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OSHA responds to surge in construction worker suicides

While the hazards most often associated with workplace deaths in the U.S. construction industry—falling, being struck by or crushed by equipment or other objects or suffering electrocution—are well-known, a recent study finds that another potential killer is taking lives at an alarming rate.

Snapshot: Where employers stand on covid-19 vaccine mandates

Compared to January, twice as many employers now say they will require employees to be vaccinated.

Snapshot: Pandemic’s daily toll on employee mental health

U.S. workers are experiencing the world’s highest levels of daily stress resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome to our three-hurricane Friday wrap

Let’s talk FIRE system improvements, new employer guidance from OSHA, new per diem rates and more.

Should you require the vaccine? 8 big questions to consider

If your business is considering mandating the COVID vaccine for your on-site employees, here are the eight biggest questions you need to be thinking about.

Vaccine mandates gain momentum as Delta rages

The latest round of polling on vaccine mandates by Mercer U.S. Health News found 14% of 372 employers now require or plan to require workers returning to worksites to be vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates on the rise; how to respond

The dramatic spike in COVID cases this summer—fueled by the powerful Delta variant—is leading more employers to rethink their hesitancy about vaccine mandates.

Vaccine mandates, masks get federal backing

A pair of federal government measures has private-sector employers reconsidering policies to keep workers safe from covid-19.

OSHA summer safety alert: Prevent heat illness at work

Across much of the country, this summer has been brutally hot. In many areas, the National Weather Service predicts unusually warm weather will continue into the fall. Heat-related illness can be deadly. Remind supervisors to protect workers by following these simple safety recommendations from OSHA.

As summer swelters, keep staff safe from heat

This summer has set heat records even in states that typically do not see many extremely hot days. Because excessive heat can severely sicken workers—and sometimes kill them—more states are issuing emergency heat requirements employers must follow. In the last month, both Oregon and Washington have established heat-safety standards you should consider applying to your worksites.