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Don’t turn down FMLA because paid leave is available

While employees may prefer taking paid leave and will often use vacation, personal or sick time to have a paycheck, employers shouldn’t refuse an FMLA request just because paid leave is available.

Employee returning from maternity leave: Does she have to have the same hours as before?

Q. Under Texas law, if we have an employee returning from maternity leave, are we required to give her the same work hours as she received before her leave? We would like to reduce her hours because sales are down.

San Antonio delays paid sick leave, Dallas moves ahead

By now, San Antonio’s paid sick leave ordinance was supposed to have gone into effect. But thanks to a compromise between city government and a group of local employers, affected employers won’t have to begin providing paid leave until at least Dec. 1, 2019.

California: Prepare for expanded paid leave benefit starting next July

Effective July 1, 2020, California workers who receive paid family leave benefits under the California State Disability Insurance Program will be able to receive eight weeks of time off instead of the current six.

FMLA covers some school-related absences

For years, employers have been told the FMLA doesn’t cover leave that employees take for their children’s school-related meetings and visits. But an eye-opening new U.S. Department of Labor opinion letter adds an important new exception to that rule.

Summer’s almost gone! Let’s take some time off

Labor Day is right around the corner. Have you been stuck at work all summer? Don’t be like Mississippi. Make like Ohio and get the heck outta here. Go on vacation!

Q&A: Paid leave laws in Dallas, San Antonio go into effect

Employers with more than five employees in Dallas or San Antonio should make sure their leave policies comply with the new requirements. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the ordinances.

New California state law extends paid leave to eight weeks

Effective July 1, 2020, workers who receive paid family leave benefits under the California State Disability Insurance Program will be able to receive eight weeks of paid leave instead of the current six weeks.

Snapshot: Most employers provide full pay during parental leave

More than half of U.S. employers offer paid parental leave—and more than three-fourths do so with full pay.

New York enacts more generous paid voting leave rules

The law virtually guarantees that all employees who request time off for voting must be granted sufficient paid time off to enable them to vote, up to a maximum of three hours.