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Sleep is overrated: Zillow expands parental leave

Parental leave is among the benefits that interest working women most, according to a 2022 summer survey by the insurance broker Breeze.

New York state will bar retaliation against workers who take legally protected time off

The law appears to focus on “points-based” attendance, in which employers impose points, or demerits, on employees for absences, often without regard for the reason for the absence—including medical reasons, which can be protected under the FMLA and other laws.

Viral tripledemic means missed work

Influenza hospitalizations increased 30% Thanksgiving week, taking up over 11,000 beds. It’s expected to get worse, says Health and Human Services. COVID-19 cases are again climbing, albeit modestly. Respiratory syncytial virus infects many infants and young children. All signs lead to a winter tripledemic of illness and missed work.

New year, new laws: Update your compliance!

States have new laws about human trafficking reporting, hair discrimination, family leave, wage transparency, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Bereavement leave comes to life

Bereavement leave is relatively new. Until recently, only one state, Oregon, required businesses with more than 25 workers to provide bereavement leave to eligible employees after the death of a loved one.

Paying attention to attendance policies

Assuring that workers show up for their scheduled shifts is crucial. one popular way is through a no-fault attendance policy that punishes unplanned absences beyond those protected by the FMLA, the ADA and the company’s vacation and sick time policies. But such policies can backfire.

Survey says, ‘Take off!’ You need a vacation!

If you haven’t taken a vacation in the past year, you’re not alone. An August survey found that 42% of U.S. workers had not taken any vacation time off in the preceding 12 months.

Less than half of HR took their allotted PTO

New research from Qualtrics shows that, due to an increased workload, less than half (49%) of HR professionals took their allotted PTO time last year. But help is on the way.

Consider adding unlimited PTO to benefits package

About 20% of U.S. employers offer unlimited paid time off to at least some employees, according to the Mercer consulting firm’s Survey on Absence and Disability Management. With the battle to attract and retain talent raging, now might be a good time to explore adding unlimited PTO to your benefits portfolio.

Most employers expanded paid sick leave in recent years

More than two-thirds of U.S. employers (68%) say they’ve expanded their paid sick-leave policies during the past two years, according to a new Littler survey of 1,300 employers.