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Employee Relations

Focus on employee experience to bolster retention

In today’s strong job market, employees have lots of career options. If they feel unhappy or unfulfilled at work, they will look elsewhere. That makes it more important than ever for leaders to create a work environment that fosters employee support, connection and empowerment.

Check for possible retaliation before approving discipline

Before approving a termination, always review the case details. Be on the lookout for signs that the action might be motivated by a supervisor’s attempt to retaliate against the employee.

Case of the Week: Ensure HR reviews, signs off on all PIPs

When an employee needs to do a better job, supervisors are often the ones charged with creating a performance improvement plan. Since PIPs are often a last-chance option for underperforming employees, it’s common for them to include stringent attendance requirements. But allowing supervisors to set the terms of a PIP without close HR supervision can be a big mistake.  

Never mind a possible recession: HR leaders still confident about hiring, retention

Chief human resource officers are optimistic about hiring and retaining workers over the next few months, according to the Conference Board’s CHRO Confidence Index for the first quarter of 2023. That confidence comes despite expectations of a recession in 2023 and news of layoffs.

Understanding what motivates your direct reports

It’s clear that motivating your direct reports yields many benefits, but how do you know what works for each employee? After all, everyone’s sources of motivation are different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for your team. But there is a list of effective techniques for discovering what motivates your direct reports.

5 phrases smart managers avoid writing

Emails and texts give modern managers an easy way to communicate with team members. Remember, though, that words have consequences. Think about what you write before hitting send. A better solution is to eliminate potentially problematic phrases from the get-go.

5 phrases smart managers avoid saying

We’ve all heard the evergreen advice “think before you speak.” Words have consequences, and managers who hastily toss out statements run the risk of killing morale, damaging relationships and genuinely hurting feelings. Even if you later feel remorseful, taking things back once said proves difficult. A better solution is to try ridding your vocabulary of certain phrases.

Set your employees up for success with a strong onboarding program

You’ve spent a ton of time crafting a compelling ad and clear job description, interviewing numerous candidates and analyzing their job fit assessments, and you’ve identified a great candidate. What’s your next move to ensure they turn up on day one and stay for a while? The answer is your onboarding program.

Here comes the summer help!

How to welcome, prep and manage those seasonal employees.

5 trends shaping the state of remote work

The sudden shift to remote and hybrid work spurred significant change for employers and employees. But after three years of adjusting, what’s the current state of practice telling workers where and when they can perform their jobs?