for new FMLA tax credit?

Scam alert: Feds won’t request your I-9s via email

44% of employers plan on additional hiring this year

What to tell employees about tax reform and 2018 withholding

Fewer class certs, but settlements soared in 2017

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