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Want your top performers to stay? Ask these questions

Stay interviews are one of the best ways for employers to better understand their employees, take proactive measures to keep them satisfied and encourage them to stay put instead of seeking other job opportunities. Here’s a look at some useful stay interview questions to ask, organized by category.

Survey: Less than half of employees achieving ‘optimal’ performance

Only 41% of employees are currently performing optimally—that is, consistently producing their best work in a way they and HR professionals feel confident is sustainable over the next year—according to a new survey by the Gartner business advisory firm.

Survey: 34% say they’ve called in sick when they weren’t

The most sick-day-fib-prone state was Missouri, where 45.4% of respondents said they had called in sick when they weren’t.

Distracted Gen Zers? Maybe it’s the moonlighting

Do your Gen Z employees seem a little more preoccupied and absent-minded than usual these days? The problem might be their other jobs—driving for rideshare companies, selling stuff online, influencing on social media and otherwise engaging in part-time work. According to a recent study by the Deloitte consulting firm, almost half of nearly 15,000 Gen Z workers surveyed hold down a second job or side hustle.

Managerial fit: The key to a hire making it to the one-year anniversary

A common problem in the rush to fill jobs is that too many shortcuts are taken, with a focus on compensation and competency rather than performance, fit and satisfaction. A positive win-win hiring outcome after one year means the new employee is still fully satisfied with the role and his career progression, and the hiring manager (often you) still fully supports and endorses the employee.

Build toolkit to use every time you launch an investigation

Employment lawyer John Doran has a secret weapon he deploys every time a client asks him to conduct an investigation of alleged workplace misconduct: an investigations toolkit already loaded onto his laptop. It contains templates for all the documents needed to conduct witness interviews, determine what happened and guide the investigation toward resolution.

Your anti-harassment obligations are 24/7/365

An employer has the same obligations whether the harassment takes place in the workplace during working hours, in the break room, at the bar during happy hour, via text message or social media, in a grocery store aisle or in outer space.

‘That’s not my job!’ How to shut down those slackers

Some employees resent it when their employer directs them to perform work that appears to fall outside their usual job duties. But contrary to what those employees think, there is nothing illegal about assigning them tasks that aren’t listed in their job descriptions. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals just said so.

Refusal to sign discipline memo? What to do

Every HR professional knows the importance of disciplinary documentation. But what happens if an employee refuses to sign a disciplinary memo?

Uncover top motivators for employee learning

Competitive companies know that the ever-changing world requires them to adapt on a regular basis. LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report notes that skill sets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015, and this number is expected to double by 2027. Organizations lacking workers dedicated to continuous professional development jeopardize their future.