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OSHA has heat-safety resources

As temperatures rise, OSHA is reminding employers and employees not to ignore the dangers of working in hot weather—and what to do to stay safe.

Employers wrestling with covid safety, return to work

Employers face a host of issues as they negotiate returning to on-site work amid a historically tight labor market, according to a Littler Mendelson survey conducted in March.

Snapshot: Pandemic’s effect on workers’ mental health

The pandemic took a toll on employees’ mental health, with burnout and engagement getting worse.

Focus on well-being to improve engagement

Well-being is the watchword these days for employers committed to increasing employee engagement. The drive to support employees’ physical, mental and emotional health in a holistic way—both at work and in the rest of their lives—has been fueled by our collective coronavirus experience.

Abide by all OSHA rules regarding sick, tired drivers

OSHA enforces the whistleblower protections written into the Surface Transportation Assistance Act. The law says drivers who file OSHA complaints alleging employer violations of safety rules may be entitled to damages. Recently, OSHA ordered damages for drivers who reported being forced to drive while sick or tired.

OK, the mask mandate is toast. What do you do now?

Masks may not be required on public transportation anymore, but that doesn’t mean you must scrap your own covid-safety policies.

Employee well-being in return-to-work spotlight

In a survey conducted by Fidelity Investments and the Business Group on Health, 83% of employers indicated they will focus on well-being as employees begin filtering back to physical workplaces.

No liability if teleworkers are injured by criminal

Employers are generally responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe. But now that millions of Americans work remotely, what’s an employer’s responsibility for ensuring workplace safety?

OSHA rule to enable more public access to safety data

On March 30, OSHA issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that would “require establishments with 100 or more employees in certain designated industries to electronically submit information from their OSHA Forms 300, 301, and 300A to OSHA once a year.”

Positive cannabis tests broke record in 2021

The number of U.S. employees testing positive for drugs broke records in 2021, a result that has some questioning the value of routinely testing applicants and employees for marijuana.