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Employee Relations

Plants at work could help reduce errors

Participants in an experiment made 43% fewer errors when performing stress-inducing cognitive tasks in rooms outfitted with “air-purifying green walls” covered with plants.

Plan ahead to apply PIPs consistently, fairly

When employees aren’t living up to work standards, consider placing them on a performance improvement plan that spells out what they must do to keep their jobs. While each case will be unique, it’s important to set up procedures for implementing PIPs in advance.

Worried about a new hire? ‘Salvage operation’ tips

Most managers have faced this dilemma at least once in their careers: A candidate looks great on paper and gives a knockout interview; but two weeks into the new job, you’re less than enthused. You now have a choice: Cut your losses or run a salvage operation.

OK to discipline worker who filed complaint

Make sure your organization’s supervisors understand that it’s perfectly legal to impose legitimate discipline on an employee who has filed a harassment or discrimination complaint.

12 tips for your next performance review

At its core, performance reviews don’t need to be complicated, says Paul Falcone, principal of Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Consulting. Following are 12 practical tips for your HR team and managers to put into practice during their next round of performance reviews.

5 ways to reduce employee turnover

A certain amount of employee turnover is inevitable and is considered healthy. However, too much will start to disrupt your operations. Here are five ways to reduce your turnover rate.

Keep it Legal: The case for detailed disciplinary notes

Do you keep detailed disciplinary notes and pass them on to HR? Here’s why, as a manager, you should. If you have to fire a worker and he sues, alleging discrimination because another worker broke the same rule and wasn’t fired, those notes will come in handy. Detailed narratives let you explain why you allowed one worker to get away with a warning or short suspension while you fired another worker who broke the same rule.

Boost employee morale in 2023

The holidays are over; the January blahs are real. Here are two ways to boost employee morale and motivate them throughout the year.

Manage workplace politics in or out of election season

Politics are always with us nowadays. When tensions are high, it is essential to keep a respectful workplace, whether or not it’s voting season.

One conversation with your MVP can make all the difference

Sometimes called the “re-recruiting” meeting, the stay interview is a way to collect valuable feedback and retain superstars before they jump ship. Here are 5 top stay interview questions.