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Compensation & Benefits

Uh oh, crypto’s creep into your workplace is causing very real concerns

Working through the intricacies of cryptocompensation, bit by Bitcoin.

There’s no free lunch … or free work

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that you pay at least minimum wage for all hours worked by employees. In almost all cases, “free” work is illegal, and you can’t just get around that requirement by citing “noncompensation” in a job ad, or by having an employee sign away their rights to compensation.

Hiring summer employees? Don’t overheat, chill out!

Being summer savvy means planning how to handle summer hires, their paperwork and their questions. Instead of simmering in the heat, use this checklist to bring order to the summer hiring process.

Survey: Employers expect to enhance retirement plans

Most U.S. employers are eyeing enhancements to their defined contribution retirement plans in an effort to boost their employees’ retirement security and financial well-being, according to a survey by the Willis Towers Watson consulting firm.

Inflation spurs employers to reconsider salary budgets

One factor fueling the labor market churn known as the Great Resignation: The 8.5% year-over-year inflation rate reported at the end of March.

Remote workers struggle with work-life boundaries

For many, the shift to remote work during the pandemic offered increased flexibility and work-life balance. But a new survey reveals that 47% of remote workers in the U.S. are concerned about the blurred boundaries between their jobs and personal lives.

Snapshot: Why workers will ask for raises this year

Nearly two-thirds of employees—62%—plan to ask for a raise this year.

Employees are burning out. Are alternative work arrangements the answer?

Alternative work arrangements may ease employees’ return to the physical workplace. Consider your options carefully.

Trainee or pro? Legal lessons from the minors

Baseball is back now that the pandemic is largely in the rear view mirror and Major League Baseball owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association have signed a new collective bargaining agreement. But not every baseball-related labor dispute has been resolved. Down in the minor leagues, a players’ lawsuit could upend decades of pay practices.

Pandemic has women rethinking the role of work

Sixty-five percent of women responding to a recent survey by the Gartner advisory firm said the pandemic made them rethink the place work should have in their lives.