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Employee Relations

Cost of a one-sided investigation: $15 million

Ignoring a complaint or summarily dismissing it almost guarantees you’ll lose a lawsuit if the complaining employee decides to sue. But how you conduct that investigation is crucial. Lean too heavily towards supporting the alleged victim, and the alleged perpetrator may be the one who sues you.

Writing job descriptions: An 8-question checklist

Inaccurate or incomplete job descriptions can create costly legal risks. Here are eight questions managers should ask themselves when drafting a job description.

Survey: With retention slightly better in ‘23, how employers hope to improve in ‘24

Employers spent much of 2023 trying their best to retain top talent, as workers continued showing a willingness to change jobs. Among their top retention tactics, according to a new report by the iHire online recruitment site: offering higher pay and bonuses, plus greater job flexibility and more recognition of employee accomplishments.

Top 10: The most productivity-inspiring songs and most popular artists for workplace listening

According to an apparently rigorous analysis of Spotify playlists by TollFreeForwarding.com—why a phone-number brokerage does this, we don’t know—these are the top songs for promoting workplace productivity.

Persuade Gen Z they want to work—for you

It will become increasingly difficult to attract Gen Z employees in the first place or retain them if the lure of entrepreneurship and the apparent ease of entry into creative online careers pulls them out the door.

3 trends that will affect retention in 2024

Employers focused on retaining top talent in 2024 should focus on three major trends affecting the employee experience, according to Patrick Morrison, employee benefits advisor at the Marsh McLennan Agency.

How to manage a remote worker experiencing performance problems

Smart managers do not hesitate to address an underperforming worker. They know that rectifying the situation quickly is in the company’s best interest. This mindset holds true regardless of where the employee performs the role. Effective leaders realize, however, that root causes and possible solutions sometimes differ when the individual works remotely. Here, we look at ways to assist a struggling off-site staff member.

A rock-star employee leaves: Now what?

The hole left when an outstanding employee departs can seem big enough to swallow up the productivity of that person’s whole department. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four tips to maintain order and productivity when a top employee moves on

Cut turnover by training managers to give better performance feedback

When managers give lousy performance feedback, employees are much more likely to quit, according to new research by Textio, an artificial intelligence software firm that specializes in hiring and retention solutions.

‘Selling’ benefits: 5 ways to repackage perks & increase participation

The two keys to greater use of your work/life benefits: constant communication and the right kind of communication. Here are five suggestions to achieve those goals.