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Compensation & Benefits

401(k) plan news you can use

Two new regulatory projects from the Department of Labor—a set of proposed and final regulations—may impact your 401(k) plan administration.

New year, new laws: Update your compliance!

States have new laws about human trafficking reporting, hair discrimination, family leave, wage transparency, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Overtime for highly paid worker: overmuch?

An employee paid $200,000 is suing for overtime, and the case is pending before the Supreme Court. Employment lawyers are watching this case carefully.

Time is now for overtime pay scrutiny

Some commentators predict that the DOL might only raise the minimum wage. Others think the delay might mean the wage will rise with inflation. But while we wait, lawsuits and pay transparency trends are not off the clock.

Bereavement leave comes to life

Bereavement leave is relatively new. Until recently, only one state, Oregon, required businesses with more than 25 workers to provide bereavement leave to eligible employees after the death of a loved one.

New pay transparency law invites huge pay ranges

A salary range of $0 to $2 million for a client service position at Citigroup is among the new, rather broad salary ranges appearing among New York City job openings after the implementation of a new salary transparency law in New York.

Watch those deadlines! Harvard didn’t

You heard about the affirmative action case filed against Harvard University; the oral arguments took place in October before the Supreme Court. At least Harvard assumed you heard about the case. The university also assumed that their insurance company, Zurich American Insurance Co., knew about it. Wrong.

Don’t round time! Every minute counts

Home Depot’s practice of rounding hourly employees’ total daily hours to the nearest quarter hour rather than the actual time worked, as recorded by a timekeeping system, resulted in underpaying an employee.

Activate your approaches to mental health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports heightened stress and anxiety levels. Rather than wait for employees to reach out when problems are severe, HR can be proactive.

Pay for abortion travel & pregnancy laws

A law firm is asking the EEOC to investigate the commission’s former general counsel for “misleading and intimidating” employers who subsidize travel for women seeking abortions.