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Compensation & Benefits

Stay flexible to protect vulnerable workers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges employers to take steps to protect workers who might be vulnerable to covid-19 infections. When possible, vulnerable workers should be allowed to telecommute.

Report addresses when to claim Social Security

It’s a basic tenet of HR that directly providing financial advice to employees is an ethical no-no. However, there is nothing wrong with steering them toward resources that can help them make good decisions about their money.

Plan to offer time off to vote on Nov. 3

Start planning now to grant time off so your employees can vote on Nov. 3. Currently, 36 states require this leave.

DOL adds pandemic-related back-to-school FAQs

The DOL has now supplemented its voluminous FAQ webpage with some back-to-school questions.

DOL clarifies employers’ obligation to pay overtime

The Department of Labor has issued a Field Assistance Bulletin which clarifies your duties to nonexempts and your obligation to pay those who work unauthorized overtime.

Do your employees rely on mail-order prescriptions?

With questions being raised about potential delays in U.S. Postal Service delivery, the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 6.6 million enrollees in health insurance plans sponsored by large employers counted on mail-order pharmacies for at least one prescription in 2018.

Domestic abuse on the rise: How employers can respond

Joblessness, stress and close quarters during the covid crisis have led to higher incidences and severity of domestic violence cases.

Pandemic makes dent in salary increase plans

Even in the midst of marketplace uncertainties driven by the coronavirus, most organizations are sticking with plans to increase their salary budgets for the rest of 2020. However, some raises won’t be as big as originally planned.

DOL uses carrot—not stick—to enforce FFCRA

In a nod to the difficulty of launching field investigations in a coronavirus environment, the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division has decided to address unpaid leave allegations by placing phone calls and sending emails to possible violators of the FFCRA.

Help your employees battle pandemic stress

Juggling personal and professional obligations has never been an easy task. The demands inflicted over the past few months due to the pandemic, however, have caused unprecedented challenges to this balancing act—especially for workers with kids.