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10 tips for preventing the spread of flu at work

Public health authorities are encouraging many Americans to receive a coronavirus booster vaccine, but they’re urging almost everyone to get a flu shot this fall. For employers, limiting the spread of influenza among workers can be key to maintaining adequate staffing this fall and winter.

77% of employers report greater employee need for mental-health care

An increase in mental-health challenges was cited as the most significant area of prolonged impact resulting from the pandemic. Last year, 44% of employers saw a rise in mental-health concerns, while 77% of employers reported an increase this year, with another 16% anticipating one in the future.

DOL proposes looser rules for employee representation during OSHA inspections

The proposed rule clarifies that employees may authorize an employee, or they may authorize a non-employee third party if the compliance officer determines the third party is reasonably necessary to conduct an effective and thorough inspection.

Train supervisors to spot the signs of drug impairment

Before you require an employee to submit to a drug-screening test, make sure your front-line supervisors really know how to spot the signs of impairment. The key: They must be able show that they have a reasonable suspicion that an employee may be under the influence of drugs. If they can’t, you may have a hard time defending the test if the employee decides to sue you.

OSHA begins injury prevention push for high-risk environments

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced a new National Emphasis Program focusing on preventing workplace hazards in warehouses, processing facilities, distribution centers and high-risk retail establishments like hardware stores and supermarkets.

OSHA heat illness hazard alert emphasizes employer responsibilities

As much of the nation continues to swelter though a record-breaking heat wave, OSHA has issued an official hazard alert reminding employers they are responsible for protecting workers from heat illness.

Administration proposes rules to strengthen Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

The Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and the Treasury have proposed rules to ensure insurance coverage for mental-health and substance-use disorders is as available as coverage for medical treatments.

Handling our summer of natural disasters

This is shaping up to be a summer to remember for the sheer volume of natural disasters that have beset the United States. Heat waves, smoke from wildfires in Canada, record-breaking rain storms and flash floods have disrupted life from coast to coast. Employers need a plan for dealing with each calamity.

California might mandate workplace violence policies

The California State Senate just passed SB 553, legislation that requires all employers with at least one employee to develop workplace violence-prevention plans and policies.

Summer’s here and so are new employment laws

Summertime is often when new employment laws take effect, and this summer is no exception.