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Retain older workers with tailored benefits

Now that the post-COVID economy has stabilized and the stock market is climbing again, some older workers who stuck with you throughout the pandemic may be considering quitting to pursue other interests. But if they do, you will be at risk of losing the benefit of their on-the-job experience, their investment in your organization’s culture and their institutional knowledge of how you get work done.

‘Back to school’ may mean employees need time off

Most employers are flexible about granting school-related leave, but just how far they’ll bend depends on whether employees are nonexempt or exempt and state short-term leave laws.

Summer’s here and so are new employment laws

Summertime is often when new employment laws take effect, and this summer is no exception.

Bereavement leave: How to manage time off when an employee’s loved one dies

Is HR’s focus on leave related to childbirth misplaced? According to the Census Bureau, there were more deaths than births in most U.S. counties during the 12 months that ended June 30, 2022. Any employer that offers reasonable bereavement leave—especially paid leave—sets itself apart as a workplace that values work-life balance.

Feel free to contact worker who’s on sick leave

Employers should make it a point not to pester employees who are out on sick leave or ask them to perform work during their time off. However, that general principle doesn’t mean employers are absolutely forbidden to seek basic information from employees who are out sick.

As calls for nationwide paid leave grow, several states already have laws on the books

Momentum is growing to offer paid family and medical leave as a nationwide benefit. The White House’s fiscal year 2024 budget request called on Congress to appropriate $325 billion to fund up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. 11 states and the District of Columbia already have laws that create a paid leave entitlement for eligible workers.

Is it time to force employees to use PTO?

Now is the time to tell employees to submit their requests for time they want to take off for summer vacation. But what if workers are slow to schedule vacation time or insist on taking just a day or two off around the 4th of July instead of taking a full week off? That’s far more disruptive for supervisors.

Did PWFA create right for new moms to take maternity leave? EEOC hints it might have

According to newly released guidance from the EEOC, new parents may be entitled to “reasonable accommodations” during recovery in the form of unpaid time off under the recently enacted Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The new federal law takes effect June 27.

Managers: Encourage employees to take vacation time

When was the last time you used your PTO to take a vacation? If you’re like most Americans, it’s likely been a while, as 55% of workers don’t use all their paid time off. But encouraging your employees to use their time off is a win for you and for them.

55% don’t use all their PTO leave

We’re leaving an awful lot of leave on the table!