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Snapshot: Why employees say they take FFCRA paid leave

19% of employees polled say they have taken or plan to take paid leave available through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Covid-19: Encourage taking FFCRA paid leave

As you prepare to welcome employees back to work, remember that some of them, or their family members, may still be sickened by covid-19. In many cases, they are entitled to paid sick leave, and it won’t cost you a penny to provide it.

Off-duty worker ignores social distancing: How to respond

If you discover that employees have flaunted local COVID-19 guidelines outside of work, can you place them on an unpaid leave of absence to quarantine before they return to work?

No day camp…no problem: Paid FMLA leave may still apply

According to the Department of Labor, paid FMLA leave isn’t available after schools close for the summer, because that’s not a coronavirus-related reason. But, up to 12 weeks of paid FMLA leave may be available, if camps or other programs in which employees’ kids were enrolled didn’t open due to the coronavirus.

Coming to a court near you: covid-19 lawsuits

In just a few weeks, dozens of federal lawsuits have been filed alleging some workplace wrong related to the coronavirus or covid-19.

Next big coronavirus threat: lawsuits against employers

With so many workers unemployed and with little to lose (and a lot to gain), they aren’t being shy about bringing coronavirus legal claims related to workplace safety, wages, leave accommodations and more.

New coronavirus bill includes more paid leave

The latest coronavirus relief bill—the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, passed by the House of Representatives on May 15—contains many provisions that will affect employers if it is enacted.

Settlement in first-ever DOL coronavirus case

It didn’t take long for the U.S. Department of Labor to cite an employer for breaking the new paid sick leave rules written into the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

What you can, can’t ask staff during pandemic

When workers ask for leave because they can’t or don’t want to come to work, you need to know exactly what you can and cannot ask.

IRS spells out paid sick, family leave documentation requirements

New guidance from the IRS states that employees must submit written requests to document their need for paid sick leave and paid family leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.