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Employee Relations

Ways to stop resignations before they spread

A new study based on more than three years of research proves that resignations can spread throughout an organization and teams, but it also gives employers specific ways to stop this from happening.

End annual reviews! Try regular feedback

As the end of the year approaches, your managers may be planning for nail-biting performance reviews. These can be tense discussions that are dreaded by all concerned. Here are two performance-review-related changes you may consider implementing in 2023 to improve the process at your company.

Express gratitude to employees all year

Did you know that November was National Gratitude Month? Although November ends today, it’s not too late: Employees want to hear how appreciated they are all year long. In fact, a recent national survey of U.S. workers finds that 47% say they would like to receive more recognition for their work, while 21% indicate that they are never recognized for their efforts.

Go flexible, flexibly

Flexible work schedules are a powerful recruiting tool—and serve to retain fine employees, including parents with children. What do parents need to be fully present at work? Pamela Cohen, chief analytics officer at The Mom Project, breaks it down.

Onboarding questions to ask over 30/60/90 days

Transitioning new hires into your department involves multiple cascading events that occur over time, both for the manager, the new hire and the organization. Much more than simply enrolling people in benefits and setting up their payroll, it’s your first chance to make a good impression and truly integrate the individual into your culture.

Special contracts to retain special employees

Good employees are worth their weight in gold. In any employment market, the costs of turnover, retraining and lost business opportunities are high. With all these challenges, guarding your “gold” seems prudent.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to retain a star employee

The “stay interview” provides an opportunity to confirm assumptions about employee preferences and goals. It’s not good enough to know someone wants to advance. You also need to understand how they work, if they feel comfortable with the team dynamic and anything else on their mind.

Not where, but when you work can create job satisfaction

Slack Future Forum surveyed more than 10,000 office workers. The vast majority—94%—want flexibility in their work hours. However, 57% of employees say they cannot adjust their hours from a preset schedule.

NLRB is watching: Don’t spy on your employees

Concerned by the brave new world of digital supervision, the NLRB issued a memo on Oct. 31 warning employers not to use intrusive or abusive electronic surveillance.

Combat “quiet quitting”

What started as a TikTok rant against the “hustle culture” has ricocheted across social media. It’s the latest sign that employees are setting stricter boundaries around the work-life balance.