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Compensation & Benefits

Stop identity refund fraud: Teach employees about proper withholding

Late 2016 filers may still be owed tax refunds, and that’s great news for identity thieves, whose favorite pastime is stolen identity refund fraud.

Is unlimited vacation actually an invisible collar?

An unlimited vacation policy can make ambitious high performers wary of appearing to be more absent than the person in the next cubicle.

Senate likely to kill state & local ‘auto-IRA’ retirement savings plans

The Senate was poised last week to vote to block two Obama administration rules that made it easier for state and local governments to establish voluntary retirement savings plans for employees of small businesses.

NY debit card, direct deposit pay regulations revoked

The New York State Industrial Board of Appeals has ruled the Commissioner of Labor exceeded his authority when he issued regulations governing how employers could pay their employees using debit cards and direct deposit.

10 sobering stats about women and retirement

A new survey by the nonprofit Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found widespread pessimism among women about their ability to save for retirement and about their retirement prospects in general.

Congress takes first legislative steps in replacing Obamacare


On March 9, Republican lawmakers in Congress took their first steps toward their promise of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Two House committees passed legislation to replace the ACA with a system of tax credits and a rollback of the Obama administration’s Medicaid expansion. Here are highlights of the House bills for employers …

Texas legislature considers bill to promote pay equity

State Sen. Eric Johnson has introduced legislation that would bar employers from asking for an applicant’s salary history before making a qualified job offer that includes a proposed salary.

Paid leave can be adverse employment action

It seems counter-intuitive, but putting someone on paid administrative leave can be an adverse employment action and the basis for a lawsuit.

April 2017: Employer’s business tax calendar

Here’s your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

Business groups appeal to kill off retirement fund fiduciary rule

A coalition of business groups is appealing a federal court’s decision to uphold the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule, which requires retirement fund brokers to act solely in their clients’ best interests when recommending investments.