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DOL opinion letter tackles travel time in the telework era

Employees who work from home for part of the day and take time off to attend to personal affairs don’t have to be paid for the time spent traveling to and from their errands, according to new Department of Labor guidance. Opinion letter FLSA2020-19 addresses two different scenarios on travel time and telework.

New independent contractor rule soon to be moot

On Jan. 6, the Department of Labor issued its long-awaited final rule revising the test to determine who can be classified as an independent contractor. The rule, as written, is unlikely to go into effect as scheduled on March 8.

California’s Prop 22 redefines worker classification

On Nov. 3, California voters approved a state ballot initiative that could become a nationwide model for how gig economy workers are classified. Proposition 22 allows gig economy companies such as Uber to designate their drivers as independent contractors, not employees, as earlier legislation had attempted to dictate.

When to pay for travel time: 3 scenarios

A new Department of Labor opinion letter answers questions about when employers must pay for time employees spend traveling to and from worksites. Opinion letter FLSA2020-16 addresses three scenarios.

Online training time: DOL explains when to pay

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a new opinion letter that helps clarify when employers must pay workers for the time they spend undergoing training that is delivered online.

3 new opinion letters from Labor Department

The Department of Labor has issued three new opinion letters that address issues that may affect your company.

DOL proposes new rule to define independent contractor status

The Department of Labor has proposed an interpretive rule seeking to tease out the difference between employees and independent contractors for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Camps, religious and nonprofit educational centers get FLSA break

During the pandemic, many seasonal businesses have unexpectedly found themselves forced to comply with the FLSA. Now the Department of Labor is cutting those employers a much-needed break.

Prepare to pay for employee misclassification

If you use independent contractors as part of your workforce, be sure to do it correctly. Erroneously classifying an employee as an independent contractor is likely to trigger an investigation by a state or federal agency.

Federal judge overturns DOL’s joint employer rule

Judge Gregory H. Woods of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York said the DOL’s joint employer rule was “arbitrary and capricious” and “inconsistent” with the FLSA.