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17 states sue to block PWFA rule from taking effect

The lawsuit, filed April 25 by Tennessee’s attorney general in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Arkansas, asserts that the PWFA was enacted to ensure “pregnant women receive workplace accommodations to protect their pregnancies and unborn children.”

6 in 10 employers offer paid parental leave

Sixty-two percent of employers offer some form of paid parental leave, according to a survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

As requests for leave surge, HR is pressured to respond

Since the pandemic, employees increasingly expect access to generous leave benefits, and employers are responding. AbsenceSoft’s 2024 Leave of Absence and Workplace Accommodations Forecast revealed these trends.

Get out the vote: Create a voting leave policy

Were you prepared for the elections that just took place in March? Were your employees clear on when they could take time to vote? Make sure you are prepared come November by implementing a policy or scrutinizing your current one. You can encourage voter turnout by implementing a voting-leave policy that shows employees you take the right to vote seriously.

Who takes the most time off following work injuries?

Analysts at Upflip, an online training provider, reviewed the latest injury and illness data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see which occupations had the highest percentage of cases where six days or more were taken off from work.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act adds intermittent-leave challenges

The PWFA lets pregnant employees take a new, albeit informal, form of intermittent leave—and it doesn’t always require a health-care provider’s certification. The PWFA requires pregnancy-related conditions to be reasonably accommodated. Many such conditions mean employees may miss work with little or no notice.

The benefit that gives back: Offer time off for employees who volunteer

Paid time off so employees can engage in volunteer or charity work may be just the benefit you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t cost much, it burnishes your image in the community and it has been shown to improve employees’ mental health.

How to Wipe Out Fraud and Abuse Under FMLA

The medical certification process is your most potent weapon for combating potential FMLA fraud. But obtaining a certification is only the first fraud-stopping step. Here are 10 more things you can do to keep employees from gaming the FMLA system.

3 ways to handle use of sick leave with employee well-being and productivity in mind

Studies show that since the pandemic, employees are taking much-needed sick days to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. Based on data from more than 30,000 small and mid-sized businesses that use Gusto, a payroll and HR platform, 30% of all employees have taken sick leave. That’s a 42% jump compared to 2019.

Docking pay for snow-day absences: When is it legal?

The snow’s coming down pretty good and an exempt employee calls to say she can’t make it in today because her car is stuck. Can you deduct a full day’s pay from her salary for that missed day? What if she’s non-exempt? What if you close work because of bad weather? Here’s guidance—and a handy flowchart—to help you make the call.