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Employee Relations

Help managers succeed in hybrid environments

Organizations can help managers lead employees in a hybrid work environment by building resilience, developing managerial soft skills and measuring performance based on the impact of the work, not the effort or hours expended.

Talent war driving big pay raises for 2022

With record numbers of employees quitting their jobs in 2021, HR pros are fighting a fierce battle to attract and retain top talent as the calendar flips to 2022. The most powerful weapon in their arsenal: higher pay.

End-of-year reviews, 2021-style

Annual performance chats should probably look a little different this year.

41% of managers let workers set their own hours

Companies are embracing new ways of working, but are they ready to ditch the traditional eight-hour workday?

Does an employee’s passion for a job = success in that job?

Your most passionate employees may not necessarily be your top performers.

Remote work: Solving ‘the Great Disconnect’

A study of 61,000 Microsoft workers who were sent home to work during the pandemic found that those employees spent 25% less time collaborating with co-workers.

Writing job descriptions: An 8-question checklist

Inaccurate or incomplete job descriptions can create costly legal risks. Here are eight questions managers should ask themselves when drafting a job description.

Snapshot: Remote work declined steadily throughout 2021

The percentage of employees who work remotely at least some of the time has fallen by half since January.

5 tips to get the most out of employees’ annual evaluations

How do you handle a performance review that involves some news employees won’t necessarily welcome?

The Great Resignation: What it means for you

Every economic era comes with a label. In the 1930s, there was the Great Depression. The Great Recession followed the housing and stock crashes of 2008. Now we have a new moniker, this one tailored to the market-shaping power of the coronavirus.