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When vaccine is out, can you (should you) require it?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EEOC issued guidance that addressed this question.

California rules offer return-to-work model

One key question vexing employers: When can employees who have had covid-19 safely return to work? If your state doesn’t offer clear rules, consider following the best practices spelled out in California’s new return-to-work rules.

Ensure diagnostic apps protect worker privacy

An attempt by New York City to keep municipal employees from spreading the coronavirus has prompted a union local to file an unfair labor practices complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

Vaccines: Prepare for flu season—and beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown our usual work scenarios into chaos, and now another, more familiar, health risk is looming: the fall influenza season. If you don’t usually encourage employees to get flu shots, consider starting now.

WFH: Know what counts as work-related injury, illness

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration opinion letter issued way back in 2009 sheds light on a contemporary problem: When does an injury suffered by a remote employee at home count as a workplace injury?

Burnout, stress increasing since pandemic began

Forty percent of U.S. workers have experienced burnout since the pandemic began, according to a new survey conducted by the FlexJobs online employment listing service.

Covid-19 negligence suits target employers

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is a sharp uptick in lawsuits alleging employers did not do enough to prevent employees from becoming infected. Some even blame employers for allowing the virus to spread beyond the workplace.

Should employers be testing employees for COVID-19?

Taken by panic and an abundance of caution, many organizations are considering requiring all employees to present negative COVID-19 tests as a condition to reporting to work. Legally, the EEOC says you can require this testing. Practically, however, it presents some huge hurdles.

Lawyers: Social distancing is top return-to-work issue

Corporate attorneys say ensuring social distancing is the most important issue employers must address before asking employees to return to work following coronavirus-related shutdowns.

Bosses, not staff, should enforce mask rules

“Do not ask or expect a nonmanagement employee to handle removal of a noncompliant visitor, guest or customer,” advised the Fisher Phillips employment law firm in a recent blog post.