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Compensation & Benefits

DOL offers online training on prevailing-wage compliance

Complying with prevailing-wage regulations can be tricky. To make it easier, the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division is conducting two free online seminars.

Health care to cost retirees hundreds of thousands

A 65-year-old couple that retires this year can expect to spend $315,000 on health care alone over the rest of their lives, according to Fidelity Investments’ latest annual Retiree Health Care Cost Estimate.

Employ remote workers? Beware local rules

Before you hire a new remote worker or authorize current employees to telecommute, always verify the exact physical location where the employee intends to work. Then check to see if any state or local laws will affect the remote-working arrangement.

Employers adjusting comp, perks to meet labor shortage

Employers are paying employees more, giving increases at more frequent intervals, enhancing workplace flexibility and boosting training opportunities.

60% of employers helping staff manage financial stress

Six in 10 employers have taken action to help employees weather today’s turbulent economy, according to a July study of 401(k) participants by the Charles Schwab brokerage.

Better benefits emerge as keys to retention

The number of employees willing to pay for more generous benefits has rebounded following a dip during the pandemic. Those are among the key findings of a recent survey of more than 9,600 U.S. employees by the Willis Towers Watson consulting firm.

Ensure exempt teleworkers are properly classified

If you have exempt employees who work remotely, be sure they really are exempt. It’s important because it is difficult to track teleworkers’ time. If they have been misclassified, you could violate the Fair Labor Standards Act in two ways: failing to pay overtime and failing to properly track all hours worked.

Ensure loan repayment perks comply with law

Repaying workers’ student loans is one of the most valued new perks. Those benefits are about to become even more valuable.

Less than half of HR took their allotted PTO

New research from Qualtrics shows that, due to an increased workload, less than half (49%) of HR professionals took their allotted PTO time last year. But help is on the way.

Counter ‘Big Quit’ with counteroffer strategy

Surprisingly, more than 90% of organizations don’t have a policy or strategy on how (or whether) to propose counteroffers, according to Tom McMullen, senior partner at consulting firm Korn Ferry.