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Review coronavirus-safety protocols ASAP

It’s time to take a fresh look at your coronavirus-safety protocols—because enforcement agencies and even prosecutors may soon be examining them, too.

Offering incentives to get the vaccine? Tread carefully

If you are considering offering a financial incentive, I caution you to tread carefully to make sure that you do you within the bounds of our equal employment opportunity laws.

False positives? Look out for fake COVID test results

Increasing reports of people using photo-editing software to doctor COVID test results means employers need to pay more attention.

Require vaccinated staff to mask up, stay apart

OSHA says that when it comes to setting COVID safety precautions in the workplace, employers should not distinguish between workers who are vaccinated and those who are not. The agency recommends that both groups should continue to wear face coverings and keep six feet apart to prevent spreading the virus.

Employers focus on vaccine education, not mandates

Less than 1% of employers currently require their employees to receive a covid-19 vaccination and only 6% say they plan to mandate shots once vaccines are readily available, according to a new survey conducted by the Littler Mendelson employment law firm.

4 ways coronavirus has changed work forever

Patterns are beginning to emerge as to what might be in store as the crisis winds down.

SHRM, business groups want EEOC guidance on vaccine incentives

Employers need more EEOC guidance on the kinds of incentives they can offer to encourage employees to receive coronavirus vaccinations, according to a coalition of HR and business groups, including the Society for Human Resource Management.

Snapshot: How employers are encouraging covid-19 vaccinations

Less than 10% of employers say they will require employees to receive the covid-19 vaccine.

Snapshot: More than half hesitate to get covid-19 vaccine

Only 47% of Americans surveyed said they want to receive the vaccine as soon as possible or already have.

Checklist: How to make home offices safe

If you decide to make telecommuting a permanent option after the pandemic ends, you will want to make sure employees’ home offices are as safe as your premises are. Take your cue from the federal government, whose www.telework.gov site offers this home office safety checklist.