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Return-to-work steps will prevent contact, exposure

When employers reopen their workplaces and get back to business, they will rely on a combination of physical barriers, sanitation and testing to ensure employees and customers aren’t sickened by the coronavirus, according to polling by the Mercer consulting firm.

EEOC: CDC safety guidelines don’t violate ADA

Employers are free to ask employees and job applicants if they have symptoms of COVID-19, screen them for illness and make them stay home if they test positive, according to the EEOC.

Beware retaliation following OSHA complaint

The Occupational Safety and Health Act affords great protection to employees who report dangerous working conditions to the authorities. That has become an issue in the coronavirus era—and a potentially significant source of liability for employers who continue to operate as usual.

COVID-19 considered an OSHA-reportable illness

If an employee comes down with COVID-19 as a result of exposure to the coronavirus at work, employers must report it to OSHA, the agency has announced.

OSHA emphasizes measures to keep manufacturing employees safe

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued an alert listing safety tips employers should follow to help protect manufacturing workers from exposure to coronavirus.

Snapshot: How are we protecting essential workers against coronavirus?

Sanitation and social distancing are the most common tactics for making sure staff who must work on site remain safe.

Do OSHA safety rules apply to employee home offices?

OSHA’s General Duty clause requires you to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards.

Coronavirus & HIPAA: What can you divulge?

Your employees are understandably nervous about health risks at work these days. For those who must be physically present at your workplace, any news of a sick co-worker will spur concern. You must be prepared to answer employees’ questions without violating privacy laws.

DOL offers Q&As addressing coronavirus and FLSA, FMLA

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has released new guidance on how coronavirus and COVID-19 affect compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and the FMLA.

Filthy bathroom, blocked exit cost $300,000

Make sure supervisors tend to basics like keeping bathrooms clean and exits free of clutter that blocks doors. OSHA has recently stepped up inspections looking for common workplace hazards like those. For repeat offenders, OSHA penalties can quickly escalate.