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Compensation & Benefits

In L.A., a cautionary tale of self-insured health coverage

Most employers worry about how to contain their health care costs. But some seemingly innovative solutions, such as multi-employer self-insurance plans, may not be as good as they appear to be—if they are irresponsibly administered.

DOL: Belmont, Saratoga horse trainer broke H-2B visa rules

It’s no secret that the Trump administration is tough on undocumented immigrants. But it’s also holding employers to account when they don’t follow the rules for visa-holding immigrants and temporary workers.

Snapshot: The closer the comparison, the smaller the pay gap

Nationwide, women earn about 18% less than men. But pay differentials shrink dramatically the more women have in common with male counterparts.

Settlement: Dads have paid leave rights, too

Banking giant JPMorgan Chase must pay $5 million to settle claims it discriminated against men who wanted to take time off after their children were born, but were granted less generous leave benefits than new moms received.

Bill would enable more to offer 401(k) plans

The House of Representatives took a significant step on May 23 toward making it easier for more employers to set up 401(k) retirement plans for their employees.

Highest-paid interns take home serious coin

Many of the nation’s top employers value the internship experience so much that they are willing to pay handsomely for college students to work for them over the summer or for a semester.

July 2019: Employer’s business tax calendar

Here’s your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

In the Payroll Mailbag: June ’19

Lunch dates with officemates: Are they taxable or not? … Does the presence of a third party change taxation?

HR VP in the hot seat for 401(k) operational error

One vice president of HR is finding out the hard way that deviating from a 401(k) plan’s written terms can land you in court for breaching fiduciary duties

Explanation, please: IRS’ postmark/mailing rules

If you’re going to tussle with the IRS, it should be over a tax assessment, not whether your documents were filed on time.